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BDSM Edgeplay: Pushing All the Limits

17 mins ago

Everyone seems to have a general idea of what BDSM is these days. However, there's one philosophy that outsiders may not be familiar with. It's called SSC. It means that any activity should be Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Activities that are considered not to meet these standards are considered edgeplay.…

15 Things You Need to Know About Asian Women

What's up with the Asian fetish? Some call it yellow fever, some the less catch-phrassey Asiaphile. But at the core…

1 day ago

a message to men

women despise a man who needs to be told to be dominant   Having a tough time in the dating…

4 days ago

Hookup And Live Chat


4 days ago

Daddy Fetish

The Daddy fetish... from women who just enjoy calling their partner Daddy in the bedroom to Daddy/little girl BDSM relationships, it…

7 days ago

15 Questions About Lesbians Answered + 15 Lesbian Dating Apps

Did you know? Lesbian is the most searched porn keyword for 2017. Lesbian is one of the search words that…

2 weeks ago

Everything You Want to Know About Affairs…. But Didn’t Want to Ask

Even with today's changing views on sexuality, affairs are seen as taboo. Sure they happen, but we are generally told…

4 weeks ago

Is Low Testosterone Stealing Your Manhood?

Low Testosterone could be the most overlooked health concern for men today. You may think it doesn't affect you, but…

1 month ago

100% Free Sex Chat

So many sites claim to be free. But are they? There's nothing more frustrating than clicking on a free site,…

1 month ago

Sex Near Me

Find girls near you for sex. There are a multitude of dating sites and apps that claim to do just…

2 months ago

Find Local Women Online with 13 Top Hookup Apps

If you are searching for local women to hook up with, going online is your best option. Sure you could…

3 months ago

Lesbian / LGBT Chat (TOP 10 Lesbian Dating Sites + 3 Dating APPS And 7 Free Lesbian Chat Sites)

History of Lesbianism Ancient History Lesbianism isn't as well documented as male homosexuality. Especially since in the ancient times, history…

3 months ago

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