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To become a member of Blued, you’ll need to first come up with a unique BluedID and provide the captcha verification. You’ll also have the option to register via one of the three top social profiles — Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

If you decide to log in using the manual method, you’ll need to nominate a password. It will then ask for the usual basic details: name/nickname, date of birth, height and weight, ethnicity, and your display photo, of course.

Once these are provided, Blued will show you a couple of ‘Guys you Might Like’ that they immediately followed for you. Feel free to unfollow them if you aren’t feeling their vibe at all.

It will also ask you if you’d like to upload private photos. At this point, you’ll find yourself in your profile. This would also be a great time to fill out all the details you want to provide.


Once you’ve confirmed your profile information, you’ll be led to the members’ grid. This is the default screen, the People tab which is the leftmost icon of the icons/tabs at the bottom of the screen.

  • Under the People tab, new Faces are up top, those with green dots marking those who are currently online. Below is a grid of nearby members, the accuracy of which will depend on whether you enabled Blued to access location services.
  • The second tab is for Groups depending on interests and hobbies that members can join to immerse into the Blued community. You can click on the groups to see the group description and members.
  • There is another icon at the right top corner that allows you to filter the results that you see. You can customize this by relationship status, age, height, weight, and ethnicity. You can also search by name or member QR code or your current location.

The second icon is a speech bubble which contains all your conversations as well as notifications. Once you’re a part of a group, the conversation thread will also be showing here.

The middle icon brings you to do the Public Stream where all members can share their thoughts, status, photos, videos or even go live. There is a secondary tab for Explore that lets you see what people nearby are posting and are up to.

The Video icon lets you access all the live content from other Blued members around the world.

The rightmost icon is your Profile that gives you a snapshot of the people you’re following, members who viewed your profile, your friends, as well as those you’ve blocked. You may verify your account here by linking an email address or a face authentication. Here, you’ll also see how Blued gamified social interactions through leveling up, social wealth, and the app’s local currency.


Speaking of local currency — that is one of the specialty features of Blued. Blued uses beans for in-app interactions and transactions. These beans can be used to send gifts to Blued’s live broadcasters. Beans are available for purchase in different denominations:

  • 42 Beans for $0.99
  • 125 Beans for $2.99
  • 550 Beans for $12.99
  • 1695 Beans for $40.99
  • 2540 Beans for $59.99
  • 5510 Beans for $129.99
  • 8060 Beans for $199.99

The best part about this currency thing is since you get to purchase it using real money, you can also exchange it for real-world currency.

If you’re a live broadcaster and you’ve accumulated 10,000 beans or more, you can withdraw it as real money by contacting Blued support.


Blued is more of a social networking site than it is a dating site. You can certainly feel the community spirit in the many Group conversations. Gay guys just having fun, talking to each other, exchanging dick pics.

The live videos are also quite amusing and entertaining with members doing just about anything. Singing, dancing, lying down, eating… and earning beans while at it. Blued is a place where popularity is highly revered.

The fact that beans can be earned for performing and the beans can be converted to cash is probably the biggest draw of the platform. You get to make a living (somehow) just socializing, flirting and being horny. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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