Casual Dating In Good Light

Casual dating can be freeing and inspiring – remember it’s those people that we meet in our life that really shape who we become.
This is what casual dating is all about.
Most guys think that casual sex and casual dating is all about cheating women into bed – it’s quite the opposite.
Those women with any value and those that are worth your time will not be tricked into anything.
You have to become a better man and have a more interesting personality to be able to casually date successfully.
You will become motivated to
be more active
be a better provider
be more impressive and more present such that you are able to attract more into your life.
Sooner or later you will meet a women that you really think is so dam amazing you neve want to let her go.
If you have been growing through these past few months or years you too will be very much desirable.
This is when you pop the question about sticking with this set up long term.

Your casual dating efforts have not only proven sexually fruitful, liberating and “personal growth” positive but you now have an amazing women that suits you perfectly.

By creating more casual dating experiences in your life you are able to create deep and meaningful (even lifelong) relationships with women… + you get the added benefit of “intimacy”.
A successful casual dating relationship occurs when the two parties involved are emotionally stable enough to deal with short term sex without long term relationship resilience.
Problems arise when you or her are NOT stable or mature enough to deal with micro break-ups…
If you have been sexually intimate a couple of times and then she says that she is leaving for job related reasons and cant hang out anymore the logical thing would be to wish her well and move on.
Many guys (or girls) cannot move past the initial attachment – it’s human nature to want to hold onto things that make you feel secure.
A common but odd situation is when BOTH of you are ill prepared for casual relationship turmoil – I tend to think that this happens a lot and is actually good for both individuals long term.
Experiencing mini break ups prepares you for much worse – if you fall into the category of 99% of daters out their you are going to go through a nasty or tough breakup in the future.
By experiencing this to a lesser extent first you strengthen your ability to deal with it in the future.
So how can casual dating that lasts for 2 weeks and ends in sadness really be a good thing?
Well my point is that it doesn’t have to end in sadness and it doesn’t have to last 2 weeks. Casual dating can be what ever you want it to be. I am drawing on Buddhism and the art of non attachment in a way.
If you are completely in the present moment and NOT attached or reliant on any one person (your casual partner at the time) then it’s not a case of them leaving or staying. It’s just a case of them being present in your life or not – either way is fine.
This way you allow yourself to establish many strong bonds with many different people – it wont be all at once and they may not last very long but the end result is a heightened life experience.
As a wider range of personalities enter your life they brush off on yours and so you become stronger and more interesting as a result.

You learn to relate to different types of people, you learn empathy and respect for different cultures, you learn to bond and foster deep connections with strangers and craft the ability to present a great first impression.

Humility love and tenderness can be a part of casual dating… It does not have to be sexually motivated!
Casual dating can be equally if not more satisfying if there is no sex involved. It’s just two friends catching up after a long period apart.
If you want to increase the number of experiences and deep connections you have with people its going to take a little more work than that. But the payoff is amazing… the more amazing people you have in your life the richer your life experience becomes.

image by xispo

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