Casual Dating Online

Common Questions

Casual dating as you would expect is a lot different than regular eharmony style dating.

There is no personality matching here – their might be sexuality matching but no long match quizzes and love calculations.

Casual dating online and casual personals is all about finding a sexual match or casual hookup to have fun with. It could be long term or just for one night.

Who Uses Casual Dating Sites?

Types of People

  • Bi-curious women
  • People in a commited relationship already
  • Women and men with high sex drives
  • Those searching for fun without commitment

The singles and couples that are attracted to casual dating sites are usually bi curious women and sexually frustrated guys or high sex drive guys.

It is more common to see straight women on these sites as well.  Many have decided that a casual hookup or one night stand fits into their lifestyle and schedule, but a relationship doesn't.

There are also many couples and gay/lesbian singles on these sites due to the nature of their sexuality.

Casual friend finder makes it easy to search for the kind of single that you would love to hang out with.

The only problem is that if your looking for an innocent “nice girl” you wont have much luck. Even if the girls are 18 -25 they will by no means be innocent.

They are on an casual dating site advertising themselves to just about any guy that emails them. So you have to get past the reality that they will have been with plenty of guys before.


Skip the Games

The advantage of not finding innocent girls on a casual dating site is that these women know what they want. There's no need for a lot of games. There's no going on a few dates and hoping for a chance to sleep with them.

It's easy to know what someone wants, and know if your interests are compatible.

If you are tired of wasting time on traditional sites and finding lots of women who want a long term relationship, casual dating may be the answer you've been searching for.

Experienced and Adventurous

The women sure will be able to teach you a thing or two or match you in the sack. Most of the members (men and women) have most boxes ticked if you will.

Meaning they are very adventurous and up for just about anything.

What is casual dating? Casual dating does not mean regular dating for older people it pretty much means sex dating.

Meaning you are looking for another person for casual sex and casual dating.

This usually ends up as a one night stand or “intimate encounter”…

The trick with casual dating is getting to know someone on the site well enough to meet offline. This is quite a big step! you are meeting someone that has sexual intentions offline in the flesh.

This is why you should always meet at a bar or local area first before doing anything else.

That way you will find out if their is any chemistry between you before you play out any fantasies that you have been chatting about within the closed doors of a membership site.


Casual dates are supposed to be low pressure. However, it is still a first date of sorts.

It can be just as nerve wracking as any other, if not more so, because the expectation is that you will probably end up sleeping together.

Best Casual Dating Sites

Wondering which casual dating site is best? Check out these reviews of the top casual dating sites and find out.

When you are dating casually, you'll want to keep things, well, casual. However, most people prefer some chit chat before hopping into bed.

The best casual date ideas give you a middle ground between "let's meet up and have sex" and "let's have a romantic dinner and stare into each others eyes".

You'll want something low pressure without a long time commitment. Then, you can move on to hooking up, or not depending on how the date went.

Casual First Date Ideas:

  • Coffee at a cafe
  • Dessert at a restaurant
  • Drinks at a bar
  • A stroll through downtown
  • Netflix and chill (with wine)
  • Mini golf

In addition to what to do, you'll need to decide what to wear. How do you pick the best casual date outfit? The key word here is "casual".

You should dress casually. You don't want to look like a slob, but you don't want to look like your trying too hard either.

For guys, jeans and a polo shirt or casual button down shirt are perfect. Khakis are also acceptable. Athletic shoes are acceptable, but make sure they are clean.

Females have more options for what to wear on a first casual date. A simple dress or skirt is always a good choice. Jeans or khakis and a flattering blouse are a good choice.

Skip the fancy dresses and your ex boyfriends t shirts, and choose something in the middle.

For both genders, the most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel attractive and comfortable.

Advantages of Casual Dating Sites

  • Clear Intentions
  • Honest communication
  • No strings attached
  • Everyone is there for the same reason

Clear Intentions

The best feature of casual dating sites is the ability to be honest about your intent in a safe and reasonably secure environment.

By being honest about your intent you allow others to contact you in full knowledge of the outcome.

No emotions of attachment are associated with the interaction.

No expectations of future engagement.

Every expectation of open and casual fun is assumed and so as a result everyone is on the same page.

When their are holes in communication between two people hearts get broken. Casual dating is run on honesty and openness.

It can take away some of the intrigue chase but that’s one downside that is outweighed by the ability to openly communicate your intention within an online community.

You might think that your up for anything but when it comes time to accept an invitation to a swingers party could you do it?

Could you show up to a threesome with a two bi females and not freak out?

Respect is Key

  • Online chemistry doesn't always translate to offline attraction
  • Some women are confident online and shy upon meeting
  • Be open and honest
  • Don't expect a woman to be easy just because she is looking for a hookup 

Be Respectful

Realize that within the casual dating community their are many many different experience levels and personalities.

You are dealing with a very touchy emotional subjects so even if you are talking to a 24 year old adventurous vixen keep in mind that she may not know what she wants.

She may just like the online attention – she may have no intention of meeting up offline. She may come across confident during your emailing and then seem distant, nervous and flighty when you meet up at the bar.

Being in an casual dating community does not give you the right to disrespect anyone or treat anyone with less respect than you normally would.

From experience you should find that every member is very friendly and open about what they want. If they dont want you to email you they will politely suggest that they are not interested.

Casual dating is not about being seedy or spying on anyone. It’s not about unsafe unprotected sex with complete strangers or though this does happen.

It’s about giving everyone the opportunity to meet like minded casual singles in an open environment free of any ridicule or judgement.

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Where's your favorite place to find casual sex? What do you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments!

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