Interracial Dating: The Complete List of Black Dating Apps

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Whether you want serious relationship or casual sex, finding success in Black dating matters. Perhaps for you, it is more urgent to know the tips to win over an Ebony or succeed in dating that guy than before. So, to ensure you increase your chances of dating that babe or guy, read this article!

Interracial Dating

Recent empirical research reports by several researchers including findings by Gerald A. Mendelsohn and his co-researchers, Amada Jacky Kaba, and Raymond Fisman & colleagues offers some clues as to why dating between Black and White Americans remains so low in this digital age when laws and attitudes are favorable to interracial dating and why you aren’t  racist if you’re Black and you choose to date a Black.

In Raymond Fisman et al (2008), the researchers claim that interracial dating is quite scarce in the United States because of the prevalence of strong racial preferences but is interracial dating difficult to achieve now?

Well, the results of a research survey conducted by Fusion in 2015 shows that while 88 percent of the respondents answered ‘yes’ to the question: ‘’Would you consider dating outside your racial group?’’ yet, only 54 percent claimed they had actually dated outside their racial group.

Though this result reflects social progress in interracial dating compared to a mere 4 percent who reported to have actually dated outside their racial group in a similar survey conducted in 1958 by Gallup Poll, yet the recent research findings is still an indication that racial preferences in dating among Americans isn’t going away anytime soon.

So, if you are a Black guy looking for a quickie, think of an Ebony; one of those women who have created their own unique beauty aesthetic with their hair according to a study by Brina Hargro (2011) but race is of no importance if you love a woman of another race.

Race doesn’t matter if you love him/her

Who is an Ebony?

An Ebony is a name usually given to a black colored woman who is beautiful inside and out. It’s the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with; stunning, goal driven, one of a kind and super sexy. An Ebony is an acronym for a dark skin toned person with a significant charm, it is a term used to describe the color black so in this case it would refer to black women or men. Black Dating is the norm lately as many white people seek African American partners due to their irresistible characteristics and hotness! Who could blame them, right?

Who qualifies as an Ebony?

As I stated above, a woman is generally viewed as an Ebony if she is above the medium black color tone of the standard African American color and who is similarly sexy and eye catching.

However, this is just a general view and does not in condition relate to all cases. For instance, the Ebony tag is still applicable to a few women because of some aspects of their color and figure – such as big black eyes, clear dark face color, or afro hair – even if they are a little bit lighter than usual, girls with these descriptions are considered in the ebony women section. Because most men obviously cannot tell the difference between semi-black women and pure Black African women, so judging by appearances would seem to be useless unless they’re experienced with African American dating.

So, how do you find success dating an African American Woman and trying on interracial dating?

Interracial Dating Tips for Dating an Ebony!

The report of a 2014 research study by Tera R. Hurt and colleagues claims that Black women are ‘’disproportionately single’’ based on four factors which include the influence of personal achievement and socialization. Also, more research reports by American Fact Finder (2011), Wanzo (2011) in Black Love is Not a Fairytale and, Banks (2012) in his book titled ‘’Is Marriage for White People?: How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone’’ severally claim that Black women are less likely to be interested in interracial dating compared to Black men or women of other racial groups.

Besides, the interracial dating game is full of emotional and physical challenges and knowing the right thing to do at the right time is key to achieving success in Black and interracial dating.

Interracial Dating Tips To Achieve Success

Think of it, finding a good man or woman for interracial dating is hard especially if you are a good guy and you are looking to date a strong black babe who has achieved so much in life such that a guy can easily be intimidated. Therefore, if you have found that Ebony of your dream, the following tips may help you work on yourself and achieve success in dating her.

Be Yourself

Avoid the temptation of portraying yourself in a way you’re not. Be honest about your achievements and your intentions. While you shouldn’t portray yourself as bigger than you really are, you should still let her know you are a man of standards and you might let her into your visions as your hunches tell you.

Be Consistent

I’m sure you don’t want to put off that Ebony deliberately but your actions or inactions can if you are not careful. Remember that some research studies cited earlier claim that most black women are less likely to show interest in dating compared to other women of other races. Therefore, in everything you do, make sure you look and sound as a consistent man both in her presence and in her absence.

Be Strong to Admit it when You’re Wrong

If you’re always ready to admit you’re wrong when you are wrong, chances are that dating an Ebony won’t be hard for you. This is because there is the likelihood that she will respect you more for being manly enough to know when you are wrong. However, if you ever blame her for something she didn’t do intentionally or has no knowledge of, know that it will be difficult to date that strong Black woman.

Since we live in a world where empirical studies have provided many useful hints about life and living, no one has any reasons to not know the right thing to do in any circumstances including dating an Ebony.

So, once you are ready to start with interracial dating with an Ebony or that strong and smart Black woman, check out to see which of the following Black dating apps is good for you:

Interracial Dating: Black Dating Apps

Let’s be honest for a second here, it can be really, really and I mean REALLY difficult to find black dates around where you live, work or hang out. Most Black women are always either too hard to get, already taken or is too busy twerking her sexy ass off than to go on a date with you. (I know you’re a catch but that sexy ebony you’re glancing over the bar probably don’t know that).

Have you searched Tinder repeatedly, without success of finding sexy black women or men? You don’t believe in finding love and interracial dating online anymore and are you ready to give up everything? Wait a second and listen to Megan Jones walk you through the ‘’Key Points about Dating Men or Women over 40 (or 50)’’ here or take a few minutes to listen to D.W.L. below:


The more specialized Black Dating apps are increasing at a crazy pace – why not try a new app? Once, or twice, or until you finally find your true Ebony love…


Already wanted to bring your two best friends to your first Black Afro date? It’s now possible: with Grouper, you will be able to go to your date by bringing two of your favorite friends, and your match will do the same with her or his friends! That will allow you to have more potential love games, more fun and less pressure!

How About We

You won’t have to waste any of your valuable time on this application: make a proposal, or answer someone’s messages. The concept of this awesome Black Interracial Dating App is to throw an idea, for example: “What would you say if I asked you to go out with me tonight and try the new Foxy restaurant in Griffintown tonight?”. If your idea inspires a sexy Ebony, she will simply accept the invitation!


Are you a cannabis lover and would like to meet a black partner who’s not pretending to be who they’re not (because from my experience black really love weed!) will not raise their eyes to heaven every time you smoke a joint? This is your app!

Millionaire Match

If money is an important criterion for you, this application is dedicated to the people who want to meet blacks with salaries that exceed six digits. Obviously, she or he is going to pay! Or maybe you simply are rich and don’t want to date a gold digging ebony who’s after your cash rather than your heart! Black millionaires do exist!


Probably the most popular application used in the US after Tinder, Happn allows you to connect with black people who cross your path every day. Too timid to declare your crush in full elevation to that beautiful ebony that you see every morning when headed to work? Find her on Happn!


If the idea of going out to have a drink with a perfect unknown discards you, this application allows you to talk to your black date face to face through video before making the decision to finally meet.



Find a sexy black woman who does not only share your bed, but also walks your dog with you every morning! And maybe more…


This app may sound like it’s rather oriented towards sex. Moreover, it only asks you very little information to none at all about yourself: simply, an egoportrait. When you connect with another user, you have one hour to decide if you want to meet with them. For the brave!

Coffee meets the bagel

Every day, at noon, the application offers you a point of view on your favorite subjects, depending on what you like on Facebook. The interesting thing about this site is that each black person you meet will have to at least offer you a friend in common.


If you are a fan of astrology, and believe that an alignment of stars will help you to meet your future black soul mate, you will love this platform where your zodiac sign is put forward.


For music lovers, Tastebuds connects people according to their musical tastes. None of your friends will go with you to your favorite concert? It’s time to reach an agreement on this application and take your sweet hot black date with you instead.


This app allows you to meet your Ebony suitors according to their answers to a series of questions about love, life and seduction, etc.


Because too many is boring, this app offers you ONE match a day, chosen carefully by experts who study your common points and personalities.


Like on Tinder, you have a match if you choose someone who also chooses you. Wondering what’s the difference? Only the girls can initiate the conversation! Ha!


Have you always dreamed of having a threesome? If the answer is yes, then this is your chance! Whether you are alone or have a partner, you will find on this app black partners who want to try the same thing as you!

Black Cupid

This site offers free membership to ‘’mix and mingle’’ and it prides itself as the most exciting dating app for blacks and a forum where as a guy, you could find the Ebony of your choice. Black Cupid provides such communication lines as video messaging, email, exclusive chat, and instant messaging.


This dating site is exclusively meant for black professionals of different groups so that they could come and socialize under the same umbrella and in the process, hookup or find love. So, if you are black and sophisticated and looking for black for casual sex or dating, MELD is probably for you. Look them up!


Delightful is the brainchild of Steve Harvey, that radio and television comedy guy, who wrote two bestseller books on love – ‘’Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’’ and ‘’Straight Talk, No Chaser.’’ The app helps women to find their right guy and to keep them.

Black Fling

The name of the app says it all: it is for people looking for casual sex. So, if you are looking for a dating site where you can really flirt the way you want, Black Fling is the site for you and you can do your thing without disturbance.

Soul Swipe

Soul Swipe is just like Tinder except that it is exclusively a dating site for Blacks. It prides itself as the best place where Blacks can find love with its slogan ‘’Black dating done right.’’ Just with a single swipe to the right, you will hookup with Black singles in your neighbourhood. That is their promise!

Black Singles over 50 – Black Senior Dating

If you’re a black single over 40 (or 50), then there are special dating apps and sites you can use to meet with several single black senior women out there with a goal to find love or casual sex or just for pure fun.

While a few of the sites listed below specialized in Black senior dating, a few others have registered members from all race groups.

interracial dating
Are you over 50? You can still find love!

Black Senior Dating

This site prides itself as the #1 dating site for Black dating and specifically for black singles over 50. It provides easy access to black senior singles in your community simply by searching the site based on zip code.

Senior Black People Meet

This black senior dating site also prides itself as one of the best senior dating sites for blacks and it is free to access. It is regarded as the premier dating site for black men and women over 40 (or 50) who are looking for that perfect match or for a partner to keep them company. It is the perfect dating site for black seniors (single woman or man), whether divorced or widowed and it boasts of the patronage of many African American single men and women. It promises to give you the decisive online dating experience you passionately need.

Senior Match

This site is regarded as the best dating site for seniors but it admits people from all races. So, it is not exclusively meant for black dating but if all you are looking for is a dating site where you can interact with other single adults based on your mutual interests.

Our Time

Our Time is another good dating site that is exclusively for single adults over 50 and it is regarded as one of the most successful dating sites where seniors can mingle with the large community of its users to look for that perfect match, or a companion.

The interface of Our Time is simple to navigate and it provides extensive profile search for users which you can use to search for the love you crave for or for that casual partner.

This site is good for you whether you are looking for casual sex, casual dating or a long-term relationship. After registering on this site, you can do searches based on age of your target black woman or profile or zip code if you are looking for a woman available for sex in your community. The site claims to be the largest dating site for African American in online dating with the visit of about 1.2 million blacks each month. This site appears to be a top pick for Black dating by experts who rated it with 4.9/5.0.


Elite Singles

This is the premier dating site for educated professionals where more than 67 percent of its registered users are holders of educational degrees that ranges from bachelors to doctorate degrees. However, Elite Singles is strictly for people looking for long-term relationships and the gender ratio of its existing members favor guys – that is, more women than men on the site – at 43 percent for men and 57 percent for women. 

Adult Friend Finder

This is another dating site for seniors but it is exclusively for casual sex and one night stand. So, this site is never about finding love or making friends but for short-term affairs only. This feature alone is what makes the popularity of Adult Friend Finder undeniable and you find that beautiful babe and probably an Ebony who is ready for a quikie; I mean to fuck tonight.

Christian Mingle

ChristianMingle is exclusively for devout adult Christians and it is the largest dating site for the adherent of the Christian faith. A good percentage of the registered users of this dating site are single Christian men and women over 50 years of age. The site offers opportunity for both casual sex and long term relationship and if you are a Christian guy, your chances of finding the woman you want on Christian Mingle is greater with more single Christian women on the site than men at a ratio of 56 percent for women and 44 percent for men. 



The popularity of eHarmony dating site is largely based on how it had helped to build marriages in the United States using personality/compatibility test which has been very successful in suggesting matches to users.

In addition, this site has found a way to extract a commitment from many of its users for long-term relationships and it has accounted for 4 percent of marriages in the U.S. since its inception. Notwithstanding the achievement of eHarmony in facilitating many serious relationships, the dating site is open to people who are looking for casual dates.

Finally, if you are looking for an Ebony for a long-term relationship, do always remember that African American women ‘’are not drawn to real men, but to the idea of the ideal man’’ according to a research report by Rebecca Wanzo (2011) in ‘’Black Love is Not a Fairytale.’’

So, if you are a guy looking for a Black woman for love or casual dating, always reflect on who an ideal man is and endeavor to be one and you might be increasing your chances of finding success in dating an Ebony.

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