TOP 20 Cam to Cam Chat Sites + How To Use Them

This post details how to get laid using cam to cam chat sites – choose one from our list of the top 20 cam to cam chat sites most of which are 100% free.

Video chat was once a strange luxury available to the rich or tech-savvy. Now, the majority of people have two or more devices capable of video chatting, and a wealth of options to choose from.

Video Chat Etiquette

As with all forms of communication, video chat has its own etiquette rules. First, you should never pressure someone to chat with you. If you send them a request or video call them and they don’t respond, let it go.

You should also be gracious if the other person is done chatting. In some situations, like Chatroulette, it’s incredibly easy to end a conversation.

In other situations, it can be rude to just end the chat. If the person begins fidgeting or mentions something they need to do, end the chat gracefully.

Consider what they are seeing. There are a few aspects to this. The most obvious one is how you look yourself.

What condition it’s appropriate to chat in will vary depending on who you are talking to and how well you know them.

If you haven’t met them in person yet, be sure to make a good first impression.

Video Chat Rules:

  • No pressure to chat
  • Know when to end the chat
  • Consider your appearance
  • Consider your background
  • Keep background noise minimum
  • Keep your dick put away

 Take a little care with your appearance before you chat.

You’ll also want to consider your environment. Women don’t want to see bathroom selfies, and they don’t want to see a messy bedroom with underwear on the floor, either.

You’ll also want to consider background noise. You may love the wi-fi at your local Starbucks, but the noisy environment isn’t conducive to conversation.

Lastly, start the video chat out in a well-lit room with your clothes on.

Unless you are in an explicitly adult video chat, do not start a chat with your pants down. Women like a little warning before being greeted by your dick.

Looking Your Best on Cam to Cam Chat

Looking your best is important when you are video chatting, particularly if you are making a first impression.

These tips will have you looking great for your cam to cam chats.

First, you’ll want adequate indirect lighting. It’s best to have a few light sources, and position one of them behind the camera or computer.

Natural light tends to be more flattering than artificial light, so let it natural light whenever possible.

Make eye contact with the camera. Sure you want to look at your screen when you are chatting, but be sure to make eye contact with the camera from time to time.

You’ll want to consider your clothing, jewelry, and background. Patterns can end up looking too busy on camera, and they can distract the viewer.

Having a pattern behind you is an issue as well. Jewelry can create a glare, so keep jewelry simple, particularly necklaces and earrings.

Look Your Best:

  • Good lighting
  • Eye contact with camera
  • Simple but nice clothing
  • Keep jewelry simple
  • Sit up straight
  • Smile
  • Hands open or at your side
  • Look up at camera

Keep your posture and facial expression in mind. Everyone looks more attractive when they are sitting up straight.

Slouching makes you look smaller and apathetic. Smiling can help you appear more attractive and friendly as well.

You’ll also want to consider your body language. Keep your hands open in front of you or at your side to appear more friendly.

Crossing your arms makes you appear closed off and uninterested.

Lastly, keep your angles in mind. Looking down at the camera makes you look wider and can create a double chin.

You can inadvertently give someone a view of your nasal cavity as well.

You want to be looking up slightly at the camera. If you are using a laptop, raise it slightly and angle your screen down a bit.

If you are using a phone, keep it at eye level or a bit higher.

Video Chat Rooms

Video chat rooms allow you to view and chat with several people at one time. It’s a great way to get to know people better, and you’ll find rooms built around different interests.

Tiny Chat

Tiny Chat has rooms for anything you would care to chat about. You can find rooms by viewing All, Near Me, or Most Gifted.

Each chatroom will show its name, a description of the room, how many webcams are active, and how many people are viewing the webcams.

When you enter a room, you’ll see the webcams of the people broadcasting. You can choose to communicate with text, audio, or video.

If you enjoy a room, you can give a gift. Gifts require coins, which can be purchased on the site.

You can create an account on Tiny Chat as well. An account allows you to create your own chatroom, which can be done in about a minute.

Once you have an account, you can choose to upgrade as well. A PRO account gives you higher video quality and no ads.

Extreme will also give your chat room priority listing, so that it’s seen by more people.

Tiny Chat is available as an app for Android and Apple devices as well as a desktop site.

Epik Chat

Epik Chat offers video chatrooms as well. Epik Chat allows you to talk via text and video chat. You can also lock your camera.

Your camera will be on, but people will have to send you a request to view your camera. If you accept their request, you can have a cam to cam chat.

You can request to view someone’s camera or send a message to a specific user.

You can create an account on Epik Chat as well. Once you create an account, you can set up a profile.

You can add friends, and access the member’s only chatroom as well. Some of the rooms are adult in nature, while others are centered around a conversational theme.

You can create your own chatroom as well.

Cam Frog

Cam Frog has over 1,500 chatrooms, making it one of the largest video chatting sites.

You can video chat with people all over the world. Users 16 and over can create a profile and add friends.

You can send text instant messages, and chat one on one as well.


If someone is bothering you on Cam Frog, you can choose ignore user. They will no longer be visible/audible to you.

If you are receiving inappropriate IMs, you can select give bad feedback. Multiple bad feedback result in IM privileges temporarily being taken away.

Cam Frog is available as a website, and an app for Android and Apple devices.

Shock Rooms

Shock Rooms tends to live up to its name with many of the chatrooms being adult in nature. However, there are a few rooms that offer clean chat.

You can use Shock Rooms as a guest or create an account. Once you select a room, you can chat via text and/or webcam.

The best feature of Shock Rooms is that you can view how many men and women are in the room before you enter.

You can also view all the users in the room. You can send them a message, send them a private chat request, or invite them to a private chat room.

If you have an account, you can add users to your friend’s list. If you are a registered user, you can create your own room as well.

Shockrooms is available as a desktop site and an app for Android devices.

Random Video Chat

Chatroulette video chats will match you with a random stranger for a chat.

Omegle and Chatroulette have made this type of chat famous, but there are many options available today.


Chatroulette is extremely simple to use. Just give the site access to your camera and microphone, and you are ready to start chatting.

Once you’ve connected with a partner, you can choose next or stop. Chatroulette is supposed to be a clean chat site, but many people are looking for something sexual.

You’ll find many people (men) pleasuring themselves on camera. There is a report button as well, but given the amount of exhibitionism, I suspect that most people just move on to the next cam.


Omegle is the Titan of random video chatting. You’ll find many similar sites that describe themselves as sites like Omegle or Omegle alternatives.

Omegle stands apart from other chat sites because they attempt to find someone with common interests.

You can write your interests in the given space, and select add your Facebook likes as interests.

You can choose text or video chat. If Omegle can’t find someone who matches your interests, they will pair you with someone completely random.

Omegle is generally fairly clean, and the caliber of conversation is higher than that of Chatroulette.

Your odds of having an actual chat with someone are much higher on Omegle.

When you are done chatting, you have the option of saving your chat and uploading it to your favorite social media site.

Personally, I find this creepy.

Omegle is available as a website for computers and mobile devices.

Ome is an Omegle alternative. You can select the country you would like to chat with, your language, and your gender. You can chat via webcam and/or text.

Similar to Omegle, most of the users are polite and desire to chat instead of flashing their private parts.

The site has a nicer interface than many other options as well. It’s available as a website, and an app for Android and Apple devices.

Chat Alternative

Chat Alternative is another free random chat site. It’s set up is nearly identical to Ome. You’ll find a button for start and stop, the ability to select a country, and choose your gender.

Chat Alternative is available as a desktop site and an app for Android and Apple devices.


Chatspin is another random chat app. There is no option to register on Chatspin, so you are completely anonymous. You can chat via text or video.

When you begin a chat, you’ll see the other member’s age and general location.

You can pay for Chatspin plus, which allows you to select the gender and location you are interested in chatting with.

Chatspin claims that they don’t allow nudity, but it’s clear that people on the site aren’t there for just conversation.

There’s no way to save people that you enjoy chatting with, but many people exchange kik id’s so they can continue having naughty chats.


Most random chat apps don’t allow you to select whether you want to chat with guys or girls.

You’ll also find that there are more guys that chat on webcams than girls, so it can be difficult to find a girl to chat with.

Chatrandom claims to have a girls only chat. Unfortunately, the girls only chat actually takes you to My Free Cams. My Free Cams is an adult cam website.

The Gay chat appears to be legitimate, however. There are video chatrooms as well.

You can choose from Random Video Chat, Random Singles and Dating, Just Friends, Gay and Bi, and College. However, these will still connect you randomly to someone one on one.

You can choose Cam X4 as well. This will allow you to view and chat with four cams at once. All options allow you to chat via video or text.

Chatrandom is available as a desktop site and an app on Google Play.


Fruzo is a social network, online dating site, and a video chat app all in one. Fruzo takes an innovative approach to online dating and makes it easy to connect cam to cam.

Creating an account is as easy as connecting your Facebook account. Your name and profile picture are automatically imported from Facebook. 

Go to your profile, and you can write an about me and choose a username. You can also upload as many photos as you like.

You can perform a search. You can include location, gender, and an age range.

You can also add a username or keywords. When you find someone who interests you, you can send them a message or send them a friend request.

The photo tab allows you to browse photos, but there’s no way to filter them.

To video chat, select the chat tab. You can then select the Country you are interested in and select your gender. You’ll then be randomly paired with another user for cam to cam chat.

You can add friends from the cam to cam chat as well. As with most chat sites, if you aren’t enjoying the chat, just hit the next button to find a new chat partner.

In addition to video, you can chat with your partner via the text window as well. Fruzo is available as a desktop site and an app for Android and Apple devices.


You can create a free account on Shagle or chat anonymously without registering.

You can chat with people from all over the world, or choose the Country you would like to chat with.

Once you begin chatting, you can select the gender you would like to chat with.

Tap the arrow on the right to move on to the next chat. You can chat via text in the chat window on the right as well.

Shagle is fairly standard as far as random chatting goes. It’s a good way to meet people from other countries. Many people seem to be looking for cybersex.

R Rated Addiction

One reason video chat is so popular, particularly random video chat, is because it provides an incredibly uninhibited environment.

People are generally more uninhibited when chatting digitally than in person, regardless of the medium.

When it’s anonymous chat with a stranger, inhibitions go out the window. The level of inhibition found on Chatroulette style sites is comparable to motorcycle rallies and Woodstock.

Apple’s warning for the Tiny Chat app is one example of the type of content you will see on these sites and apps.

Apple warns users that they may encounter “frequent/intense profanity or crude humor, sexual content and nudity as well as alcohol, tobacco, or drug use references.”

In fact, many people develop addictions to sites like Chatroulette. There are more men than women on these sites, which you would think would be a deterant.

In reality, it helps facilitate the addiction or thrill of using the site.

It’s very similar to gambling. In gambling, you lose most of the time. However, when you win, it’s that much more exciting.

Finding a woman on a Chatroulette site is similar to hitting a jackpot.

Then the real thrill begins. Sure you can look at free porn on the internet all day long, but talking a random woman out of her clothes is a challenge.

Getting a woman naked to have cybersex with you is a mega jackpot.

Add in the anonymous nature of the chat and the fact that your next “fix” is just a click away, and it’s not surprising that it can become quite addictive.

Adult Video Chat

Adult video chat sites will allow you to go cam to cam for whatever kinky acts your heart desires. It’s a simple way to have cyber sex with strangers, which can be very exciting.

Dirty Roulette

You can select a Country on Dirty Roulette or leave it open to all countries

. Italy, France, and Germany have the largest amount of users on the site, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, and India.

There isn’t an option to choose the U.S., although there’s sure to be many chatters from there as well. 

You can select your gender. You can also select if you only want to chat with girls. If you choose girls, you will be redirected to My Free Cams.

Otherwise, you’ll have to take your chances with girls and guys. There’s lots of fun to be had on the site. 

You can chat cam to cam or text chat. When you video chat, you can choose to communicate via text and/or   /audio, although you may find your hands too busy to type.

It’s available as a desktop site, but it also works well on mobile devices. If you don’t want others knowing you are using Dirty Roulette, you don’t have to worry about them seeing an app on your phone.

Online Free Chat

Online Free Chat has several chat rooms for you to choose from. 

Online Free Chat Chatrooms

  • Sex chat
  • Adult chat
  • Video chat
  • Roleplay chat
  • Gay chat
  • Lesbian chat
  • Trivia chat

You can chat in the chat rooms via text or video. You can also chat with people in the room privately.

The variety of chatrooms make it easy to find someone to chat with based on your interests or mood.

You can chat as a guest or register. When you register you can create a profile and add friends. You can also post updates to your profile, similar to Facebook.

My Free Cams

My Free Cams is the largest adult cam website. The title is a bit misleading. You can chat with the model in group chat for free.

However, if you want some cam to cam fun, you’ll have to pay for a group or private show.

Shows are paid for with tokens, which are the site’s currency. Private shows will only involve you and the model.

After the private show, you can rewatch it anytime you like. You’ll find it in your activities section.

Spy mode allows you to watch someone else’s private show. You won’t be able to communicate with the model.

You can rewatch these as well, but you won’t have access to the conversation between the model and the other member.

Group shows are cheaper, because several people watch the show at once. Tipping is recommended in group shows, and can help you get the model’s attention.

You can perform a search as well. You can search for a specific physical feature, topic, or sexual interest.

There are three types of membership on My Free Cams. If you haven’t created an account, you are a guest.

Guests can browse the site, but models may restrict guest’s access to their chatrooms if they choose.

Once you register, you have a basic account. A basic account will give you more access on the site.

When you purchase tokens, you become a premium member. Once you are a premium member, the status remains even after your tokens run out.


Chaturbate is similar to My Free Cams, but it operates more on a tip basis. Chaturbate models may choose to do private shows. However, the site is known for it’s free for all group shows.

Group shows don’t cost anything to view and chat. However, models will set goals for tips.

Generally, when they recieve their tip goal, they will do something on camera. This continues until they provide a full show.

To go cam to cam, you’ll want a private show. Private shows cost tokens by the minute, and the rates are set by the models themselves.

You’ll find an incredible variety of people on Chaturbate. Men and transexuals are welcome on the site as well, though they aren’t as abundant as women. You’ll see a fair amount of couples on Chaturbate as well.

Chaturbate Categories:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Couple
  • Trans

Popular Tags:    

  • Asian
  • BBW
  • Anal
  • Milf

Cam to Cam Dating

Online dating is generally a slow progression towards video chatting or meeting in person.

You find someone and begin messaging them on the dating site. Then you ask for their contact information so that you can talk to them via voice or video.

Online dating sites that offer video chat streamline this process. They make it much easier to determine if someone is worth your time, before you give them your contact information. is the first video chat dating app. Signing up is simple, and you only need to provide your basic information. There are no lengthy profiles or personality tests here.

Once you are signed up, you’ll be shown pictures of people you may be interested in, similar to Tinder.

You’ll see the person’s username, age, and location. You can choose like or dislike.

If you both like each other, it’s a match. Once you match, you can text via the chat tab. If you like each other, you can video chat. makes it easy to meet new people and go cam to cam with them while still protecting your privacy. This can save a lot of time and effort, allowing you to quickly gauge whether you have chemistry with someone via video chat. is currently available as an app for Apple devices.


Badoo is one of the largest social and dating networks in the world. Creating a profile consists of the questions found on most dating sites. You can also add your interests in food, music, movies, and other topics.

There are a few ways to meet people on Badoo. Encounters is similar to Tinder. You can also view people nearby or conduct searches.

Once you begin chatting with someone, you have the option to take it to the next level.

As long as you’ve sent and received on message with someone, you can video chat them on the app. This will allow you to quickly see if someone is who they say they are, and allow you to get a  feel for who the person really is.

Many dating apps are beginning to allow users to add video clips to their profile, but very few have made the move to allow users to video chat from the app.

Badoo is available as a desktop site, and an app for Apple and Android devices.


Instamour is to videos what Instagram is to pictures. You can create a video profile and a short written profile including religion, age, location, and personality type. You can also upload one profile photo.

However, the video profile is where you can let your personality shine. Viewing other’s video profiles allows you to get a feel for who they are before you spend time contacting them.

You can search via the standard filters or search by interests. When you find someone that you like, you can chat via instant messaging or send them a video message.

You can add people to your friend’s list as well. You can earn credits to spend in the app by completing activities. One of these is the daily question, which you answer with a video.

Of course, when you find someone you like, you can video chat with them in the app. Instamour’s focus on video makes online dating much more interesting, and allows you to quickly get an idea of who people are.

Instamour is available for Apple devices. 

Video Dates

There’s another aspect to this trend as well. Instead of going on a first date in person, some people are choosing to go on a video date.

Video dates can also be helpful for long distance couples. The important thing about a video date is to get creative.

Consider having dinner together. You could even watch a movie together while you video chat.

You’ll also want to be sure that you look like you are going on  a date. Dress and groom yourself as if you were going out on a real date.

Consider your environment as well. Consider lighting some candles and putting on some soft music to set the mood for your date.


Spottle works similar to the classic game of spin the bottle. You’ll spin the bottle and then have a 30 second video chat. If you like each other, then you can view each other’s profiles, send messages, and video chat.

Spottle can pair you with people outside your dating radius is there aren’t enough people near you.

However, it’s a fun way to meet new people and puts you right into face to face conversation.

You can play Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 pm eastern.


Airtime is perfect for video dating. You can chat with a friend or love interest in a group or one on one.

You can also watch Youtube or Vimeo, listen to Iheart Radio, or catch a Tedtalk while you video chat.

Doing things together is an important part of building and maintaining a relationship.

Airtime can help you bond while enjoying your favorite music or watching videos.

Websites and Apps

An overview of all the websites and apps mentioned.

Video Chat Rooms

Cam to Cam Dating

Random Video Chat

Adult Video Chat

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