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One of the benefits black people meet has is with such a large active black community the chances of you finding your match in your area increase dramatically.

With this comes success stories and the continued success of the company. So as far as an active black community goes black people meet does well in this area.

Black People Meet

As per most online dating sites it is free to set up your own profile and upload some photos/ tell the world about yourself. You can also browse local singles and send flirts to them.

So you can basically get your hopes up but cant actually contact anyone with a free profile. From their if you think you would like to contact the black profile in your area you can sign up for the upgraded membership:

  • Monthly at $14.95, this is a 50% savings off the regular price of $29.95
  • 6 Months at $9.95 per month ($59.70 total), this is a 67% savings off the regular price of $179.70 BEST OFFER!!!
  • 12 months for only $119.95 ($10 per month)

You can also pay for additional highlighted profiles which are premium add on features that will increase your response rate.

Once you are in the upgraded black people meet membership you will have open access all membership communication tools.

However with your free membership you can do everything else like upload a video greeting and use all of the search features.

Black people meet is currently open to all English speaking countries but will have the biggest database of users in the US and Canada.

Negatives that have been said about black people meet is the matching system and it not actually being run on any algorithm. But it’s easy to search for local online black people will similar interests which are all you really need!
Black people meet is part of the BBB as described here

Eligible black men and women go to black people meet… The only all black dating site online worth visiting

In order to write this next piece stereotypes about black men and women will have to be made..

Dating singles of similar culture is important, especially for confident young black men and women in America. You know what you want and how to get it.

This is why blackpeoplemeet go out of their way to make sure their dating site is full of black culture.

Black people are:

  • Confident
  • Boastful and Marvellous
  • Self-interested
  • Brave
  • Courageous
  • Rhythmic

Black people love:

  • soul food, “fried chicken”, “corn”, “greens”
  • jazz and blues and soul music
  • Dance
  • Clothes
  • Religion
  • Cars
  • Sports (NFL,NBA)
  • Amongst many other things.

Black singles interests backgrounds and cultures very often differ strongly from while or Hispanic people. Finding someone that genuinely understands where your coming from is important when it comes to successful relationships. This makes black people an extremely useful resource and tool for black people looking for other black singles in America and Canada.

So what are black singles anyway and why the differentiation?

To qualify as a black single you have to be
African America
Single and unmarried

That’s it!

The Growth Of Black Dating Popularity
There are a TON of black singles in America for the simple reason that African Americans tend not to marry and are single for longer on average than other ethnicities. This creates a heap of black dating sites online that are subpar. Do yourself a favour and stay away from the black dating scams, black people meet is owned by a large company who abide by all best business practices.

African Americans have been found to be a very active and social user online. African American’s internet usage has grown in the last few years which also adds to the increase in popularity of black dating sites. African American personalities on the whole push you toward music fun and fashion as well as anything social.

Typically you will be looking for a serious relationship when visiting blackpeoplemeet but quick casual dating is also very popular within the site.
According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services blacks are the most common ethinicity when it comes to being single. African Americans are also the quickest to divorce ahead of both whites and Hispanics. is a great example of a dating site (from the spark network of dating sites) that gets African American dating.

Black dating sure has come a long way through the years and the power and opportunity that now presents itself for African Americans is amazing.
Empowering and liberating for black singles is the opportunity that now presents itself online.

If you are a black single looking for the best online dating community to find yourself an online romance read on.
There are a few rules to follow when dating fellow blacks.

Keep It Casual:

Black singles like to keep it relaxed, especially on a first date. You might like to wow them with a 5 star restaurant but just isn’t necessary. Save your cash for later on when you really know that they are into you. The local bar is a great place to catch up once you have set up your first offline date via blackpeoplemeet. Or you could try reading for some first date ideas.

Love And Hugs

Even though you have never met your date before apart from a few emails it’s important to start with some sort of physical contact. Start with a wee hug when you meet them as this will get things moving along. They will enjoy physical contact as much as you so don’t be shy.


Ladies please reframe from swearing or eating with your mouth wide open. Black men love a down to earth women but they also love manners and feminine beauty. Ask insightful questions and listen actively. Black people love to talk and talk but often listening is just as powerful when you are trying to impress.


Luckily most black men are blessed with natural style and ease. Dress appropriately. You don’t have to go overboard and mortgage the house to get a suit but for Christ sake don’t turn up in rags.

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