Bigo Live Review

Description: Bigo Live is a live chat website and app. The premise of the app is you publish video content for other people to see. Videos can be anything from a-day-in-the-life of formats, singing, dancing, showcasing talents, or even seducing the camera.


Based on their app descriptions, they claim to have 200+ million of of members. Bigo Live supports random matching and by opting in to location access, can provide you a snapshot of nearby Bigo Live members. This allows Bigo Live members to use the platform to meet, interact and flirt with each other.

Sign Up

Mobile: To sign up to Bigo Live, you have the option to use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK or Google login. Doing this will allow you to hasten the registration process because instead of you filling in all those information about your age and location, Bigo Live will just import the information that you’ve already provided through your existing social media accounts.

If you decide to take the road less traveled, you will be signing up using your phone number. A verification code will then be sent to your mobile via SMS which is needed so your registration will proceed. You’ll need to fill in the typical sign-up fields, a nominated password, your date of birth, gender, location, and your profile photo after.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re now a member of the website and app community.

Desktop: Same with mobile sign up, you may sign up using your existing social network profiles or register to the platform using your phone number. Your mobile will receive the necessary verification to complete the procedure. Provide a password and you’ll be given access to the website.


Upon sign up, you’ll find yourself at the heart of all the action on your app Homescreen. You’ll find a grid list of all the content being streamed by Bigo Live’s members. Click on any of these to see what others are doing.  You have the option to browse by popularity of the live channel or proximity (nearby). There’s also the Multi-Guest tab where you can join a group of people who are broadcasting live. The Game tab lets you watch people’s gameplay in popular mobile or online games. And PK is for one on one chat.

Go to the explore icon (the one that looks like a planet with ring) so you can browse users by countries/regions. Here you’ll see which countries have the most number of subscribers — signified by the flame icon beside the country name which means it’s hot. The hot countries as of writing are:

  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • US
  • Russia

The play icon shows recorded snippets from other members. These are non-live content, sort of like Instagram stories.

The last icon is to access your profile where you can see your:

  • Display photo and how to modify it
  • Number of friends, followers/fans and those you’re following
  • Messages from Bigo Friends
  • Wallet (diamonds, beans, and coins)
  • Task center (like daily tasks)
  • Activities (things to do within the platform that will keep you from getting bored)
  • Current level
  • Ranking (out of all the members)
  • Scan QR code
  • Settings (controls your notification, privacy, connections)


Bigo Live gamified your social interactions where you earn popularity or the platform’s currency by accomplishing tasks and achievements within the app.

Your live broadcast will be ranked for its quality based on the number of viewers you had, the length of the time broadcasting, and the number of fans gained.

Basically, everything is a race to the top of the popularity/social totem.


The cost of membership is free, but there are in-app-purchases. In-app currencies can set you back as much as $89.99 at one go if you’re not mindful.

There are three currencies in the app: beans, coins and diamonds — and in one form or another, these can be exchanged to real-life.

You get to earn beans and coins when you’re broadcasting and accomplishing tasks on the app. Beans, coins, and diamonds may be used for other in-app features like virtual gifts.

You can also buy diamonds for:

  • $0.99 for 42 diamonds
  • $649 for 297 diamonds
  • $19.99 for 848 diamonds
  • $89.99 for 3818 diamonds

Interesting Information

Apart from the occasional titillating content of people suggestively lying in bed, or dancing provocatively… what’s getting people hooked to this platform is the possibility of earning money from it. You can convert the beans and diamonds into real-world money. Conversion rates are as follows:

  • 60 Diamonds = $0.99
  • 424 Diamonds = $6.99
  • 1212 Diamonds = $19.99
  • 5454 Diamonds = $89.99
  • 6,700 Beans = $32


If you’re going to waste your time, it better be worth it. If you’re not getting the social interaction or relationship that you want, then maybe gain the fame that you want, or even earn a bit of money. That’s the appeal of Bigo Live — it is flamboyant and practical at the same time.

Once you sign-in on desktop a random video will play. This can be a safety issue given that you literally have no control of what you’ll see. Bigo Live has attracted the liking of younger audience so this can be problematic. When I first visited the desktop site, I was automatically directed to a live mobile game broadcast, the next time I logged in, it was of a woman showing off her underwear to strangers.

Meanwhile, on the app, you don’t really know what to expect with each square in the grid of users when you click on them. In one I found a group of friends just laughing about. In another is a girl dressed provocatively and dancing seductively thanking people for beans

The number of their claimed users isn’t completely verifiable though. 1,000,000 + is shown to be the number of Google Play downloads, while the App Store has 5,600 ratings and if we’re going to do statistics, it’s probably 10% of the overall downloads bringing us to around 500,000+ downloads.  Still, a pretty sizable members base to meet someone or just get entertained.

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