Casual Sex Dating Friction Points

Casual sex online – finding women for no strings attached fun, I’m not sure how our ancestors did it but the norm now is to use online tools to connect with each other.
It sure does make finding the right kind of person much easier. For those of you that enjoy the wilder side of life or are just interested in experimenting, casual dating sites allow you to find milfs, doms and dam near anything else you set your heart on.
These casual dating sites imply that there wont be any sort of long term relationship but of course that is all up to you. Most users are at least open the idea of a longer relationship flourishing out of the casual sex experience. They are just not relying on it happening. Many single mothers have bigger priorities such as raising kids to worry about romance so casual dating can fit into the routine.

Online Casual Sex Tips

Use instant messaging for connection – most casual dating sites allow you to chat online in real time and even use video chat. Rather than playing email tag for days and allowing the virtual relationship to die out – use online chat to share intimate photos and information about yourself. You can get to know a lot about someone in 30 minutes of online chat.
Be forward and persistent – Email gets lost in an inbox or not replied to, the women you emailed may not have checked her mail for days. It can pile up and your well written email get’s lost along the way. Don’t assume she isn’t interested… keep emailing until you get a response.
Remove the lust – don’t be overly sexual, especially with your first email. If you transition from emailing into IM or video chat the conversation will usually turn sexual IF she thinks there is a connection. Remember that your inside a dating site that is designed for casual hookups so it’s inevitable that the interaction will turn sexual! But that doesn’t mean you have licence to be a jerk about it. Women will respect you if you respect their boundaries. They will allow you closer and closer the more they have reason to trust you.


I don’t believe you should have the “goal” of getting her number in the forefront of your mind… Your goal (if any) should be to establish a connection with her. Get her to trust you and see you as a genuine guy… once you do this getting her number will become a natural extension of the conversation. If you both like each others company you will want to continue the interaction offline at some stage.
In any case you still might need to ask her for her cell number so that you can contact her offline. This involves some “friction” and how much will depend on when you ask for it and of course her personality.

Friction Points

Friction points are areas in the relationship where she will question herself and doubt you. Just before reading or replying to your first email is where friction is at it’s highest because TRUST is LOW.
Other friction points during a casual sex relationship will be:

  1. Request for a photo of her face
  2. Request to IM or video chat
  3. The online offline transition or number close
  4. First meeting offline
  5. First touch
  6. Location changes
  7. Escalation to sex

Aim to make each one of these 7 Points as smooth as possible. She will feel weird and nervous about it if you do. If you feel like you have to force the next step she isn’t ready… if you ask for her number and she refuses don’t automatically assume that she is not interested it’s just that her trust levels in you are not high enough yet.

Patience Is Rewarded

Here is what some guys will try to do: They will literally ask for sex in a derogatory manner before saying anything like.
Hey how are you, Hello I noticed your profile and would like to get to know you more… I have attached a picture of my face so you know who your talking to.
Just be a little more patient! 

You want to jump her bones… she wants to slow the train down enough so she can find out who’s on board and jump in.

Give her the opportunity to trust you by being open honest well spoken and authentic… It really is that simple online.
Then it just comes down to volume – the more email you send and the more sites your registered to the more FUN you have. If your living in LA, NY or LONDON then you can make a real killing out there if you know what your doing.


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