Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Capricorn


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December 22 – January 19

Capricorn is symbolized by the steadfast goat. This sign is characterized by on, ambition, determination, and discipline, and are the measuring planners of the zodiac.

As an earth sign, they delight in the idea of structure and organization, their patience allows them to persevere without the immediate rewards of their hard work. These traits coupled with the importance they give for education and their innate reliability allow them to reach high ranks in their careers, and the commitment to keep on going even if it’s lot of work initially. Stubbornness will likewise rule their life such that they’re too headstrong to take a break, which can drive them a bit obsessive or workaholic.

A bit on the traditional side, they manifest the same rationality and adherence to rules when it comes to their relationships – whether it is romantic or it is between a parent and a child. This can pose a problem when relating with fluid and intense water and fire signs that are emotional, passionate and operate based on feelings. Coupled with their cardinal qualities, they may come off as too stubborn, and unwilling to compromise on their stand. Intelligent as they are, they also know that all other options are probably too stupid or reckless anyway, so they’re unlikely to back down.

Responsible, self-disciplined and places great importance on family, and loyalty – making them great friends.

Capricorn for Partners

In between the Sea Goat’s perseverance, the inclination to tradition, rationality, and stubbornness, I guess it is no secret that these Capricorns can be quite difficult to deal with, or let alone, love. At first, they may seem cold and distant, as if not allowing anyone to pierce through their armor of dedication towards a higher purpose and success.

It is true that is can be quite difficult to catch their attention or win their heart, but once their defenses are broken, and you’ve earned their trust, it is the same characteristics which will be your allies. A Capricorn will persevere to keep the relationship going, traditionalism will ensure faithfulness, rationality will lead them into thinking that rocking the relationship boat will be futile, and stubbornness will make them fight for their love no matter what happens.

They value love and intimacy, their love language is through acts of service, and their patience will be their most powerful quality when traversing relationships. Despite a seemingly cold and collected disposition, they are willing to experiment sexually – with the rule that it must be within the confines of the relationship, as they value intimacy and privacy.

Capricorn Men

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Capricorn men are highly ambitious, alpha male types, but with a more grounded perception of reality, setting achievable goals. He has a great sense of responsibility and is the take charge kind of guy. During the dating phase, the Capricorn man, due to his inclination to sticking to tradition will be on his best foot forward, being the eternal gentleman. He will be polite and display maturity.

Liam Hemsworth, born January 13
Liam Hemsworth, born January 13

As he falls in love, as a rational creature, love and relationship will be an unfamiliar terrain for our goat. He might feel start waves and the motions, it is suggested you let him move at his own pace, so as not to alienate him as he slowly adjusts and stabilizes his role in the relationship. Win his heart and the chance that this well-mannered, responsible and smart man will stay with you for the long haul is quite high. He will show loyalty, respect and a deep intimacy fueled by emotions. He will be an amazing lover as long as he is committed and connected emotionally to his partner.

It’s not all love and rainbows though, as the fact that Capricorn individuals tend to be difficult. If the Capricorn man finds a match with a mutable sign or one that is too fluid, too intense or too flighty, the odds that person will somehow feel suffocated with the goat’s strictness. Amidst a relationship, his aloof, critical, and somewhat cold demeanor may manifest. But it will take a level of understanding that this is just how naturally they are for the relationship to flourish.

Capricorn Women

These alpha females don’t have a shortage of motivation and drive to get better, and with this, they expect their partners to show the same level of responsibility, determination, and success. To catch her attention, impressive credentials and reliability are what she looks for in a potential partner. When it comes to activities, she is quite easy to satisfy, no need for novel date ideas, a good ‘ol dinner and movie will work out fine – she’ll definitely notice it if you go beyond and above what is expected though.

Nina Dobrev, born January 9
Nina Dobrev, born January 9

It might take time for her to validate her feelings making it a point to weigh things before coming up to a decision, she’ll put a lot of thought before finally settling into a relationship. When a Capricorn woman falls, she falls hard and loves deep. She will be loyal, seeing no rational reason for doing otherwise. She seems shy and traditional at first, but Capricorn women are ready to experiment and try things sexually and wants to be satiated beneath the sheets.

She may seem a bit cold than the usual woman, her fondness for rules may also shock potential partners, and may even be seen as too high maintenance. She needs structure and reliability, which she expects out of everything in her life, not just her relationship. In return, she’ll be as dependable, if not more, ready to take on responsibilities to make sure the relationship will work. At instances, she may even play the victim, willing to sacrifice herself for the people she loves.With her adherence to rules, same applies with crossing her, she sets boundaries and thresholds which when broken cannot be mended or back into its same status again.

Capricorn Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, listed are the compatibility rankings of each sign vis-à-vis the Archer.

#1 Capricorn – Capricorn

Goats can be difficult to deal with, often misunderstood. In between their tendency to be bound by rules, ambition, and other alpha traits, it does sound difficult to be in a relationship with one. Unless you are a goat yourself. Only another Capricorn will understand the seeming rigidity and workaholism positively backed by reasons of securing one’s future. Such partnership ensures power couple status with success in their horizons.

This match is ready for taking the relationship to the next level – kids will be a welcome addition to them who places a high premium on family and home. Their shared practicality enables them to be financially stable, and their hard work pushes them into affluence. While they seem to be traditionalists, together their sex life will be quite hot and playful, initiating contact may be a game of waiting though. They’ll try new things and will be intimately adventurous. What happens in the sheets will stay in the sheets with this two, as they want to maintain their clean and crisp persona to the public.

Both tend to be honest, though trust can become an issue as a result of their competitive nature. The level of their intellect matches, but their too rational tendencies may be the reason for the relationship to lack warmth. Communication is needed to maintain harmony and express emotions in this relationship, else it will be too cold and might likely cause the two to drift apart.

#2 Capricorn – Taurus

A solid combination likewise built to last, similar to a Taurus-Taurus pairing, Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs guiding the relationship towards stability and long-time success. Taurus will find Capricorn’s determination and ambition admirable, and Capricorn will be amazed at Taurus reliability and loyalty. A cardinal and fixed match, Capricorn can initiate and motivate the duo towards goals while the bull pushes on, making sure that goals are accomplished and not just started and idealized. They likewise both value honesty, trust and living a straightforward life.

Both are very careful with their emotions and both possess the patience to deal with this fact. Capricorn’s ambition will be aligned with Taurus’ reward seeking personality. Their differences complement each other making their relationship solid as a rock. Industrious Capricorn will likewise benefit immensely when the going gets tough – as Taurus can easily take the pressure and strain off with their time-tested relaxation techniques.

The relationship might struggle due to lack of spontaneity with one too caught up with work and the other with routine. Further, pessimism runs in both signs – both too cautious just in case things go wrong. These seeming obstacles, however, are just basic family dynamics – proving that this combo can be great parents always on the lookout for their kids, they just need to loosen up a little bit and allocate rest and relaxation when they can break their patterns.

#3 Capricorn – Aquarius

An Aquarius – Capricorn partnership is an example of yin-yang partnership. The two signs can bring out the best traits of one another. Capricorn is cautious, Aquarius is a thrill seeker. Capricorn likes organization while Aquarius dislikes routine. The balance of their traits will create an enlightening learning experience for both parties in the relationship as they see the other side of the coin. What unites them is their common goals, coupled with both party’s progressive thinking, and despite their differing approach on how to accomplish things, they get things done anyway. Their differences are so apparent but it would only greatly benefit each other once in a partnership as they can support each other on where one is lacking.

It is the same differences which might also cause rifts in the relationship if the parties are not able to work as team and compromise. To negotiate the differences, the more grounded and level-headed Capricorn may compromise some of their traditional, highly organized and by the book approach to try the unorthodox methods of the Aquarius.

#4 Capricorn – Scorpio

Both are hard workers who value security. Scorpio gives much respect to ambitious and determined Capricorn, while at the other hand, Capricorn will be mesmerized by Scorpio’s intensity and drive. Scorpio as a water sign can be emotional and erratic, something that earthy Capricorn can remedy with their grounded and stable tendencies. It’s like a balancing act of the yin and yang.

Scorpio will give much respect and trust with Capricorn’s straightforward and honest approach to life. This also enables them to have less anxiety and issues on the faithfulness front – something that is often the scorpion’s downfall. Capricorn is a bit conservative when it comes to intimacy which is an area where Scorpio can help with to unleash their desires. Meanwhile, the Scorpion will appreciate the thorough and tender approach the seagoat uses when it comes to sex.

These two find inspiration in each other’s strengths and can complement their areas for improvement. However, as these signs are highly motivated and driven, the relationship may suffer when other aspects of their life – like career or parenthood comes into the picture. Scorpio has the tendency to devote their passion somewhere, forgetting the relationship, while Capricorn may withdraw, seem cold and lack the emotions badly needed by the stinger.

#5 Capricorn – Pisces

Pisces – Capricorn is a case of opposites attract. Their difference supplements each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Pisces can provide the laid-back element into the relationship with a strict and rational Capricorn. A relationship of possibilities, Pisces provides the inspiration and the whimsy to make a relationship more colorful, while, rational Capricorn will serve as the rock of the relationship, and have the capability to understand and respect their Pisces counterpart.

Trust can be built on this relationship but it will take some balancing act so their opposing traits complement each other and exist harmoniously. Capricorn is an earth sign, which can be handy as they are grounded and practical opposite the flowing emotions of water, this dynamics is further strengthened as Capricorn is cardinal – similar to Cancer.

Both are loyal and does not entertain drama. Pisces is always willing to provide the heart to a relationship, letting the partner be the brain. Sex life will be spontaneous, Pisces leading Capricorn to let go of inhibitions.

This match might experience conflict in money matters as Pisces are spiritual, while Capricorn tends to be materialistic. But once the pair is able to negotiate aspirations and altruism with reality and practical life skills, their combined creativity and street smarts will prove to be very advantageous.

#6 Capricorn – Virgo

This is a very earthy soulmate-type match-up, with Virgo mutable and Capricorn cardinal. Their earthiness allows them both to give the relationship the same kind energy, rationality, practicality, and calmness. This allows them to nip issues in the bud and mitigate new ones from developing. Trust is highly revered in this coupling, none of them interested in unfaithfulness.

Their unemotionality coupled with their communication skills allows them to slowly get to know each other and build a trusting and loving relationship through time – without smothering or suffocating each other. Equally hardworking, organized, and intelligent, life at home will be quite ideal. Critical Virgo will be impressed with responsible, ambitious, practical and stable Capricorn.

The caveat in this partnership is both aren’t as intense sexually. Virgo is on the shy side, while Capricorn is a bit stiff on the intimacy front. But it is this timidness that that will slowly but surely ignite their interest with each other. Soon as they lightened up with each other, mutable Virgo will trust Capricorn enough and will be more than willing to experiment in the sheets.

#7 Capricorn – Cancer

A sense of balance is attained in this pairing, while not completely opposite, their differences allow the other to learn and create harmony in their life together. This match may seem like they’ve known each other for a long time, or maybe in a past life. Capricorn being an earth sign – and cardinal like Cancer – they both appreciate the practicalities of life and revere sense of security.

Capricorn is a steadfast and responsible hard worker and father type, while Cancer is just as hardworking as a homemaker. This is the match-up that will create a balanced family. When it comes to intimacy, Capricorn’s characteristic patience allows Cancer to slowly unfold and gain trust. Cancer will then tap the feelings and emotions that might be a bit lacking on the Seagoat’s front. Though Capricorn isn’t trusting, Cancer’s loyalty is unparalleled and Capricorn will realize this soon enough.

Capricorn’s emotion is not as evolved as the crabs’ and might need a little honing. This can get challenging for Cancer who might feel as second priority to Capricorn’s career and ambition. In this instance, it is up to the two to adjust a bit on their emotional levels to arrive at a balance and alignment.

#8 Capricorn – Leo

A fire-earth, and fixed-cardinal relationship, these two have similar ambitions of being the top dog, but their means towards achieving it are entirely different. Both are good leaders, but while Leo delegates, Capricorn will be involved in the groundwork, doing necessary quality checks. Despite being opposites, they can do efficient teamwork.

Intimacy might be challenged, with the parties’ different approach when it comes to sex. Capricorn may seem disconnected, while Leo can be too primal. The lion can get depressed not experiencing as much adoration as it wants coming from the seagoat. Capricorn meanwhile will feel rushed and somewhat choked by Leo’s passion. Down-to-earth and practical Capricorn may think of Leo as a bit shallow and proud, and the lion finds the seagoat’s half-empty approach to life tasking. The challenge lies in finding the delicate balance to make an unshakeable team out of their relationship that can overcome these obstacles.

#9 Capricorn – Sagittarius

At first, Capricorn will appreciate the lightness that Sagittarius brings, and on the flipside, the archer finds comfort in the stability of the sea goat. Extroverted, happy-go-lucky and fun-centric archer meets the methodical homebody and ambitious goat. Earth signs tend to be grounded people and revel in the idea of having a home base and roots, too much traveling can exhaust Capricorn.

Sexually, it is not the best match, as Capricorn wants emotional bond and not just the physical satisfaction.The trust between these two signs will be low which makes then unlikely to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Capricorn finds a lack of authenticity coming from Sagittarius. Capricorn will also find the archer careless and impulsive, not benefiting his ambitions and drive. The trick to make this pair work is by not letting the honeymoon end and just appreciating each other’s strengths.

#10 Capricorn – Aries

An Aries-Capricorn relationship will feature a very high level of trust for each other, value independence and honesty, but plagued with other challenges throughout the relationship. They are both driven by success and achievement – good traits but can result in pressure and perfectionism.

Capricorn as an Earth sign values stability and practices caution – something that Aries shows impatience for, but Aries can learn to embrace this difference to somehow tame his too energetic character. The two will display somewhat of a parent-child dynamic with Capricorn calming down the hyperactive little boss in Aries, but at the same time generously spoiling the baby. This can develop into a pain point when it comes to finances, as Capricorn might not be able to give everything Aries demands. The same scenario is expected in their intimacy.

In order for this match to succeed, Capricorn must instill limits, control, and discipline gently so Aries learns the art of restraint – which will benefit the relationship in many aspects. Capricorn likewise needs to yield to Aries’ impatience. There’s much to be learned between the two, and if they are able to see their differences as ways to learn more about the world, respect these, and at the same time support each other’s goals, the relationship can reach power couple status.

#11 Capricorn – Gemini

Both are ambitious signs that operate at different speeds – Gemini is air and fast, Capricorn as an earth sign is thorough and slow. They both want success in their life but the means aren’t the same – Capricorn believes in hard work and structure – traits seen as too conservative and uncreative by Gemini. Gemini yearns speed and fun, reaching goals through connections, and can be a bit reckless – which isn’t exactly by the (Capricorn’s) book. Capricorn will view the twin’s technique to be a bit half-baked.

Intimacy can be challenged with the twins finding the sea goat as a bit or a bore and stiff. Capricorn, on the other hand, can get anxious trying to keep up with Gemini who wants nothing conventional in the bed room. Capricorn will find Gemini to be uncommitted and disconnected emotionally too. Flirty Gemini will not be tolerated by traditionalist and monogamous Capricorn.

The good thing about this match is that both learn lots of skills from each other, what the other’s strength is the other’s weakness. Capricorn can teach patience and perseverance, Gemini can teach innovation and efficiency.

#12 Capricorn – Libra

A Libra-Capricorn relationship ought to be difficult. Capricorn is career-focused, hardworking and driven by ambition. Meanwhile, Libra can get lax, just wants balance and be in a relationship. From the get-go, the misaligned priorities will make these two signs crazy. One grounded in reality, and the other idealism and fantasy.

Capricorn as an earth sign is naturally utilitarian, and Libra’s expensive and fine taste a bit too frivolous for Capricorn’s. Despite being sexual signs, the match might experience lack of sexual activity further aggravating the shortage of shared values and interests. It will take lots of compromise, understanding, and adjustments to make this relationship work.

* * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.


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