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This might be a good place to start your search for black singles looking for sex with no strings attached. Keep on reading to know more about this site, or share your own review below.

Notable features…

  • Site has already more than 1.4 million members
  • This is solely dedicated to black singles dating and those who wish to date them
  • They got impressive features geared towards helping you find a date.
  • It’s free to join and offers different upgrade rates and plans.
  • Members can watch naughty videos uploaded by other users, and join HOT sex cam shows.
  • Members are allowed to broadcast their own cam, or upload their own sex video.

Our final say…

My only criticism for this website is that they have a relatively small number of members. Just more than 1.4 members is quite low. When I check them they only a few members online. Not that too crowded. But then it won’t be long until they have several members. That is if they keep up with several competitors.

When it comes to features I think this has the needed features to keep everyone connected. Good chat, search and profile set up. I think these are great features. I like the quality of video chat. It’s really easy to upload your own sex videos if you want to. They also got some smoking live sex shows which you can watch or get lost with a massive collection of explicit videos from other users.

When it comes cost of upgrade members can choose between gold membership and platinum membership. It’s great to know the differences between these two levels of membership. For gold membership your monthly membership fee start at $9.95, but you can buy 3 months subscription for only $24.95. When it comes to platinum membership starts at $19.95 and 3 months membership is at $49.9

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