Cam Girl Scam: Things Aren’t Always What They Appear

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You are a man. You have needs. Perfectly understandable. You may find the internet a convenient way to get your jollies off without all of the hassle of a real life encounter. Perhaps you are simply too busy to wine and dine a woman in hopes she will put out. Perhaps you are shy in real life and feel much more  comfortable behind a screen. There are a myriad of reasons why you might turn to an adult cam site to meet you needs.

Most of these sites and the girls you see on them, are the real deal. Just like men have different reasons for seeking them out, they have different reasons for wanting to cam. For some it’s a way to make a living. Others enjoy the thrill of performing for strangers. Women can get their own sexual gratification by appearing on cam, without the safety concerns of meeting up with strangers. Sound like a win-win situation? The vast majority of people both male and female would agree that it is. However, this is the internet, and sometimes things aren’t what they appear.

There are some men who conduct scams. You may never know that you were actually talking to a hairy chested man instead of a big busted female. There was a time when i was very easy to spot these scammers, because when you requested them to perform an action, they wouldn’t be able to comply.

These days the scammers are much more technologically evolved. They will obtain a video of a woman doing different things that a man is likely to request, like blowing a kiss and taking off their clothes. They can do this a few different ways. They can find videos posted online, or they can get an actual cam girl to do a show for them. This is the way many men choose to do it, because it allows them to request whatever actions they want. Men aren’t supposed to record these sessions, but it is certainly possible for them to do so.

Once they have the desired footage recorded, they break it up into small clips. Then they load it into a flash player. When the man paying for the session makes a request, the flash player will choose the clip that corresponds with the request. So a man may say “blow me a kiss” and the webcam model will appear to respond to the request and blow them a kiss. It can be a very lucrative business, with many scammers claiming to make a dollar a minute with very little work.

There are many sites and YouTube videos that explain how to do this, so it doesn’t take a hacker or a tech whiz. They also give you tips on how to pull of the total package of being a convincing female. Suggestions include

  • Imagining your ideal girl and making her super slutty
  • Having multiple social media profiles
  • Having a full character profile including height, weight, and even favorite foods
  • Keeping a list of all your character traits within view so you can refer to it when needed
  • Creating different characters and personalities, just be careful not to get them mixed up

It is illegal to impersonate someone online, but the penalties vary greatly depending on where you live. In some states, it is a misdemeanor punishable with fines and up to a year in jail. In other states, it is a felony and carries a hefty jail sentence. In Texas, for example, you can get up to ten years in jail for the crime.

Many scammers also extort the victim after the fact. If they get any of their personal information, it is easy to extort money from them. This is especially true if they are married or have careers that would be significantly harmed should it get out. Sometimes it’s also possible to find out the identity of the scammer, because their email or paypal may be linked to their real name.

Even if the identity of the scammer is identified, few are willing to press charges, because they would be exposing themselves as well. Unless the scammer tries to extort the victim, they could have the same person visiting them on a regular basis and never realized they have been tricked.

Women have their own version of this scam as well. The woman will suggest that they watch each other masturbate, and record the male masturbating. Then they threaten to post it on the internet unless the victim pays them. While it may be embarrassing, it generally isn’t harmful as long as they don’t have your personal information. If they post it on a porn website, the chances of anyone who will recognize you are very slim. The other issue is that once you pay them once, they will continue to extort you.

So what can you do to protect yourself? First and foremost, never give your personal information to anyone you are having casual cybersex with. This will greatly reduce the chance of it having any real negative repercussions. If someone does try to extort you, as long as they don’t have your personal information, tell them to go ahead. Let them know you have nothing to be ashamed of. Tell them you enjoy the thought of people being able to watch you masturbate. When they see they aren’t going to get what they want, they will likely move on to an easier target.

Sticking to reputable cam sites is another way to protect yourself. Any respectable cam site has rules and identity checks in place that make it much more difficult for someone to attempt to scam you. Many scammers will find their victims on a legitimate site and then suggest going to a private Skype chat off the site. This is a red flag. Any legitimate cam model has no reason to move their business away from the site they are working on. Many of these sites take a percentage of a model’s earnings. However, these sites offer the models a good value as well.

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