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casual friend finder – The users within the site are extremely open and sexually adventurous. Even the new users seem completely open to sharing their own information and secret fantasies to all.
You can write your thoughts in a blog and share your ideas and stories so that other adutlfriendfinder users are able to connect with you.
Video is also one of those tools that adventurous casual daters are happy to use. Webcam’s and home videos are shared with other members and the sexual material is x rated.
The openness with which casual friend finder users share their life stories fantasies and ideas can be a real eye opener for the unprepared.
casual friend finder is not exactly the place to go if your looking for an activity partner or a friend to just hang out with and “shoot the breeze”. The intent of singles within casual friend finder is very much goal orientated.
They have a goal in mind and the obligatory conversation is only a prelude to the end result of catching up offline.
Or though the site is very much sex orientated, singles will often spend several months and up to years within the site chatting and getting to know many different people. casual friend finder is not treated like a one hit wonder but rather a place where you can continue to return to month after month.
When you need another casual partner you simply search and email. If you have been doing it properly and you have been active within the forums blogs and chat rooms you should have many contacts by the end of the month. It’s certainly an open community with the ability to set up your own chat rooms and organise private video chats with pre-selected users.
casual friend finder tips:
Like any dating site your openness is going to be your best asset.
This includes being active and PROACTIVE about emailing women within the site… If they don’t email you back within a week try again… Keep it up until you get through.
Don’t take anything personal – You will need thick skin to survive within casual friend finder. Most users are amazing and much more open and friendly than you would expect but some could turn nasty if things don’t go their way. Any comment about your picture or your email should be taken with a grain of salt.
Upload photos and fill in your profile!
Blank profiles are listed at the bottom of the search results if at all… At least take a body shot of yourself without your face showing. There is no excuse not to have a photo of yourself – it lets everyone know that the profile is active and there is someone at the end of the line.
Preferably women want to link a face to a name rather than your genitals but if it cant be helped at least include it within your private photos and not your main profile photo.
You would be surprised a the increase in your response just by changing around your profile picture. If the “dick shot” just aint working for you then try something a little more normal.
In the end just experiment – the more open and honest and informative your profile the more likely women will be interested in emailing you and getting to know you.
You will be aware by now that the competition within casual friend finder is “stiff”…
There are many guys looking for a good time and just not enough women to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the male mind. It’s just the facts – it’s not that you cant get casual sex as a result of your time it’s just that you might need to send out a few more emails than you initially thought.
But if you are comparing it to getting shot down in bars for weeks even months with no success with even the hairiest of women a few more emails sent out is a small price to pay!
I hope situations have not got that dire for you yet.
Many of the singles within casual friend finder are not single at all! It’s actually a huge bisexual and swinger community. You will be surprised when you check on the womens sexuality that many of them are “bi”… now even I’m not exactly sure what this means.
All you “bi” girls out their could you explain yourselves a little better please?
Are guys just not doing it for you?
Are you sexually adventurous?
Are you actually lesbian but are to scared to admit it?
Just be aware that in your search for a perfectly normal single straight female you could end up with a gothic bi bbw!
(image – graur codrin)

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