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There are times in your life when you just want someone to see in the weekend
Your too busy to see them during the week or you just don’t have the emotion and love to give them long term.
You would love someone to share your bed with you… but you don’t want to buy them a valentines present!
Someone you can experiment with… but you don’t have to see their parents.
This is called a casual sex friend or friend with benefits – it’s a rather modern term and phenomenon but I dare say it has been going on for centuries.
Your travelling:
You just don’t have the resources or timetable for a serious relationship – your moving on in a months time and you have an open mind about casual sex.
You live in the NOW and right now your having fun which is all that matters – your friend is well aware that you will be moving on and they are happy to enjoy the time that you do have together.
You may even form a strong bond and share many secrets and stories together but your emotionally strong enough to let them go and move on.
It’s just a matter of mindset – if you both know that the relationship is going to be casual then you just don’t do certain things.

  • You don’t “meet the parents”
  • you don’t pay for every night out
  • you don’t sleep in together and then spend a romantic day at the beach

This is a casual sexual relationship and it normally involves meeting up in the weekend or after work midweek.
This is not to say that you don’t get on very well – you laugh and joke and share personal stories. You make love and may even love them for the period of time that you are together but there is one piece of information that you do know.
You know they are not sticking around for very long. (and they know it too)
By setting some ground rules at the start which could be as simple as “I‘m leaving in a month” you ensure that you don’t get attached.
Are their many women that are prepared to have this sort of relationship?
Of course – as long as you respect them and they feel comfortable in your presence many women are quite happy to partake in casual sexual relationships.
Finding these women is a different story but any women on the street you find attractive is a potential candidate.
It’s all in the communication and intent up front – You are looking for a “sex positive” minded girl that is ok with you not being around in the future.
You don’t have to literally suggest that you are only interested in casual sex.
All you have to say is that your leaving for Spain in 2 weeks.
This makes you interesting and mysterious – she wants to know more. You have a very good excuse to call off the relationship and she knows from the start that it’s only going to be short term.
Many girls from ages 20-26 are still finding themselves and where they want to go in life – these age groups are good for potential casual sex relationships but it depends on the personality involved. Women that are nearing 30’s will be more interested in settling down and forming a family.
Having a casual sex friend is just a matter of finding the right person – you will know pretty early on what sort of relationship they are looking for.
Most girls these days are actually very open about casual dating – almost all girls are open to it providing YOU make them feel respected and comfortable.
They don’t want to feel as though you are using them for anything… So long as they get as much out of the experience as you do there shouldn’t be any feelings hurt. Open conversation will sort out any problem that may arise.
Sites like adult friend finder, be naughty, cupid and girls date for free should allow you to find a casual friend to hang out with.

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