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How to find and casual friend and take it further FAST

Meeting women is easy… they are everywhere. Some are ugly some amazingly hot, some fat some short some tall… they each have their own unique personality.
Meeting women is dead easy… getting them to get in sack with you is much harder. This is why you should be looking for a casual friend and not just another “friend”
Most “everyday” women required a certain sense of trust and commitment before they offer you the chance to have sex with them.
You need to commit to the classical “relationship” in which you are unable to be with anyone else but them.
That’s great if you don’t want them fooling around with other guys but what it does do is restrict your ability to have fun yourself.

The Bar Scene Sucks!

Lets’ be honest – for most guys hooking up with women is pretty darn hard.
Luckily casual personals sites get you 95% of the way their – you still have to close the deal but all of the women wanting to have casual sex are right their waiting to be emailed.
You might be a little sceptic about the reality of women wanting to have casual sex with guys…
I get it I WAS TOO
You will soon realise that you have been wasting a lot of your time in the bars and clubs… the women are often there with their girlfriends for some fun or in a big group already all matched up.
You end up wondering who is free and who is not.
You have the ability to use a tool that allows you to cut straight to the chase – no dicking around with seduction technique on the dance floor anymore or though they will certainly come in handy when it comes time to meet up.
Using an casual personals site allows you to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Everyone on the site is open to meeting up… very few of the women will reject you IF you show at least some value.

Go Global

If you live in a small town this is your big chance to get out of your comfort zone and travel to meet a girl you have been chatting to in LA NY or even LONDON.
Meeting girls for casual sex is not a new thing but the ease with which they can be found certainly is.
Search within your city at first but if you don’t have any luck don’t be afraid to simply build your social circle outside your current location.
The more contacts you have the more you can build on it. It’s always nice having a place to stay with benefits outside your hometown.
The great thing about casual friend finder is that no matter where you are in the world you can always someone that wants to hook up. No matter which city your in you can “get lucky”… You will have the best chance in the big areas like Florida Houston NY and LA.
Forget about buying girls drinks anymore – cut to the chase and have women literally asking you to come over to their place tonight.
Arrogant girls that reject guys in bars and clubs are like that because they have so much choice – they can afford to take it or leave it and dismiss almost any advance a guy tries.
On casual friend finder sites the women are more… “open” it’s no secret what they want and this liberates the whole conversation. The whole interaction is much more open and to the point.
The email exchange is usually single sentences with a number attached to the end of it.
Women are quite happy to progress quickly from online to offline providing you give them ample opportunity to trust you – this involves plenty of pictures and honest communication.
If you’re a guy and have something to offer of value to a girl or you show in your profile pictures that you are attractive then there is a good chance you will get swamped with attention.
This can be very exiting for a guy who has not felt this sexual attention from women before. They are so used to girls arrogantly shrugging them off.
They are so used to feeling let down by the bar scene. Now all they have to do is read their forever full inbox and reply to women that are preselected for interest in casual dating.

I Cant Speak For Everyone

I cant speak for older guys or guys who think they are “ugly” – You will just have to try it out – from what I have seen there are PLENTY of women aged 50+ on the site that are extremely open about meeting up.
In fact you will likely have more success than the younger guys simply because your in the age group of women that are experimenting and have the confidence to go out and get it.
Find women that are already qualified and already keen – it just makes so much sense to go where the fishing is good.

Find Your Casual Friend – The Watering Hole

Good fishing is all about find the right “watering hole”. If your hang out spot is the local pub and your wondering why your not getting any lovin should you be so surprised? Give up the guessing game that is the club and party scene and get contacts that are motivated.
This makes your efforts as a guy so much easier because you don’t have to do all of the work to convince the girl. The tables are turned and it’s her coming to you now.
Not only that but it allows you to see who is seeking sex in your area.
But it’s not just sex is it… It’s adventure – excitement and it’s something new. Every race, height, weight, intent, age (above 18), and sexual preference is searchable and able to be emailed.

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