Casual encounters and one night stands online

The male sexual drive has to be one of the most powerful human emotions on the planet and the online statistics mirror that fact.
Millions upon millions of randy one night stand orientated singles sign up for sites like casual friend finder every year.
We just cant get enough of the idea of one night stands (called intimate or casual encounters online).
If your looking for one night stands online then you could go straight to the source and sign up for casual friend finder. This casual network attracts singles that are looking for casual sex and swinging etc.
If you are a little shy and somewhat of a nervous dater this isn’t the place for you. casual friend finder is like skipping the easy normal and hard levels of a computer game and going straight to professional.
Your going to get messed up!
If that’s what you want then hell go for your life.
Sites like upforit and be naughty are along the same lines but are much less obvious about the intent of there users.
For example with be naughty you can decide whether you want to be naughty of nice which is a great way to ease you into the virtual world of casual encounters.
There is still a side serving of romance with the obvious sexual connotation that comes with using a one night stand website.
There is still such a large segment of the population that are unsure and nervous about the whole short term relationship idea.
Part of the enjoyment of using these sites is that it’s still kind of taboo and naughty.
Using casual friend finder is a great way to say screw it…
I’m going straight to the source of the problem without beating around the bush…
But it’s still fun to beat around the bush for a little while isn’t it?
It all depends on your age and degree of sexual adventure.
If your just starting out I would suggest that you don’t waste the enjoyment and sense of mystery that comes with dating.
If all the meat’s laid out on the table you know what your eating right?
Now where’s the fun in that?
Some would argue that the enjoyment is in the act and by being blunt about wanting a one night stand up front you don’t waste time emailing back and forth testing and probing for clues.
You need to decide what it is that you want…


A entry level pass to the world of crazy online casual encounters?
This would mean you would go for sites like be naughty, cupid, plenty offish, girls date for free and even and suggest that your looking for casual encounters.


Or the whole 9 inches of fun irrespective of what other sins and potential risks that could bring…
My argument is almost along the lines of: Once you abuse a drug it’s not much fun anymore.
Once you become so blatant about exactly what you want it’s almost like becoming a machine – you run the risk of sex losing it’s enjoyment. NOTE: I said you run the risk of…
This path could be right for you and one night stands could take on a whole new meaning… once again it’s up to you.
I would suggest that part of the enjoyment of relationships and dating is the feeling of new love and even the thrill of the chase.
The booty is never as sweet as it smelt when you were chasing it… ok that was a weird analogy. I think you get my point.

One Night Stands: Where To Go

With $30-$40 in your pocket (for a months membership) you could pretty much set up a one night every night of the week if you tried hard enough.
If you live in a big city it would be even easier. It costs to contact members and view further profiles on casual friend finder but once you pay you get full access to all the sexual gratification you could ever want.
casual friend finder also have a ton of partner sites like “no strings attracted” I am assuming sites like these are hooked up into the casual friend finder network and are actually just co-branded sites under the same system.
Meaning that all of the profiles are going to be the same anyway (cheeky).

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