Casual Sex Online: Discreet Relationships Possible

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Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of women online looking for sex… Sex online is still one of those taboo subjects but in time you will see it becoming more of a mainstream topic of conversation…
Casual dating sites are becoming more and more popular and the media placing spot light on sites like ashley madison getting casual sex online will be almost as easy as a few clicks of a button…
Of course all of this comes a cost to the consumer… If you are willing to pay anywhere from 40-100 US for a service you can have access to a plethora of sexual experiences.
you will get laid or get 3 months free
Which is a great deal really… they know what guys are looking for and if they don’t make it happen then they are prepared to give you extra time to send more emails out.
The problem is that this whole casual sex thing can get a little weird!
Women have a tendency to let emotions get in the way of what was supposed to be purely a physical relationship…
The problem is that women need emotions to make sex better… this is not a problem in fact it is a real strength – sex can and should be heightened by love.. But when you are on an online dating site that is geared toward casual sex only these emotions tend to screw you around.
Almost all relationships are based on the back of an initial sexual relationship so I am guessing that casual dating sites have  made a TON of long term relationships even though that is not what it’s aim is.
So this is just a pre warning that even if you are after some no strings attached casual sex you may find yourself being called by your sex buddy asking them to make you breakfast. Women just cant help but get involved emotionally.
So YES there are women online (tons of them in fact) actively advertising themselves for casual encounters and discreet relationships…
But what is unadvertised is a secret deep longing to be loved whole heartedly by a man for the rest of her life.
Even if she says she is up for anything, wild crazy and even a swinger… Everybody needs somebody to love.
You might be surprised at the number of naked birds on the site posing in all sorts of positions and even in sexual acts.
This arousal while browsing could force you to sign up there and then but I would suggest that you make a rational decision before signing up. Are you going to make the most of your membership?
Are you going to flirt and message women on the site and actually get some casual sex out of this site?
If you live in a small town I would suggest that you either don’t sign up or be PREPARED to drive to your nearest major city for the encounter. Just set it up for the weekend and make a real go of it!
There are going to be a ton of men online (disproportionate to the amount of women) so if you if don’t get emails back from some of the girls its because they never saw your email in amongst the torrent of flirts and hugs they are getting from the guys.
You are not alone online when comes to wanting some no strings lovin… So keep in mind that the competition is rich for female attention.
You will need to be very open and even pushy to get the attention of women but once you have it play it slow and introduce yourself like in any other situation offline.
Be as approachable and as normal as you can… e.g don’t let your dick do the talking!
Because he will screw the whole thing up for you. Even though most of the women online have had more sex than you have they like to be treated like ladies. The more respect you give them the more success you will have…
Remember you have to be proactive! Build out a solid profile with plenty of pictures and an honest description of yourself.
Suggest that you meet in a PUBLIC place during the day to get to know each other first…This is not a site where you organise quickies behind the bike shed without saying hello!

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