Can The Government See My Dick?

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This can be a complicated surveillance question that most people are not interested in so Oliver puts it in terms everyone can understand… CAN THEY SEE MY DICK!

Short answer is YES – they sure can.

Should you stop taking them? No

So says edward snowden…. Why? Murica!

You shouldn’t change your behavior because a government agency is doing the wrong thing, if we sacrifice out values because we are afraid we don’t care about those values very much.

702 surveillance can they see my dick? YES (bulk collection) , eg gmail CDN (content delivery network) info passes outside of USA. So inside a gmail chat anything can be collected.
PRISM: the dick sheriff
UPSTREAM: Junk snatcher

The question here is how much power should the NSA be allowed to have. Currently they have alot and for the most part it is in place to protect us.

We are talking about dickpics guys and apparently if they wanted to people within the NSA could view just about anything they want on you depending on what data-centers the information passes through (from what I gather).

In the interview they talk about people within the NSA passing around naked photos of people! How much do you trust government and the people within it?

Interviews of people talking about snowden show that nobody really knows who he is let alone the complex problem that need to be discussed.



And some food for thought if you have a spare 3 hours:


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