Casual Sex Dating Personas: The Naked Truth

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I would like to preface this article with some kind words because I don’t like to spread the hate… But I also believe in telling the truth so that you make more informed decisions.
There are some really vibrant creative and amazing souls on casual dating sites. Sweet gentle and perhaps a little naive people looking for no strings fun and even a little more.
Unfortunately the casual and sexual dating niche tends to attract certain kinds of people. It has been reported within certain sites in the friend finder network that users fall into 2 broad categories.

The Guys

Dense manipulative douchebags – these guys are after one thing and that’s sex tonight. They will do and say almost anything to get it but the worst thing is that they tend to be lost for words.
They are rude
They have no class
They have no respect
Their emails do not say hello please to meet you my name is…
They say let’s f*#k now you … etc
They are manipulative because they are clever at tricking women into bed on the pretense (An attempt to make something that is not the case appear true) there is something more or they hold some social value.
The usual reality is these guys cannot get laid or are to lazy to try getting laid offline so they revert to one liners in a vain attempt to elicit a response.
Yes these are some casual dating profile generalizations but it helps to generalize to make a point.
I have nothing against these guys looking for one night stands… That’s the whole point of the site and women are well aware of the situation.
What doesn’t resonate with me is the manipulative tactics and lying that goes on. The complete lack of respect and class… The lack of talent… the overabundance of cocky ego and lack of real authentic emotion.
Perhaps I’m old fashioned.

The Girls

Crazy and terribly insecure…
The insecurity of the women on sexual dating sites continues to amaze me. If it’s possible to be more manipulative than the douchbag guys these women are.

  • Their main motivation is attention.
  • They will flip the conversation around and try to hurt you.
  • They jump from lust and interest to feeling hurt and sorry for themselves.
  • They are generally just plain crazy!
  • They are more than happy to flick you naked pictures of themselves and go on camera if your showing interest in them
  • Most are not as naive as they let on and will be far more experienced than you
  • Did anyone say daddy issues?

These women are desperately seeking validation and receive it in spades from the equally messed up dudes looking to manipulate them into bed.
No matter the appearance or size of these women the sexual motivation of the men means their INBOX get’s crammed full of empty promises and praise.
These women tend to mess with guys minds!
As a result of all of the fake attention these girls become full of themselves and start to treat any nice guy that comes along as just another dude that want’s to manipulate them.
They get it into their heads that every guy is out to hurt them and thus sabotage any potential relationships.
Pretty much just general emotional wrecks made worse by web attention.
I haven’t posed a rant in some time because I feel that they serve no purpose…
But i guess this is just a warning to all guys and gals out their that don’t have their salt shaker ready.
Take everything you get in an online dating site with a grain of salt. Start off with believing that everybody means well because they do… But don’t fall in love with a guy who has the gift of the gab and likewise don’t think it’s on with a women that sends you shots of her tits.

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