Casual Dating Experience: A Story

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Letter from a reader about a recent online dating experience:

Hey PL thanks for the emails so far – heres what I’ve been up to lately.
So I signed up to adult friend finder and created my own online profile… I found it hard to talk about myself in a sexual way so I just threw in some general chit chat about what I thought women would be interested in.
Not exactly honest but I don’t really see myself as a sexual kind of guy… Anyway I uploaded my best two pictures on the hard rive from a couple years ago and started searching for some women my age that lived nearby…
I logged in after work the next day and was amazed, exited and rather shocked at the response my rather dull profile had attracted…
I was mostly amazed at the forwardness and use of words (and images) of the women that were trying to get into contact with me. You could hardly say I’m a catch but it seems that it didn’t matter to much.
Anyway I arranged to meet a 46 year old single mother of two at a bar closeby… It was a rainy Thursday after work and I was tired but also filled with nervous excitement… I had never done this sort of thing before and was nervous because – what if she was some weird crazy women or even a guy posting as a women.
The meeting was really awkward to say the least. She didn’t look much like what I had pictured and we couldn’t really hear each other over the crowd so we went outside in the rain and tried to get to know each other.
She wasn’t all that flash herself and the “love handles” had grew to truck tyres overnight. I fumbled with my keys and we ended up parting in an awkward silence – so much for adventurous raging passion.
On the Friday I am quietly confident that this casual sex site can bear fruit… I had my doubts that anyone would reply to me let alone actually show up in real life…
Turns out the women had a husband that didn’t know about the meeting and I felt strangely guilty about what could have happened.
On the Saturday I am rested and feeling ready to give this thing another go.. My email told me via “flirts” that more women were interested in chatting so I followed up on the leads and the old heart started beating fast at the potential for heated anonymous sex with what are literally strangers…
Women seemed quite happy to send an introduction along with a phone number to a complete stranger.. Others were happy to send images of sexually related content with their face showing.
Even for a guy that had seen it all this seemed very forward to me. I noticed that day that many of the emails and flirts I received from the women on the site {un-named} were actually married or in a relationship.
This confused the hell out of me and I avoided women who were attached because I would have hated that to happen to me…
You just don’t eat a mans lunch. It’s guys rules and rules are rules. But these women seemed to completely ignore this… actually not even care about the potential dangers and implications of their actions – forgive me if I’m sounding old fashioned here.
I cleaned up my act that day – showered and shaved and grabbed some dress pants and shoes hopeful that I would be able to shoot a little higher than my last car tyre.
Lynda seemed the most interested out of the women that had gotten in touch. She was online that day. I chatted to her via some sort of online chat thing and she seemed laid back and open to new experiences..
She let me know that she was new to all of this and had been on a few dates recently too. I felt a little more confident that she was opening up to me but still a little shocked at how trusting and forward all of these women were. I mean I could have been anyone!
Lynda was actually a bit of a catch and that made me super nervous that Saturday night when we caught up at an upper-class wine bar. (however I was shot down numerous times by other members)
I was sweating and stumbling over my words but she seemed really poised and let me gain control over myself after the first few nervous minutes. After that we chatted easily and I started to grow in confidence…
I discovered that like the other women she was just bored and needed some excitement in he life, she was also well off but never told me more about her private life…
She could have been married as well and at her age (and with her looks) it would have been unlikely if she was single. This whole situation confused me but I was just happy that she was laughing at my jokes.
I wont describe how the night ended only to suggest that it was a polite but positive one.
I have gone on to meet several other women and they have all been fairly typical… Lonely and dissatisfied with their current situation as well as mostly bored. They seemed to be looking for a guy that had it all sorted out and wanted to whisk them away to some fairy land.
The dates seemed reasonably void of emotion and mostly straight to the point. The underlying question was – are we going back to mine or are you below my league.
Cold calculating and secret meetings with women who were apparently married to guys that could be doing the same thing that very night made me question that validity of marriage.
Can we really keep one relationship up all of our adult lives? Should we be made to feel guilty for this sort of thing? Every women seemed to want a ton of romance and love but they were FAR from romantic.
We as men lead to believe that we are the ones constantly in search of sex with no strings. The women I met through my experiences online have changed my opinion of at least part of the female population. What about the romance?
What about the love and the children and the caring for your husbands feelings? Apparently they were willing to risk it all for a quick meeting with a man they had never met or perhaps like me they were just bored with this reality we call life.
Thanks anonymous for the wise words and experiences shared
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