Can’t Buy Me Love

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Do you find yourself using money to buy the appreciation and admiration of women? That saying cant buy me love is true… You can buy temporary false love but you will never be able to buy a womens real passionate long term love.
Too many guys are way to generous when it comes to women (especially during the early stages of a relationship)
They will buy food and jewellery and go to massive lengths to impress women with money before they even know if she is the right one. This is because they are initially not to worried about it… their subconscious is really just interested in sex.
Call it evolutionary programming if you want – It makes sense to feed and cloth the women that is going to have your babies right.
But time has moved on guys – we need to kick this habit and be generous with our HEART rather than out wallet.
Girls love that you are willing to buy them things and they certainly wont say no but don’t assume that payment of dinner is some unwritten rule for sex later on.
She will adore the new necklace that you bought for her but don’t assume that the job is done.
You are assuming payment for everything because it’s an easy way to impress them. You want this women to admire you… you want her to lust for you so you impress her with your status and money.
But sooner or later it all comes crashing down – you realise that she no longer cares for the fancy things you are willing to give her… or worse she EXPECTS you to pay for everything. If you started off the relationship with money it will become an expectation long term.
Start the relationship off on the right foot – with genuine and reciprocal love.
It’s ok to give in the form of material things – women LOVE this. But give out of love for her rather than out of expectation of return.

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