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next time that you want to have your fill of some dating, love, relationship and sex content, don’t head straight to porn, online dating sites or livechat. You can also get your fix of quality content and even chat with other like-minded match and community members through forums.



Love Forums, Sex Forums, and Relationship Forums

As with any technology, it is only a matter of time before the platform is utilized for dating, relationship and sex purposes. Forums are no different, forums abound with sex-related content that can be anyone’s resource to read confessions, literature, images, videos, or even meet other people likewise interested in dating, relationship, love, kink and other sex-related topics.


One of the earliest sex-related forums out there, established in 1996, Literotica features original erotica and sex stories from contributors.

Confessions, fiction, stories, poetry, visual art are being shared and exchanged between members in their forum.


As generally diverse the subreddits are, love, dating, relationship and sex-related subreddits are also quite expansive.

In a article, it was even shown that Reddit Forums are the better and preferred, erm – forum to look for connections and even no-nonsense hook up, especially for Millenials. Dating apps like Tinder have received backlash for sexism and even hostility towards women and LGBT.

Reddit is more honest, more direct to the point – each subreddit defines the mood of the members. The odds of finding someone looking for a long-term relationship when the other party is just looking for a good time are low if not impossible with the subreddit title specifically stating that this is a Dirtyr4r thread.

Other Forums


Non sexual forums

One Google search of the word forum and the results will vary in topic. But the most common results is those from gaming. A lot of online gamers maintain a forum as a form of support system as well as to serve as a community to share knowledge and best practices. So what exactly does happen in forums, and how does it differ with chat?

Before we deal with this, let us first dissect the types of conversations humans take part in and how forums took shape as a written, online version of certain types of conversations.

Types of Conversation

In the resource Changing Minds, it says that when we converse with other people, we have different intents for the conversation. There will also be various ways for us to convey our intention. The types of conversation we will have will greatly depend on the reason why we’re pursuing or participating in a conversation, the level of interaction between the participants of the conversation, the relationship between the participants, and their receptiveness.

The Five Ds of Conversation are segments defined dependent on the manner the conversation is being done and the relationship between the participants.

  • Dictating: One party to the conversation holds an authoritative power, allowing him/her to tell the other party to do something. i.e., parent to child, a supervisor to a subordinate.
  • Debate: Two opposing factions assert on the validity and righteousness of their respective arguments or position. The objective is to earn more points than the other party to win the buy-in of those opposing their views or with a neutral stand.
  • Discussion: A type of conversation where participants with various opinions chime in their opinion in an open forum for the sake of being heard. There is no intention to have someone change their stance, just an open conversation where all possibilities and points are heard.
  • Deliberation: The objective in this type of conversation is to arrive at a decision. All points and positions are heard to explore each’s strengths and loopholes. The points are then negotiated and compromised to arrive at a decision that would seemingly serve and benefit all involved.
  • Dialog: A conversation between two parties. The aim is an exchange of ideas and opinions and exploring these without having the intention to come up with an actual resolve.

And then, there is another way of categorizing conversations based on the intent of the participants, on what they expect to get out of the conversation.

  • Authentic Conversation
  • Blameless Conversation
  • Bonding Conversations
  • Romance Conversations
  • Status Conversations

If to consider the manner that the conversation is done, conversations in public chatrooms and forums cover all of the Five Ds of conversation. Often falling on the discussion and dialog types, and in some instances, debate, dictating and deliberation types of conversation. If to classify based on the intent, public chat rooms and forum can be anything: authentic, blameless, bonding, romance, or status conversations — it depends on what is the website’s niche and/or the topic/subject of the forum.

Chat Forums, Forum Chat?

What is a Forum?

Based on etymology, forums are public squares of ancient Roman cities where people assemble to meet, trade. In Latin, forum literally translates to “public place outdoors”. A Forum became the gathering place for social, commercial and political purposes.

In more contemporary times, in legal terms, a forum is any place designated for public expression and assembly.  In this sense, it closely resembles the discussion and deliberation type of conversation. As a noun, it may be used in place of venue, medium or channel.

Forum is also being used to signify an event where a large population of people are expected to congregate and can be used interchangeably with conference or summit.

Online Forums

In comparison to other communication channels available on the internet, discussion forums are a relatively slower format. In a world were premium is given to fast and efficient, it is amazing how Forums still continue to thrive.

Forums are also referred to as “discussion groups”, “message boards” or “bulletin boards”. As in real life bulletin boards, announcements and messages service are posted, and others can read and reply to these on their own time. Forums are also one of the earliest forms of communities on the internet long before the social media network and aggregator sites.

Forums create communities of people with similar interests, and the contents of the forum — news, messages, images, etc. — all cater to that same interest. They can be about gaming, dating, travel, social issues, music, education, among others. As diverse as the human interest is, there ought to be a forum somewhere catering to it.

It is the camaraderie and shared experience between users that makes forum popular despite a format that has not changed since its first inception. They get similar-minded people in touch with each other, affirming their beliefs, sharing experiences and practices.

How do Forums Differ with Chat?

For some, the word forum is mistakenly attributed to chat rooms where there are lots of participants and resembles the community of the legit forum. Some people have this perception that the word chat in the internet universe is a one-on-one thing.

Private chats are mere subsets of chat, and public chat also exists. It is these public chats, now called by some as forums or chat forums are actually just a chat room.

Just to set things straight, differences are enumerated below.


Chatrooms are real-time and free-flowing, thus moderating, filtering and censoring can be really tricky. So often, chatrooms are no-holds-barred, with the trajectory of conversations ending up confusing, some members offended, some trolling and even scamming other chat users.

Forums had administrators and moderators who make sure that no one is breaking the rules, asking questions on the wrong thread, scamming the members, posting irrelevant and/or unsuitable content. The strictness of enforcement of the rules will be determined by the administrators and moderators. Some forums will only allow comments and messages to be posted after going through a manual review of the moderators. And there are those, that put on automatic parameters and algorithms in place to censor certain things.


Chatrooms tend to be unorganized, with conversations going on a free-flow, based on the participant’s thoughts, feelings, and mood.

Organization is only an offshoot of moderation. Forums are organized, with different subjects separated into subsets popularly known as threads. If a message has been posted in one thread, a moderator can remove the message from the wrong thread and/or move it to the correct one. This type of organization makes it possible for people who are searching for specific topics, questions, resolutions and what not find what they’re looking for easier.


Chat rooms allow archiving, but only for the chatroom members.

Forums are archived and have the ability to be crawled by search engines so they come out of your search results. This is particularly helpful for newbies who are not yet members of the group to find what they’re searching for. This is also often the gateway to forum addiction.

Real-Timeness of Content

Chat is real-time, thus everything comes up in super speed. It can be overwhelming for both you and your internet connectivity. Lags happen. And that kills the experience.

Forum, given its slower and moderated format, is a little bit lighter for your device to load, and easier for you to follow.

The Best Forums Out There

Forums provide all the communication you need that chat provides but in an organized and easily searchable manner. In this light, you can’t blame if some (especially the OCD ones) decide to just use Forums as their chat medium of choice.

As with almost anything that you could possibly think of, the internet has got some search result to satisfy your craving for information. In the same sense, forums about almost anything you can think of that would need a community also exist.


There are also some that provide a one-stop shop for all your internet/forum/community needs – Reddit is one of them. Reddit, as their tagline claims, is the front page of the internet.

It was founded in 2005 and has since been growing in expanse and influence. Registered users of Reddit submit the content on segmented into categories/threads/subreddits. There are over ten thousand active subreddits and this still continues to grow.

Here are some of the best/top/long-standing subreddits thus far. Some funny, some controversial. But one thing’s for sure, it is a black hole of things that you’d spend hours reading, and if you’re adept with the subject — contributing to.


A place to share knowledge and better understand the world. Founded in 2009, the format is basically a place to ask questions, especially the ones you can’t ask your real life friends.

Similar to Reddit, Quora hosts a Q&A forum for almost everything that people decided to ask through the platform. Though Quora tend to be a bit less controversial, and more informative and introspective somehow. They even reward their best writers/contributors.

Some of their most popular threads include:

  • What are the most surreal places to visit?
  • What are some realistic ways to get rich in 5 years?
  • Is there life after death?
  • What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?
  • What are the most common mistakes first time entrepreneurs make?

Gaming Forums

As mentioned earlier, gaming forums are some of the most widespread types of forums out there. There are separate specific forums for each video game/mobile game/online RPG. GameFAQs provide all of these in one place, just to save time for the gamers so they can spend more time gaming.

Subjects discussed include video game reviews, game cheats, and FAQs.

Other Gaming Forums

Tech Forums

Forums covering everything about technology – from your computers, smartphones, tablets and any other new-fangled device. Forums on apps, operating system, UI/usability, and more technical stuff are likewise popular. Some examples are:

Facebook Groups

In the race to be the internet’s top dog, Facebook also created a forum-type format through their Groups which members can join based on their interests. There are various groups, from based on personality types, diet restrictions, religion and philosophy, favorite TV shows, actors, musicians, your hometown, everything.

We can consider it as a forum as everything is archived within the groups, but the moderation and organization not as set in place as the subcategories aren’t defined, and are instead on a per post manner (after all, Facebook created groups in a one-size-fits-all manner). There are admins and moderators who can organize and moderate the groups so moderation and organization are better in effect. The admins and mods also ensure the members are also following group guidelines.

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