Black Singles Flirting Tips


Flirting is a universal language and black women sure know how to get the job done. At a club/party or social gathering effective flirting can increase your chances of dating success by 300% or more. In fact if you cannot flirt at all then it’s very unlikely that you are going to be able to attract anyone.
Most black singles understand the importance of flirting but perhaps not how to implement or when is the right time.
Black singles tend to be less subtle about their flirting opting for a more blatant approach. Singles from dating sites such as black people meet will be more forward as a result but that doesn’t mean they know how to flirt effectively.


The first crucial area step to flirting is confidence. It’s very hard to come off sexy if you do not actually own it. If you’re unsure of who you are or what your supposed to be doing the recipient of your love will not be impressed. You might come across awkward or cute at best.

Be Genuine

There is nothing more sickly than seeing a dude trying to impress a women yet he is obviously faking it. Wannabes and pretenders never get far. Liars and Fakers are what most people despise the most – what have you got if you don’t have your honesty? If you cannot be trusted or if your friends never know what your motive really is you wont have friends for long.
Be true to yourself and this honesty and sincerity will shine through in your flirting.


Ego boost your black date and she will remember. Just make sure you are genuine of course… Compliments simply convey interest in an honest manner.
I really like that tops your wearing…
It’s not so much what you say but how the compliment come across. Be aware that she will have done her hair for the occasion. Simply noticing what she had done is a compliment in her eyes.


Black dates are know for their humour and bold but easy going natures. If you can defiantly integrate light hearted humour and comedy to ease the mood. This part of flirting should be ease for you.

Pick Up Lines Exist Only For Comedy

Pick up lines should never be used in the field.

Sexual Advances

What makes flirting so much fun is that you are being sexual in a completely safe and natural way. The flirting takes place with NO sexual innuendo but the two of you both know whats going on. You understand the social dynamic and so you are being sexual at a safe level. Advance sexually by using light keno escalation. Do not suggest or bring up ANYTHING sexually related unless she does so first.
Use smiles and eye contact to escalate flirting rather than silly sexual words.


It’s not about scoring… ok it might be for you if your immature or just looking for sex, and that fine to some degree.
But with this mindset of trying to score you rarely will. Women are very good at picking these types of guys and are just not interested unless you make them feel safe enough to liberate their sexual independence also. Casual sexual encounters are fine of course but when flirting it’s more about initiating some sort of emotional connection.

Black Dating Body Language

Body language is crucial to your flirting success.
Eye contact
Touch sequences
Ease of movement
Flirting may not come natural to your and so will take some practice. You don’t need a perfect women to use as practice either.
Be aware that you are practicing your flirting with people every day. Every interaction you have with people is a chance to place a positive impression about your into their minds.
Compliments smiles and body language should be worked on every day… not just in the weekend when you trying to get lucky.
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