Causal Sex – Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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by . Ward

Did you find what you were looking for online this weekend? Did you set up any dates via online dating websites?
Did you get lucky this weekend at all? Did you meet new people? Did you chat to at least ONE hot stranger? Did you get rejected?
Did you sit at home and dream about what could have been…
The sad thing is that MOST guys would have planned on meeting women but just never got round to it…
They might have got to drunk and turned OFF every girl in the bar…
They might have dropped the ball and not approached the girl who was flirting with him across the room.
Or the saddest one… The never got out of the house all weekend.
If you want to have a night of amazing sex with a women you just met (that’s HER IDEA) you cant afford to be any of the guys above… you got to get out their and make it happen.
Learning the hard of arrogant teasing and playfulness can be really tough if it doesn’t come naturally but EVERY guy and girl can learn it.
Are you the guy who tries to “get lucky”?
These dudes are not actually serious about finding an attractive women – all they care about is chasing the first piece of meet that gives them the slightest bit of attention.
Apart from this being extremely unattractive to women it says little about your self esteem.
Amazing sexual encounters are not planned or forced… They are almost ALWAYS the womens idea and they happen naturally.
There is an electric and playful dialogue between girl and guy throughout the night and due to constant flirting and escalation, sex is a natural progression.
Do not thing that casual sex will just happen “out of the blue”…
Even though it’s casual sex and even if it’s set up online it’s still a very personal and private act. You are sharing each others bodies and this requires a huge amount of trust building.
In most cases – great casual sex comes when your not actively looking for it (obviously – that would be creepy… but this is what guys try to do) but just happy and confidently doing your own thing. By doing this you draw the crowd!
It might be chatting with your mates, playing pool, having dinner or just hanging out in a bar.
The reality is that guys end up screwing up the potential of future sex with a women that approached them by saying something really STUPID.
Are you talking yourself OUT of the bedroom instead if into it? Women will do all the talking (I’m sure your aware of that) so why blabber on about your job promotion or how pretty you think she looks?

1. Be Natural – Listen

It’s not about predicting what you THINK she wants to hear – if you actually listen to what she has to say then the next topic of conversation should be natural…

2. Don’t be a Predator

Don’t go actively looking for women that you think would be up for it. Be open to the possibilities that WILL arise if your naturally having a good time but don’t force them to happen. When you are in this mindset everything seems forced and un-natural.
Be a gentleman and act like you could take it or leave it… Be interesting in what they have to say but not so interested that it looks like your going to exploded if you don’t get her in the sack in 2 hours. Women have to feel safe in your arms – not violated.

3. Actively Listen

The more you respond and engage with her the more interested she will be in taking things further. Find yourself TALKING to much? STOP – you might just be talking yourself OUT of bed with her later.

4. It Can Wait

You don’t have to jump her bones tonight – most guys would if the had the slightest chance (which is why they never get that chance in the first place)…
Treat her well and you will find her texting you the very next day… Because you didn’t get drunk the night before you feel amazing and might recommend a walk in the park.
If the chemistry is still there she will be very interested in getting you home. By waiting and waiting you make the intimacy 10X better PLUS you get to enjoy the amazing flirting and teasing phase of lovemaking.

5. Casual Sex Online

These tips are focused on nights out – what if you are meeting someone from say and you know what is on their mind already?
Well depending on how seasoned they are the above tips still work VERY well. If you happen to get into contact with a girl online for casual encounters offline they will be EXPECTING you to be keen to jump them immediately.
This could be fun in certain circumstances but if your meeting in town you will need to build trust and repoir(a relationship based on trust and emotional affinity)
You have a massive leg up if you have organised a meeting with someone you know is already keen to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing. But expect that you’ll still need to pull some strings.
It’s all about trust and mutual emotional connection – if she is not feeling it then you wont be “getting lucky” tonight despite what she said online.

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