join is a sex dating and swinging website exclusive only for UK-based users. It’s nice to know that there is a website solely for British adult users. There are some advantage and disadvantage to this website from our point of view. Continue reading if you like to know more about this site. You may also help us review this further by providing your own review on the form below.

Notable features:

  • This is an exclusive adult dating website for UK-based users only.
  • They already have nearly 1 million users.
  • No need for membership all you need to do is top up by buying credits.
  • FREE to join but would need to have credits to contact other members.
  • For limited time only ladies are free to join with free credits.
  • Great IM or chat feature to connect and contact other users.
  • Loaded with tons of sexy and naughty videos from other users and professional models.

Our final say…

As we mentioned earlier we like the fact that is dedicated to servicing only UK-based daters. This makes it a good choice for local based dating. The down side is they don’t really have a lot of members yet. Comparing to other huge adult dating websites which already have nearly 5 million members from UK alone.

Another notable feature that this website have is the fact that they don’t adhere to membership subscriptions.  Once you become a member you don’t need to maintain a premium subscription. All a member needs to do is buy credits and use it to activate some of the sites features. Credits can be bought by blocks and they cost just around $1 each. This is a good way to control your spending. Anyone can spend as little or as much as he wants.

Ladies are welcome to register with free available credits. This is a good tactic to invite a lot of women in. It’s pretty easy to sign-up and we thing that the features that have is great.

If you like outside UK it would be unwise to join this website unless you plan on moving or visiting the country.


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