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So the question is… where can you go to actually get some casual sex?
There are many many dating sites out there but you will be well aware that the girls present are more interested in serious relationships and even marriage than anything casual… Where does a guy go online when he just wants to have a one night stand?
Casual sex online does exist and all you need to do is set up discreet meetings with singles near you… There are plenty of interested UK girls that would meet you, you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time.
But all of this fun wont be easy… there are plenty of other single men online competing for the attention of the very profile you have your eyes on.
Lets just say the ratio is not in your favour. But if you have something unique and interesting to offer you can easily stand out from the crowd of somewhat normal lads online.
You can be the guy on a site like who is getting all the action! Because that’s pretty much how it goes – a few select few guys who know how to message the girls get all the of the action.
The women on a site like are wild to say the least – make no mistake about it.. These girls are actively seeking out casual sex online and they know what they want.
Can you deal with these vixens? I am just warning you that if your not into some crazy bdsm then you better put that in your profile. But it’s not all about fetish encounters AFF also caters to the more tasteful side of discreet relationships.
You are well within your rights to suggest a couple on couple evening or a group evening that you can join. You will be surprised at the open nature of conversation once you become a member.
As I said before just be aware that you are entering a slightly shady area of the interwebs.

  • Safe sex is an obvious must
  • Using common online dating safety practices is also recommended such as always meeting in a public place or group scenario when you first meet.
  • Get to know the person well before jumping into meeting up (webcam,skype)

In saying that it’s very rare that anyone has any problems… Most singles are there for the same reason you are – to have a great time and meet new people for some casual sex.
A large proportion of the male dating population online are looking for some sort of casual encounter… Just check out a site like and you get the picture… woome is a site that allows you to chat with a random person – turn on the SHUFFLE PEOPLE feature and you end up shuffling to masturbating guys about 2 in every 10!
Woome is not the place you want to go looking to set up casual encounters. However a place like https://fckme.orgis great for it because women go there knowing what they (and you ) want. This way everything is open and nobody gets hurt.
The problem with some popular free online dating sites is guys don’t seem to realise that they cant just go on their and choose their intent as being into serious relationships while there sole purpose is to find women for sex.
They are lying about their intent and women get let down massively. This way women end up leaving free sites which hurts the experience for everyone else.
Casual dating sites listed below are geared toward exactly that. They attract the adventurous women and couples that want to find other guys and girls for no strings attached casual fun.
Once you become a paid member you can do some really cool stuff. If you are new to online dating it can be a real rush chatting to hot (and kinky) women online that you know would be keen to jump your bones at the first chance.
Often times they don’t live in your area but you can search and filter for girls nearer your location. This way there is a good chance that you can meet up.
NOTE: There are many guys on sites like, while there are also a lot of keen girls the girls can only take so much if you know what I mean. Just understand that they have choice and not all of your emails will get read.
If your interesting and eligible enough to get noticed then you really can have an amazing time inside.
By going on the lookout for casual encounters online you are entering a grey area… You might be used to this and even feel at home in this greyish underworld but if this is new to you (it can get weird and crazy) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Casual Sex Online … WHY?

Why are men seeking sex online in such large numbers?

  • Is it just that are so dam lazy?
  • Is it that we love to have sex so much?
  • Is it the novelty of online dating?
  • Is it the anonymity?
  • Is it the ease of use?
  • Is it that open sexual approaches are accepted?

The man and his willing Internet partners happily exchange pics and fantasies in a mutual admiration society free of expectations, complaints, or neediness of any kind. This is a good thing right? There are some things to look out for – for example men being emotionally disconnected from themselves as mention here.
This could be one reason why many women complain about the emotionless sex gained from online casual dating sites. The machine like efficiency void of any meaning is far from exiting to women.
The article continues to talk about how men need to cut themselves off from their connections with their family and particularly their mother to appear masculine. Which can set guys up for painful isolation and emotional issues which express themselves in sexual neediness.

Casual Sex Online – Narcissist’s

Narcissist’s have all of the right ingredients for successful online dating – charm, arrogance, confidence, forward, persistent, and a propensity for short term dating.
They will put others down in an attempt to live up to their own high view of themselves.
Narcissism has a negative connotation but is the lesser of the evil 3 qualities as mentioned in this scientific article. (Delroy L. Paulhu – The Dark Triad of personality: Narcissism,Machiavellianism, and psychopath)
Because narcissist feed of power and dominance over others it’s not necessarily the sexual pleasure they seek. Just knowing that a women would like to sleep with them is enough. Many guys are self proclaimed narcissist’s and see it a more of a positive character trait than anything else.
The overwhelming confidence is a strength but you inherently feel that it’s masking some other weakness. Narcissist’s very rarely hold down long term relationships – the 4 month period usually spells down as a result of their date discovering the true nature of their once charming suitor.
Further reading

Casual Sex Online – Bi’s And Feminism

I really dislike this view point…
A very large proportion of the online casual sex community are open to same sex encounters. Experimentation is just another way of gaining sexual pleasure which seems to be the primary motivation. Within a large proportion of female profiles you will see “bi curious” or “bisexual” listed.
This occurs most often within younger demographics of 18-25.  Apart from social pressures and social acceptance of same sex female interaction I believe the main reason why this occurs is because women mistake interest for attraction.
Men are much more black and white when it comes to sexual attraction – women have more of an open lens and therefore see all attractive qualities of both sexes.

Sexual Choice – where are all the women?

The mating mind is one of the best books written on the topic of sexual evolution.
If you are aware of the peacock theory it explains why many human traits such as creativity and humor have evolved far beyond what was necessary to survive. Geoffrey Miller uses science to explain why we act. He proposes that we are almost entirely motivated by sex and reproduction. or read it here
The mating mind has a good evolutionary example of why there seems to be significantly less women on dating sites relating to sex. eHarmony and are teeming with 35+ year old old women on the search for eligible bachelors… but all the bachelors are too busy searching for young sexually fertile 23 year old girls.
The basis of the explanation is this:

Males compete for quantity of females, and females compete for quality of males. Trivers’ supply-and demand logic explained why in most species, males court and females choose.

A History of Online Dating
Louis CK put’s his depressing but honest spin on masturbation
One of the better blogs I have found in awhile – his posts are well researched – he talks about all types of issues from relationships to money.

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