Casual Dating: Assumptions Can Be Costly

casual dating

by sweethardt

Inside an online dating profile you can choose from several options which include: Dating, Serious Relationships, Chat/Email and Casual Dating…
It’s the last option that we are interested in here and what it really means…
When you filter by location gender age and specify “seeking” criteria what do the women seek when they suggest that they are interested in causal dating?
Does it mean casual sex with no strings attached? Or does it mean I would like to casually hang out and see where the relationship goes as I’m not really at a place in my life where I can commit to one location…
Casual dating for most guys would suggest that the women is keen to move things along quickly and would be up for some sort of secret intimate encounter provided they connected and she felt safe.
For women casual dating can mean a lot of things… depending on the women involved it could be anywhere from full blown anonymous encounters to just catching up for a coffee and definitely no kiss on the first date.
I think you will find most women somewhere in the middle and are prepared to be open about the date and how it pans out.
Keep in mind:
That sometimes a profile can default to a women being interested in “friendship” “relationship” and “casual dating” unless otherwise specified and the girl may be unaware that she is giving off the wrong signals…
The definition of casual sex is fairly clear and within casual dating sites there is little subtlety involved however free dating sites are more tame and the intent of users varies a lot (oasis active for example)
So be respectful of a womens background dislikes and seeking criteria before you blast out your cell phone number – she could have one of many exiting personalities and ASSUMPTIONS about women you have never met can be disastrous…
Whether you believe in astrology and the signs of the Zodiac or not they are interesting to read… Within casual dating sites you can check out how your sign matches with others… For example
Are the most passionate and sexual signs so this could tell you something about what that sexual connotation meant in their profile.
To stay safe and keep clear of jumping the gun and assuming that they are interested in meeting up for casual fun assume nothing about their intentions.
Successful dating online has a lot to do with getting a good accurate read on the profile you are reading…
Misinformation can lead you to write the wrong type of message to a potential date who just wanted to take it slow and chat online for awhile.
Decoding and Deciphering what a women really intends on getting up to can play with your head a little so the best advice is to just be upfront and ask her what she is looking to get out of this experience.
Once you are past the first couple of emails (eg she has actually replied) you are past half way!
All that is required from here is to keep chatting about common interests… If she wants to hang out offline she will usually make it quite clear. If not suggest that you would like to meet up at a time and place that suits her.
You can also chat via video webcam – if your not set up to use webcam it’s really quite easy, just get a webcam from a local electronics dealer and plug it in via usb. You may also have to grab a microphone if your computer does not have one… Most new laptops have them internally anyway.
So the PL daily dating advice for today in the category sexual seduction would have to be hold your assumptions and prejudices BACK when dealing with singles online. Accurately reading the intent of users online can be tricky if they dont describe themselves well in their profile.
Keep an open positive mind about their personality and lifestyle until they prove you wrong.
Your assumptions can be costly when looking for casual sex online… You can rightly assume that most users with no photo are but ugly or batshit mad but are you going to ignore them completely?
They may have a legitimate reason for not having a photo so make sure that you ask them for a recent picture or chat with them via facebook before excluding them from your exclusive contact list.
The simple fact that you are reading this and willing to give online dating a go means that you do have an open mind… I suggest you carry that through into the selection and chatting phase of online dating. It will serve you well.


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