Break The Ice With OkCupid IceBreakers

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Icebreakers make it easy to start new conversations with other singles on okcupid. Okcupid goes about and searches other singles that like other things that you like. These interests are based on your profile specifically the “what I want” settings. The whole idea is that you write things and break the ice based on common interests.
You will see a small tab at the top of each page that lets you know you have knew ice breaker matches. Depending on how broad or specific your profile settings okcupid may find multiple singles to break the ice with. This means the ice breaker message that you write will end up being sent to x number of people. Usually it’s just one person but it all depends on what okcupid calls it’s “staff robot”.
Because this okcupid robot goes out and crawls your profile (think google), it means whatever keywords you choose to describe yourself become very important. You might not be getting many matches because your profile is way too specific or though it’s more likely that you have not included enough information. So it would be a good idea if you are using okcupid and either want more accurate matches or just more dates to go and include more descriptive keywords and information about youself in the WHAT I WANT section.
Ice breakers are not just another was to find you matches they also suggest a topic that you should write about. This is obviously an appropriate topic that you AND your match are interested in. OkCupid Robot has helped you out and suggested a topic so you can get started typing straight away but you can always write about other hobbies you are interested in.
When you go to the ice breaker page you won’t actually know which members you are sending the message to! This means if the okcupid robot really screws it up you could end up sending a message to an ex or even a family member!!! Haha
If you ice breaker worked an you get a reply then you can find out who you send it to. This will enable you to check them out and determine if you want to keep the interaction going.
Don’t freak out to much though – the okcupid matchmaker robot knows it stuff and each icebreaker single chosen not only matches your interests but also has a high match percentage too.
The interesting thing about ice breakers is that they are almost like a privilege. If you use the system unethically and your messages are not what okcupid likes (the spider crawls your email too) the less likely you are to receive icebreaker matches.
Clearly okcupid wants to improve its users experience for everyone so eliminating spammers and unsavoury users from the system is a good move. So treat the system well and you will be rewarded.

Okcupid Icebreaker Settings

You are actually able to customise and control the number of icebreaker matches you receive and if you want to use this feature at all. Simply navigate to your settings page and under the MESSAGES tab you can adjust icebreakers.

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