Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

June 21 – July 22

The cancer zodiac sign is a cardinal water sign with characteristics similar to the animal that symbolizes it – the crab. Cancer has a tough exoskeleton protecting a gentle inner layer. Being a water sign, they tend to be emotional and empathetic. Very loving and compassionate – they express this by providing the needs and wants of their loved ones.

The crab’s outer shell also represent how people born under this sign have an inexplicable attachment to home – they bring it everywhere. Their deep connection to home make them quite attached to their roots and enjoys feelings of nostalgia. They love spending time with family and loved ones at home, ensuring that they are safe and secured.

Their feelings run deep driving them to get crabby and moody at times. It is during these times that they will use their outer shell to escape the world if their introverted selves ask for alone time to recharge.

This can be quite a challenge for the people around them though as they tend to not share their feelings and would rather process it alone. The only instance that they will share their emotions is when they have decided and accepted an individual as already a part of their life – which will take time to process.

Holding on to their comfort zone, and somewhat averting changes, they subconsciously think if they aren’t taking enough responsibilities or risks and staying too much of the safe side.

They are not attracted by high-risk, high-payoff schemes, they want to ensure security not just for themselves but for their loved ones too. Practicing caution is not be mistaken for lack of creativity though, crabs are highly artistic and are adept in performing and finishing tasks better than others.

These characteristics combined make them good protectors – driven by deep feelings for their loved ones, attachment to home, and need for security, they do whatever it takes and protects their kin and material possessions from any forms of threat from the status quo.

Cancer Zodiac Sign for Partners

They are not ones to play around and have superficial relationships – everything comes from a deep place of passion and feelings. The great protectors that they are – they approach love and relationship with the same cautionary measure. They fall in love fast but they are careful that pouring their emotions from the get-go will cause instability, so they hold it in.

As a water sign, intuition is strong with crabs allowing them to sense whether their partners are being honest or not. They practice a good measure of keeping a safe distance, protecting themselves before they finally feel secured with a partner. Once past the wall of security, an individual in a relationship with a crab will see how dedicated to and supportive of their partners they are no matter what stage of their life they are on.

Considered as the matriarch of the zodiac signs, they are not afraid of showing their emotions and may tend to smother their partners with love and devotion that it can suffocate sometimes. Their inclination for nostalgia makes it quite difficult for them to forgive and let go. When it’s smooth sailing, a relationship with the crab is bound to be deep, charming, and likely to be spent much at home.

Cancer Men

According to  Astrology Zodiac Signs, Cancer men are deeply loving but might find it hard to take the initiative in showing their feelings and interest. To seduce a Cancer man, one must be able to take the risk and take the initiative of doing the first move. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic though as they also tend to be a bit on the conservative side, so just starting the conversation can do the trick, maybe suggesting to go out in a family restaurant where hearty meals reminiscent of home-cooking with get you extra points.

Milo Ventimiglia, born July 8.

Part of his protector nature, he safeguards his own feelings and is careful plunging into relationships. A highly emotional man, he takes care and protects the people he loves. He loves it when his feelings are reciprocated, and especially appreciates loving words, even if he is not a big talker himself. His lack of initiative may be observed even with intimacy. When he does get sexual, nothing turns him on better than emotional connection. He looks like the sexiest beast, but he approaches lovemaking gently.

This man can adapt his astrological symbol metaphorically and get crabby. Quite sensitive, when not in his best behavior, he doesn’t flare up and explode, but instead stays calm and retreats. In this instance, the best way to deal with him is to allow him to hide behind his shell and recharge – then he’ll be back into being the romantic prince charming and protective knight in shining armor rolled into one in no time.

Cancer Women

Vulnerable and emotional, Cancer women can be hard-to-get. They want the other party to do the first move and she wants to get treated very well. She prefers intimate and romantic dates and is not interested in being brought in places with loud and rowdy crowds.

Olivia Munn, born July 3.

Not the type to do crazy flings with, they want their relationships true and deep, so make sure that those intentions are pure. She is faithful as long as her sense of security is being satiated. Not into material possessions, she appreciates gifts that have sentimental meaning or even handmade ones. She tends to give everything she’s got once in love and just equally gets hurt if a relationship has gone awry.

When in a relationship, she is protective despite her seemingly fragile and sensitive stature. As the matriarch of the zodiac signs, her maternal instincts can go full-throttle when it comes to the people she loves. She loves staying at home spending time with loved ones, but she will enjoy travel just as much, as long as it is nothing too extreme. Her sexuality is tender, she needs a level of emotional connection before her passion is ignited.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, listed are the signs ranked based on compatibility to the cancer zodiac sign.

#1 Cancer – Scorpio

Cancer pairs up well with fellow water sign Scorpio. Water signs tend to be emotional – and this what Scorpio can offer and reciprocate. The cancer zodiac sign is a cardinal sign and Scorpio is fixed – a good combination as Scorpio does not mind taking the lead in a relationship.

Both are introverted, intuitive, and romantic spending time together will feel like a romance novel – understanding each other so much without having to say a word. Both are not fond of socializing and prefer alone time ‘together’ to recharge. Cancer and Scorpio also have tendencies to be quite possessive – understanding where each is coming from – brought about by concern and devotion – they are unlikely to experience problems of jealousy or feeling suffocated with the set-up.

Scorpio can get a little primal and aggressive when it comes to sex, something that may threaten the crab if they’re not ready yet. However, given both signs emotional tendencies – the crab would’ve felt their emotional connection and is likely to understand through intuition why Scorpio behaves as such.

Their jealous streak must be regulated by assuring each other of their devotion and trust. Scorpio who can be a bit of a daredevil can add spice to the relationship balancing out the too cautious and security-obsessed crab. The cancer zodiac sign, on the other hand, can teach impulsive and instinctive Scorpio a thing or two about restraint and stability. This is a successful relationship that will entail understanding from Cancer and lightening up from Scorpio.

#2 Cancer – Pisces

At about the same level of compatibility as #1 is this match. There is no relationship more romantic than a Cancer-Pisces pair, commonly a case of love at first sight, their connection is greatly based on emotions. Two sensitive, passionate and empathetic souls – Cancer can understand the Pisces partner’s nature who can drown in negativity because of feeling so much.

When it comes to communication, the cancer zodiac sign is interested only in the practical and real world – Pisces can be quite the opposite and tend to talk about ideals and fantasies. While Cancer is a cardinal sign that likes to take charge, they often do it in a non-aggressive or pushy manner, which suits Pisces who can get indecisive. Pisces dislike pressure and in effect, may get anxious or run for cover. Fortunately, Cancer can understand such tendencies and have the patience to deal with it.

The cancer zodiac sign can be traditional when it comes to sex, Pisces, on the other hand, are playful and kinky. But a deep emotional connection can easily bridge this gap, creating an atmosphere of trust where emotions are expressed through sensuality.

Both water signs, they will find comfort in each other’s company – though being comfortable for too long may make this relationship feel like a rut. Cancer’s tendency to be too routinary may seem boring for Pisces, thus the need that despite both valuing home, they must exert effort to balance this and experience different activities to keep the excitement.

#3 Cancer – Virgo

A combination of a mutable earth sign and a cardinal water sign, Virgo will complement Cancer’s strengths and weaknesses and vice-versa. This results in a harmonious match that makes each other better versions of themselves. The cancer zodiac sign is fairly moody and emotional – Virgo, as a mutable sign, is a bit on the moody side too – but governed by rationality allowing Virgo to understand the Crab, and in the process ground them too.

Virgos are down-to-earth, predictable, organized perfectionists and health nuts who will completely understand the logic behind Cancer’s need for security and stability. Both are hardworking – despite different motivations, they will be on the same plane when it comes to work ethics and spending financially. Both enjoy the comforts of home, despite Virgo’s wanderlust tendencies, The cancer zodiac sign will be given enough space and time to decide if they are willing to join the journey and the change of scenery.

Virgos tend to be shy and timid, but the crab’s authenticity and deep emotions will allow Virgo to unearth their feelings and sense of intimacy. The cancer zodiac sign will understand and accept Virgo’s feelings as crabs practice caution when it comes to letting their guard down too. This will result in a relationship with high trust and very emotionally invested. Homebody crabs will find it helpful that fitness and health-obsessed Virgo will be getting their butts off the couch to do some exercise and prepare wholesome meals instead of oily comfort food.

Challenges loom when Virgo’s rationality butt heads with the Crab’s feelings – however, given both signs’ fluidity and groundedness at the same time – they will find a reasonable compromise without escalating minor disagreements.

#4 Cancer – Cancer

These two crabs will see eye-to-eye so much, it is bound to get mushy and cozy. These two individuals love staying at home so much they will be doing chores, cooking, gaming, eating, and pretty much about anything, showering each other with affection while doing so or just straight-up cuddling – in bed or in front of the TV. This is the kind of couple who can go off-the-grid and wouldn’t care if they lose touch with everything as long as they have each other – and maybe have their children with them, safely tucked in their nest.

People will think it’s boring, or for the extroverts a little cuckoo, but both crabs are just enjoying the solitary bliss of domestication so much. Plus, nothing spells security more than the safety of one’s own abode, further, staying at one place will rarely take a toll on finances – if anything, expenses will be on maintaining a safe and secure home base. Trust will be high given they value the same principles.

Both are intense with their feelings and emotions, even moody at times, but there’s nothing like a fellow Cancer to understand your need to connect and disconnect at regular intervals. When it comes to sex, what may seem lukewarm for other will be felt on an intense level between two Cancerians. Their emotions will allow them to express their feelings sexually.

Problems might arise if both or either of the parties continues to retreat into their shells in times of trouble, they must understand that partners ought to help each other out in such situations and be vocal about struggles. This does not pose much of a threat to the relationship given both are very intuitive – but just in those instances when the couple cannot quite connect telepathically – real world communication is still key to a successful relationship.

Netflix and Chill: A Cancer Couple’s Love Story.

 #5 Cancer – Taurus

These two have soulmate qualities written all over them. They both value family, security, stability and hearty homecooked meals. Staying home is fun enough with these two characters, choosing to be thrifty in order to acquire bigger possessions and investments instead of mundane little things.

The cancer zodiac sign is emotional but loyal and will play the cheerleader, support role as Taurus firmly pushes on executing what needs to be done. They have different interests, and despite not always vocally communicating, they intuitively understand each other. Taurus and Cancer are somewhat asexual signs not into primal sex. Though the slow and steady sexual rhythm of Taurus is something Cancer can understand, preferring sexual contact be coupled with a deep emotional connection.

As a water sign, Cancer isn’t driven by material possessions, something Taurus does not quite understand. But as the relationship grows through time, Cancer can shift mindset, understanding that there’s stability through wealth.

#6 Cancer – Leo

The crab and the lion is a good pairing to balance out each other’s personality, further – these two signs symbolize the queen mother and king of the astrological signs. Both are highly emotional signs, the difference lies on how they express their feelings. Leo’s passion as a fire sign can be too proud and loud for the more tame and timid Cancer.  Sex will similarly have the same dynamics – Leo will need to tone it down a bit so the crab doesn’t retreat into their shell.

The cancer zodiac sign will shower his king with adoration and love that limelight-loving Leos appreciate more than anything. Leo is strong, confident, ambitious and motivated – something much admired by Cancer. However, the lion’s charismatic persona and large social circle is something not totally in tune with the introverted crab – and may even be a source of resentment and jealousy.

The cancer zodiac sign tends to value stability – which applies to their low-risk demeanor on things – something that is unfamiliar to the lion. Leos’ larger than life personality necessitates them to live large, profligate and very impractical for the security-seeking crab. Once both sides are able to negotiate how to deal with things, balancing out the risks and security, this team can be very productive.

#7 Cancer – Capricorn

A sense of balance is attained in this pairing, while not completely opposite, their differences allow the other to learn and create harmony in their life together. This match may seem like they’ve known each other for a long time, or maybe in a past life. Capricorn being an earth sign – and cardinal like the cancer zodiac sign – they both appreciate the practicalities of life and revere sense of security.

Capricorn is a steadfast and responsible hard worker and father type, while Cancer is just as hardworking as a homemaker. This is the match-up that will create a balanced family. When it comes to intimacy, Capricorn’s characteristic patience allows the cancer zodiac sign to slowly unfold and gain trust. The cancer zodiac sign will then tap the feelings and emotions that might be a bit lacking on the Seagoat’s front. Though Capricorn isn’t trusting, Cancer’s loyalty is unparalleled and Capricorn will realize this soon enough.

Capricorn’s emotion is not as evolved as the crabs’ and might need a little honing. This can get challenging for Cancer who might feel as second priority to Capricorn’s career and ambition. In this instance, it is up to the two to adjust a bit on their emotional levels to arrive at a balance and alignment.

#8 Cancer – Gemini

The crab is a fixed water sign, while the twins is a mutable air sign. Changing moods and extreme feelings can be a recipe for disaster. The difference between the two can be quite intense that it will cause challenges and misunderstandings between the two.

The intellectual Gemini’s communication style cannot be appreciated by the emotionally-driven Cancer. The cancer zodiac sign craves closeness – something that Gemini does not quickly open up to. Gemini loves socializing which is not aligned with Cancer who tends to be introverted and find this as a source of jealousy. Gemini loves adventure while Cancer enjoys home creating rifts in shared activities. Sex may likewise be unequally satisfying as Cancer yearns for a deeper connection while Gemini views sex as a fun activity.

This match needs mindful adjustment from both parties to compromise. While Gemini needs to adjust to be more grounded and feeling, Cancer needs to be more open to new experiences and also train their intellect to find a common ground.

#9 Cancer – Sagittarius

This partnership is a good match, but only until the merry-making ends. A water and fire match-up one may extinguish the other without meaning to. Fiery and mutable Sag fall in love quickly, and fade interest quick as fast – not enough time for the Crab to feel secure to invest their emotions in.

Homebody and naturally maternal Cancer loves home-making and cooking, which will be much appreciated by the happy-go-lucky Archer. Dinner parties will be delightful for the two – until Cancer finds itself retreating and needing much needed alone time to recharge – quite different from the perennially extroverted and jolly Sag. They can’t comprehend why one minute the crab is all up on high spirits and the next they’re hiding in their shells. 

The cancer zodiac sign will find intimacy and passion lacking, something that the archer will not be able to see immediately. Sagittarians will find the crab moody, overly sensitive and a bit of a kill-joy. To the crab, the archer may seem shallow, lacking empathy and authenticity, and even childish.  Cancerians’ sense of nostalgia will be the downfall of the archer who tends to offend the crab through words, and these offenses will compound in their memories and will be mentioned when an argument arose.

 #10 Cancer – Libra

The cancer zodiac sign is water and Libra is air – both very fluid and flowy, one driven by feelings, the other by logic – tempers and moods may clash. Both signs are cardinal signs, not always willing to compromise or back out of their convictions. A classy couple that appreciates arts and different types of cuisine – this pairing will exude a sophistication where activities include high-end degustation and trips to art exhibits and museums. But the good times can only last so long.

Libra’s fine taste will at some point be questioned by Cancer who might love good food, art, and beauty but is grounded with practicalities. They know good food, art and beauty can be experienced without so much pomp. Trust will be an issue – as introverted Cancer will likely be jealous with the very social Libra. Sex will not be a disaster, but they will find a difference on how they want to express sensuality – Libra wants the physical connection before emotion comes, while it’s the other way around for the crab.

#11 Cancer – Aquarius

Both signs are ambitious and are disinterested in conflict – making the relationship rather peaceful. While Aquarius revels in socializing, Cancer is more introverted. The cancer zodiac sign provides the stability, Aquarius provides the fun. A case of opposites attract, their different personalities can be a way to learn and experience more for both parties.

While Aquarius gives much importance to rationality, Cancer prefers emotions. A practice in compromise, instead of having the differences complement their strengths and weaknesses, difficulties arise. A sensitive Cancer values stability, intimacy, and home, while Aquarius wants spontaneity and adventure. Sex life may also exhibit the disparity in their values where Cancer wants a gentle lovemaking, Aquarius wants to be moe physical and energetic. A strong and aggressive Aquarian lifestyle may seem to be too stressful for Cancer.

#12 Cancer – Aries

A pair that decides to keep it real is the way to go, and it is a good thing until the realness starts to tick the other one off. It is a fire-water match, and we all know what each does to another. Aries always have big ideas, plans to take over the world, while Cancer is interested in heart and home.

Aries’ brutish approach to sex lacking emotions might be seen by the Crab as a turn-off, who only welcomes sexual connections driven by feelings and expressed through tenderness. The cancer zodiac sign is naturally moody, something that the ram may see as another frontier to discover, or as something that they just don’t want to bother understanding. A rather painful combination, this pair needs to really put in effort to make it work and see beyond their differences and how each can benefit but the other’s strengths. Aries just needs to learn to be a bit gentler, while Cancer needs to show support with whatever endeavors Aries has in life.

* * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.

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