Calling Men: A Complete Guide To Understand Why Men Don’t Call

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Calling Men is an e-book written by Mimi Tanner. All her life she has been studying what makes a man fall for a woman, and how a woman should handle their man. She has written many books about dating and relationships. But one of her profound works can be found in this hand book which will help girls balance their relationship with their guy. It’s a complete guide on how to properly handle communication with men.

This is the only book dedicated to helping girls on how they should use emails, phone calls, text messaging and instant messaging to attract any guy they want. This will answer questions like why men stop calling them and why men don’t call. Most girls are bewildered why this keeps on happening. It seemed that a guy will just lose interest with her without giving any clue what turned him off.

Let’s face it, phone calls, emails, chat, text messages and even tweets have become a major part of our communication. There is even a study saying that 60% of our daily communication is through digital or electronic medium while only 35% is via face to face oral or verbal communication with the remaining 5% are those using paper and pen. For dating couples much of your communication will be through phone calls, text messaging, chat and emails.

This mea that we need to stop and learn how to effectively use these medium to your advantage. By following the techniques in this ebook you will learn how to attract and make a man fall for you by just texting, email, and making short phone calls. And the best thing about this guide is that you don’t have to spend so much time on your phone or computer. A quick message everyday or a few minutes on the phone with him is what you need to seal your place on his heart.


Why men don’t call?  

Here are a 3 problems identified on this material that would answer why men don’t call. You can read more about why men stop calling here.

  • You’re paying him too much attention – Men loves challenges and they like to win a girl. They are usually not as serious with easy to get girls. So no matter how you adore him play it cool. Don’t sound like you’re desperate. Let him know that you accept the challenge of letting him win your heart and affection.
  • You’re invading his privacy – Guys, even if they are already your boyfriend and you have been together, need to have some privacy and time for themselves. Just like how you would want to spend a lazy day at a spa with your girlfriends. Stop calling him when you know he is at work.
  • He just lost interest in you – Too much communication can leave you with nothing to talk about. So make time for silence, just enjoy the moment that you’re thinking of him.  Be mysterious but don’t build high walls it will also turn him off.

Inside Calling Men, you will learn useful skills and knowledge in calling men, sending emails and text messages.

  • How to give him signs to ask for your number. This will be the first spark, that magical moment that you have been waiting for.
  • Learn how to handle phone calls and emails to keep him wanting you. This will include techniques on when to answer his call and when to ignore him. It will also tell you how to respond to his emails, how long it should be and the nature of the email.These are real templates for you to use copy paste style.
  • You will find out what a guy won’t tell you but he would be sharing with his buddies. Men will often share their sexual experiences with friends but will hide certain parts of their life until they really feel connected with you.
  • Know what men think when you’re talking to them on the phone. Timing, picking the right topic to talk about, and choosing the right words you say will dictate what he thinks about you when you’re speaking over the phone. So why men don’t call back, after you hang up? It’s because you failed to influence their thinking.
  • Learn when to initiate the calling and when to wait for his call.
  • How to handle online messages and chats.
  • What you can do, when you barely see him online or he is ignoring you online. This happens a lot of time you see that his online on your Facebook or messenger but his not talking to you. This can be frustrating and can lead you to feeling frustrated.
  •  Do you know what to do when he says to call him back? Do you really have to call him back or not? Would it hurt your relationship if you don’t do what he says? There is a trick to this that you can use and keep you in control of your relationship.
  • He stopped calling you but you run into him, do you know what to say or how to react? It might be your chance to charm him back and have him on his knees begging for your attention.

These are just a few things that you can read from this handbook. These are proven tactics that you can use to help you find and keep the man that you adore. Calling Men is a skill that can be acquired and practice by anyone willing to change their dating and relationship status.

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