Can An Ugly Guy Date A Hot Girl?

photo by rscottjones (this shit could give you nightmares)

So heres the worst case scenario…
You are a butt ugly balding dude with few career prospects. But you still dream of one day marrying a hot women.
Dreams are free I guess but the reality is you need to match her beauty with humor class wealth wit or shear dumb luck.
It’s very unlikely that you are going to be able to pull a good looking bird if you have nothing to offer. So lets hope and assume you have something other than your looks to offer this women you are dreaming about.
You do have online dating on your side: Online dating makes your search for an attractive mate easier by reducing the initiation friction. Offline your looks hold you back because attractive women just wont give you the time  you need to impress them. Online you are able to use “white lies” and use images with angles that highlight your best parts.
Depending on your degree of unattractiveness
Financial situation
Drug Habits
You are going to need something that will tip the scales in your favor because LOOKS COUNT. Unless your in denial about it an in that case you can continue dreaming.
So what have you got to offer women like this?
photo by akk_russ
The most attractive thing you can offer a women at the superficial level is security-support and financial stability. This guarantee of their future and potentially their “offspring” is certainly an attractive quality that is independent of you but is obviously connected directly to you.
Many attractive women are prepared to look past beauty if financial stability is o the cards. Even though they are bordering on being a  model these women might have significant money troubles. The anxiety around money that they have on a day to day basis is something that they are very aware of.
Other than money you could bring status or humor to a relationship. You could bring wit or excitement through travel or cultural fascination. The beautiful women that you seek needs to be educated enough to be able to look past your beauty and focus on your “internal beauty”.
Talents such as Athletic or Intellectual ability can give you the status you need to influence and impress the women of your dreams. Without this status you will have little chance of attracting her because humor alone is rarely enough to keep an attractive women around for very long…
Thankfully for you women are attracted to the leader of men regardless of looks. So work on your status and leadership qualities and you might just find yourself with that beauty of your dreams.

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