Breaking Up: Get Your Ex Back Or Move On

Breaking sure is hard to do. It’s hard for BOTH parties no matter the circumstances…

You lose apart of yourself the day they break-up with you and the toughest thing is that you can rarely have a friendship together after the split.

Even if the break-up was perfectly mutual and you hoped to be able to be friends afterwards it can be nigh impossible to eliminate the emotions of love and sadness when you are together.

You would think that you would be able to put things back to normal but the reality is that MOST often you will have to cut all ties…

Cutting all ties sucks! What if you were best mates and you were planning on being “best friends forever”?

What you want and what your emotions will allow seem to be completely different things…

Some people can deal with being around their ex and not getting sad or a little turned on but most have to use the no contact approach just to stay sane.

You will find as a result that many singles simply pack up and leave town or leave the area of town where their ex hangs out.

If you think you can continue living with your ex AFTER the break-up think again… So many complications will arise and these are eliminated easily simply by leaving the area.

This reality sure does suck – why cant you form some sort of non sexual bond soon after the break-up? It’s because the love (or hate) for your ex boyfriend or girlfriend never dies…

There will always be some feeling there or memory their that you cannot extinguish. All it takes is a song or a movie and BAM your sad again.

You need to focus on the positive things about leaving your ex… You have the chance to start a new relationship! You now have the freedom you always wanted.

Don’t think of it as your life being over because now you are left all alone but rather a great opportunity to spread your wings with a fresh start.

If this is your first experience of a breakup you will be shocked at how hard it is to leave the one you have loved for so long… It may not have sunk in yet or perhaps it has and now your starting to get over it.

You may have feelings of denial…

Should I have broken up with them?
Is there still a chance to return to the comfort of the old relationship?

This denial is based on fear… You would love to avoid all of the pain required to move forward and to do that all you need to do is get your ex back.

If you really think they are “the one” and getting them back would mean the world to you then you could try making up made easy…

But in most cases it’s best to accept that the break-up happened for a reason!

You need to move on and go through the natural break-up process.

You will be sad for a month or even longer and you will want to get your ex back to avoid the pain but once you have moved on you will become stronger.

Most people you talk to that have been through a breakup from a relationship of 2-3 years + are shocked at how hard it actually is to let go.

Even if you know that it’ for the best there is something that seems to hold you back and play with your head. So don’t get to down about how shit your dealing with the whole thing…

Most guys actually take break-ups worse than girls!

We are so reserved and stable during the relationship but once she leaves we tend to be LOST for some time before we find where we last put our balls that have been vacant for to long.

If you feel like you have lost your nuts along the way then this break-up is a chance to find your mojo and really be a young guy again.

Get out their and get active… climbing, surfing hunting… something out in the wild that will reboot your manhood.

Or it’s just a good excuse to be able to play xbox NON_STOP all weekend without having to put up with women giving you grief. Scratch that last idea…

You want to get out of the house and socialise with mates after a break-up…

Stay in too long and you will find yourself going well batty!

Every breakup is different and the decision you will have to make about getting your ex back should be done with a rational mind. Are your thoughts rational right now or are they driven by anxiety fear loneliness and sadness?

I would suggest giving this whole decision a rest for a few days while you get out into the wilderness and give yourself a MANTOX… That’s a MAN DETOX.

Yeh I came up with that one… mantox’s are just what you need after a breakup and after your head is clear (or during) you should be able to make a rational decision about whether getting your ex back is a good idea or not.

Even if you go for a really intense run or workout it should be enough to clear the head… Whatever you do dont stay at home and listen to the radio that is full of love and breakup songs… Buy a 2L tub of icecream and watch anything with hugh grant in it…

Go with the mantox and find your nuts again… they’ll be somewhere near your kidneys










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