Bruce you care to much

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bill burr

It’s natural to want to care about what other people think about you. What people think about you determines a lot of your own success right? That feedback you get from others is vital… it always has been.
But when it comes to attracting and seducing women into bed or into your arms for long term marriage the stakes are high and the rules are counter intuitive.
Trust me: women can smell the validation seeking stench of fear and anxiety written all over a mans face as he approaches. It doesn’t matter what this guy says, what he looks like or what he is wearing. She is not going to be into him.
There are some obvious differences between a great pick up artist and a virgin that you should be aware of.
The great seducer has options – he is fine with a women that turns him down… the reality is that he doesn’t care.
He is laid back, talkative and relatable while the virgin is fearful and scared of attention.
He is playful while the virgin is serious

Becoming this guy

Picture that cute girl you are after… when were the times that she actually gave you any attention?
What sort of conversations have you had with her?
Remove sex from the situation – use flirtation obviously but remove the chance of having sex wit her from your mind. You clearly do but she shouldn’t be able to read that in your body language.
What works great is if you have other friends that are girls or other mates their with you in the presence of this girl. It allows you to turn away from her and have a great energetic conversation with someone else.
This demonstrates to her that your not in need of her validation or support. You don’t turn to her for guidance or conversation.
You have other friends and other girls that are also interested in you implying that you have been preselected. This will boost your status in her eyes big time! If other girls are into you then she will think you obviously have a lot going for you.

Let’s say you already have a girl on the go – she is interested in you but she hasn’t really put any big move on you yet. All you are really interested in is sex but you are pretty sure she wants to take it slow.
How do you move the relationship quickly from friend to sexual partner?
How do you actually transition from random  friend finder acquaintance to casual sex buddy?
Often times you get all of these great indicators of interest from a women via email or text and then when it comes to meeting her she is shy and unapproachable. You have to be able to create an environment where she feels comfortable. She will pick up on your nervousness and neediness. If your focus is too much on sex on not enough on her comfort levels it’s likely she will shy away.
The first sexual encounter for the girl will be a BIG occasion – for you it might be nothing… But don’t assume the interaction will end up in the sack. Let it happen naturally because that’s the only way she will feel comfortable enough to let you be with her.
KENO – The use of sensual and erotic touch is the most undervalued and underused tool of seduction. Many guys don’t even know it exists – An ass grab at the end of the night is pretty much all they are working with quickly followed by the assumption of sex.
Women NEED much more than this to feel comfortable and turned on. Your use of sexual touch to escalate the night should start early and continue right throughout the night.
Areas of her body such as her neck, lower back, hands, shoulders and even ears are important touch locations.
The main point her is that you should never ask explicitly about the opportunity for sex – it should be something that happens naturally out of mutual attraction.

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