Chaturbate Adult Site Review

There’s no other online platform that lets you start a conversation and then get down and kinky when the desire arises than Chaturbate.

Yes, the name does conjure an erotic image. After all, it sounds like a portmanteau word of chat and masturbate, which is more than possible if not for the fact that you need your hands to do both at the same time.

Chaturbate is a cam site where you can enjoy sex chats absolutely free. This is where you can join public chat, and watch webcams with real amateurs who are more than willing to show off.

This is probably why it is considered one of the best idols cam sites on the web.


Chaturbate was founded in 2011 and has built up a huge following since then.

This may have something to do with the fact that they treat users fairly and allows them to maximize their time spent on the website.

It has also made bold moves to ensure that their members get exactly what they signed up for.

Chaturbate now provides over 4000 free web cam performers, most of which are available all the time. With a great selection of cam models that you can choose from, you’re sure to have a pleasurable and exciting experience.

Whether you want to give free rein to your voyeuristic tendencies or you simply want to watch nude models, Chaturbate lets you do and enjoy what you want.


Chaturbate has lots of features that will have you satisfied and coming back for more.

Free Account

Like most adults dating sites, you can sign up at Chaturbate for free. Sign up is fairly quick and easy, but the best part is that you get instant access to sexy models.

In fact, you can watch shows for free even if you don’t have a Chaturbate account.

Of course, your access would be limited without an account and instant messaging is also inaccessible, which is why you should register a free account.

Top Features:

  • Free account
  • Premium memberships
  • Porn chats
  • Good webcam quality
  • Lots of model categories

If you want to enjoy more privileges, you should upgrade your account by buying credits.

Moreover, free in Chaturbate is exactly that — free. You are assured that no one would be out to steal money from you if you are just satisfied with a free account.

Unlike other adult dating sites, you can connect and chat with models, watch live streams and even hook up free of charge.

Can you watch naked pussies and asses even if you don’t pay anything? Yes. Absolutely.

Premium Membership

Upgrading to a premium membership will only cost you $19.95 a month. For this amount you can have access to more private shows.

Some models only allow upgraded members access to their public chats, so it pays to buy credits.

Now, if you want access to private shows, you also need to pay for tokens to enjoy such privilege. Among the many features on Chaturbate, paying tokens for private shows is a huge favorite.

Porn Chats

Chats are categorized as male, female, transsexual, couple and groups. Depending on what you are down with, you can indulge in a live cam/chat with models from all over the world.

If you want to chat with someone in a specific group, you can use search parameters to narrow down your options.

Because the website is available in multiple languages, people from all over the world can join in on the conversation. What is a chat site if language barrier is a problem, anyway?

What is even better is that, in a public chat, some members give tips so they can tell models to do something for them, all of which you get to see on your end.

Public Chats:

  • Models from many countries
  • Free to watch
  • Lots of categories
  • Others tip

Although your view won’t be as good as the one tipping, you do get a piece of the action.

Since you aren’t paying a dime, you should be satisfied with this. Of course, it won’t hurt to tip to get more.

When a certain amount is reached, you are assured of an unbelievably good time.

Webcam Quality

Cam streams in Chaturbate is fairly decent. If there is a problem with the quality, it usually has something to do with the end-user.

As long as your computer and internet connection are of high quality, as well as that of the model, you get to watch models masturbate or even have sex with crystal clarity.

What the site can assure is that cam delivery is smooth and will never buffer.

Model Categories

There is a wide selection of model categories to choose. Over 4000, in fact.

This should give more than enough reason to sign up with Chaturbate, right?

Even if most of them are amateurs, you would still get to enjoy quality performance.

Where else can you ask a gorgeous woman to strip naked in front of you, play with her nipples or masturbate using sex toys?

The site also features model bios that will give you an idea who you will be chatting with, their interests, quirks and kinks. This should make it easier for you to start a conversation.

What benefits will you gain?

Free membership with a few limitations. Unlike other adult sites, your free account gives you wide access to Chaturbate and its features.

This means a paid membership ensures excellent privileges.

Option to buy tokens. If you’re not yet ready to pay up for a premium membership, you can buy tokens instead. This will give you access to private shows and other features.

For only $10.99 you will have 100 tokens, and for $159.99 you will have 2025 tokens.

Crystal clear video quality. As a live cam site, you are assured of high definition videos.

Sure, some amateur model’s web cam may be a little grainy, but most deliver clear images. What is even better is that there will never be any buffering.

Bottom Line

Chaturbate weren’t kidding when they said they want to provide quality, fun and exciting user experience.

They are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction, which is why they go to great lengths to deliver on their promise.

They have done everything possible to make each and every member happy and satisfied the moment they join.


Chaturbate is unique in the world of adult entertainment. They are set up differently than any other site.

You don’t have to register or spend any money at all if you don’t want to. There is plenty to see for free.

If you want to be more involved and support your favorite cam models, you can purchase tokens and tip away.

Chaturbate also makes it easy for anyone that is of age to be a cam model. If you are an exhibitionist, or you’ve always dreamed of making your on screen debut, chaturbate is a great place to do it.

You can do as little or as much as you want. Not everyone on chaturbate gets nude and performs sexual acts. Some choose to clean house in a sexy maid outfit or in their underwear, while others get very down and dirty.

This is what makes chaturbate unique. Whichever end of the camera you are on, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

Chaturbate Currency

Chaturbate operates with tokens. For those purchasing tokens, 100 tokens costs between $10.99 to $7.99 depending on how many tokens you purchase at one time. These tokens can be used to tip models or pay for private shows.

Cam models earn $5.00 for every 100 tokens they receive. This allows chaturbate to be very profitable for its owners and cam models alike.

Free Shows – Using Apps and Bots

Free shows are the most common on chaturbate. Most people set a tip amount to begin their show.

Once they have reached the goal, anyone is allowed to watch the show. Of course, those viewing can tip the model anytime they wish.

Many people use apps and bots to help reach their tip goals. One popular app is “Tip Goal King”.

This app allows the model to set their tip goal and what they will do when they reach their goal.

For example, they set a tip goal to remove an article of clothing or perform a sexual act.

Bots and games:

  • Tip goals
  • Rolling dice
  • Lovesense
  • Keep it going
  • Bots for moderation
  • Filter who can speak in room

The Goal King app crowns the person who has tipped the most tokens as “King of the show”. This makes it fun and gives viewers an incentive to tip more.

Another useful app is roll the dice. It allows users to “roll the dice” when they tip a certain amount.

They can then when a prize ranging from showing feet to masturbation or a shower show.

Apps like Lovensense connect with a toy. Models can purchase vibrating toys that connect with the app.

They then go into the settings and can set how the toy reacts when viewers tip the model. Usually the higher the tips, the longer and/or harder the toy goes.

As you can imagine, it is a great way to get people tipping and make the show more interactive.

“Keep it Going” is another popular app. The model sets a goal to start the show, and sets an amount of tips to keep the show going.

As long as people are tipping, the show goes on.

Bots are like a personal assistant for the cam models. These bots can automatically welcome someone when they enter the room, thank them for tipping, and moderate.

The bots can silence any user who is violating your rules or using language you don’t like.

Models can also choose who can talk to them during the show. They can choose from anyone, persons who have tipped them, or persons with coins in their account.

This can be very helpful for giving the attention to the people who are actually tipping.

Private Shows

Private shows come in several different categories. You have private shows which are one on one, or small group shows.

Users are charged by the minute for private shows. Models charge between 6 and 90 tokens a minute for private shows.

They can also require the viewer to have between 100 to 1,000 coins in their account before the show starts.

While this doesn’t guarantee the tokens will be spent on them, it does guarantee that the user has the coins to spend on them if they choose to.

Private shows allow the user to have all of the models attention focused on them.

Private Shows:

  • 6-90 tokens per minute
  • May require 100-1000 tokens in account
  • Receive models full attention
  • Spy mode can allow others to watch

This makes it much more likely their requests will be listened to and gives the model much more opportunity to interact with them.

Models can also enable “spy mode”. This allows other users to spy on the private session for between 6 and 30 coins per minute.

Only the one who initiated the private chat can interact with the model. Anyone using spy mode is only allowed to watch.

Group Shows

Group shows can be between 2 to 5 people viewing. Models can set the per minute rate between 6 and 30 tokens.

Since group shows involve just a few people, it gives the viewers more opportunities to make requests and interact with the model than they would have in free chat.

Chaturbate User Accounts

There are three different types of chaturbate user accounts. They are anonymous, member, and supporter.

An anonymous account allows you to remain anonymous. You don’t have to sign up or provide any information to access the site.

You can watch lots of hot cam action completely anonymous and free.

Member accounts require you to sign up. The sign up itself is free, and you can buy tokens with a member account.

Supporters pay $19.95 a month and get 200 tokens free each month.

In addition to free tokens, supporters get to view cams in full screen ad free, send private messages, and can change their chat fonts.

How much you plan on using the site will probably be the determining factor as to which account you choose.

Types of Accounts:

  • Anonymous – Free
  • Member – Free
  • Supporter – $19.95 month


  • Dark Purple: 1,000 tokens tipped
  • Light Purple: 250 tokens tipped
  • Grey: No tokens in account

If you use it on a regular basis, you may enjoy the perks of the supporter account. If you are just trying the site out, one of the free accounts should work just fine.

Member accounts show up in different colors during a show. The members who have tipped over 1,000 tokens in the last 24 hrs show up in dark purple.

Those who have tipped over 250 tokens are shown in light purple.

Then you have the “greys”. Those who don’t have any tokens in their account show up as grey.

This let’s models know who the big tippers are, as well as who can’t tip at all.

For the models that are on chaturbate primarily for financial gain, this is a great feature. If you are a member, keep this in mind if you want to get more action from the models.

Why Chaturbate Is So Successful

Shirley Lara is the Chief Operating Officer of chaturbate. She attributes its success to a few factors.

Part of their success comes from the fact that you can access the site for free. No sign up and no money required to view many different cams.

She says that much of the site’s success can be attributed to the 500 apps you can use on the site. She also attributes a lot of the site’s success comes from the fact that their cammers are independent instead of studio based.

Keys to Success:

  • Free access
  • 500 apps are compatible
  • Independent cam girls
  • Freedom to be sexual or not

She is quoted as saying “’The type of girls we have are all independent cam girls. They’re not studio based and when you’re independent there’s a bit of hustle that comes with it”.

Chaturbate gives cammers much more freedom than most cam sites. There isn’t any pressure to perform.

Cammers can choose who can view their feeds, and even block an entire country if they wish.

This feature might be useful for making sure none of your family members stumble upon your activities, although it would certainly make for interesting dinner conversation.

The cammers on chaturbate view their broadcasts like their own personal tv shows. While lots of them include sex, you can also find people simply having conversations or doing everyday activities.

It is an exhibitionists paradise, and allows people to connect and socialize while feeling comfortable with their sexuality.

Rules and Regulations

While Chaturbate gives its cammers as much freedom as possible, there are a few rules. It is important to know, however, that the rules chaturbate imposes aren’t just arbitrary.

They are to keep people from violating the law. There was a time when they were no real rules on chaturbate other than age verification, but then the U.S. passed new obscenity laws.

Now the rules state that you can’t use any dildo over 12 inches long or wider than a soda can. You can’t use anything that isn’t designed to be a sex toy either.

Chaturbate Rules:

  • No dildos over 12″
  • Only sex toys can be used
  • No public sex

Sex in public places used to be a mainstay of chaturbate, but that is no longer allowed either.

You aren’t allowed to broadcast from any public place. Broadcasting outdoors can only be done on private property with the permission of the owner of the property, and it is only allowed in areas where the neighbors can’t see you.

Chaturbate does have some more arbitrary rules which operate on an auto ban feature to keep people from breaking the rules. This can result in unnecessary bans, but models who are banned without good cause usually have their privileges restored within 24 hours.

Some of the reasons models are automatically banned include:

  • A non verified person appearing on your cam
  • You logged in from a different ip address
  • You logged into multiple accounts with the same ip address
  • You streamed a recorded video and didn’t disclose that you were doing so
  • Your profile has links to competing websites like My Free Cams. This even applies to links in your profile to pages that have links to competitors.

When a model is banned, they can still log into the site and view others, but no one can see their cam or chat.

What Can You See On Chaturbate

Probably anything you want to see, as long as it isn’t illegal.

Women, Men, Transexuals, and Couples are all allowed to broadcast on chaturbate, but that is just the beginning of the variety that you will find.

If you are into something in particular, you can search for rooms by tags. These tags work basically like Twitter hashtags, and they let you know what you can expect from the rooms.

Some of the tags are: topless, dildo, cumshow, squirt, lovesense, asian, teens, fingering, lush, anal, strapon, kinky, gag, blonde, and bbw.

These are just the beginning of the tags on chaturbate, so whatever you are into you can probably find it here.

How Much Can You Make On Chaturbate

This will obviously vary greatly from person to person, but some models make a solid full time income working a few hours a day.

One model made nearly $3,000 in December 2015. Another made $1,500 in 15 days working 3 hours a day. That adds up to $33 an hour working from home. That’s great money in my book.

The Male Conundrum

Chaturbate is one of the few sites that allow straight men to broadcast themselves. How do they get tipped?

While women will occasionally watch a man and tip, the fact is that women aren’t nearly as likely to spend money on sex as men.

If a woman is going to spend money on sexual pursuits, she is more likely to spend it on another woman or a couple. So, can men make money on chaturbate?

For some men, broadcasting is simply a way to earn tokens to tip the female models. They aren’t looking to make money.

Male Cam Models

  • Women tip occasionally
  • Some men just want tokens for cam girls
  • Straight men often pose as gay

They are looking to be able to interact on the site without having to pay out of their own pocket. For others, they do want to earn an income on chaturbate.

Enter the “Pretend homosexual”. Many guys on the site really don’t care who is watching them.

They understand that gay men are much  more likely to tip them than straight women, so they pretend to be gay or at least bisexual.

Gay men seem to be attracted to a man who is straight but open minded anyway. Just as a straight man will view a lesbian girl as a special challenge.

This mentality of “Oh honey, I can change your mind”, can be a good money maker for models.

If you are a straight man on Chaturbate, you must be prepared to have a largely homosexual audience.

Many gay men will pretend to be female so they can interact with straight men.

Others will clearly be gay and will say things to you in chat. You can put that you are heterosexual in your profile, but that may not help much.

Gay men have their own things to watch out for on chaturbate. The main concern for homosexual men is other men trying to lure you into meeting up in real life.

There are several reasons why they do this. They may just want to have sex with you in real life, or they may be trying to extort you.

Once they have your personal information like your full name and where you live, there is a good chance they will be able to contact people you know in real life.

I’m guessing you don’t want your family members or coworkers at your day job to know you are camming, so keep your personal life personal.

Remember that acting is part of the game. While you do socialize on the site, your primary goal is probably not to meet a partner or make friends.

Just like strippers adopt a character on stage, the most successful chaturbate cammers, especially males, will adopt some sort of character.

Be nice, friendly, and let your personality shine through, but play to your audience as well. The beauty of chaturbate is that you can be whoever you want to be, or whoever your viewers want you to be.

Many men on the site think all they have to do is sit in their computer chair and jack off. Needless to say this strategy usually isn’t very successful unless they are doing it purely for the thrill of having someone watch. Get creative and create a rapport with your audience.

Women On Chaturbate

Women are some of the top earners on chaturbate. Interestingly though, looks isn’t the deciding factor on which women are the top earners. These are the top tips for females on chaturbate.

Interact with your viewers. There are beautiful women on chaturbate who don’t earn as much as some of the more average looking girls.

I have a feeling that the most beautiful girls are used to getting by on their looks instead of working hard, and this translates to them not working as hard on chaturbate.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all beautiful women, but a good portion of them. One of the more beautiful women on chaturbate made $65 in an hour with very little interaction with her viewers.

Tips for Women:

  • Interact with viewers
  • Don’t rely on looks
  • Have a good moderator
  • Offer offline sells

How did a more average looking model fare? A average looking girl was really working the crowd and interacting with her viewers.

She took the time to ask them what they wanted and gave it to them. She was very engaging, and clearly enjoyed showing herself to her audience.

This girl made $190 in one hour. Her personality also makes it much more likely she has a loyal following.

Getting a good moderator is also essential if you have a busy room. While the bots and apps can help, technology can’t replace the common sense of a real human.

It is nearly impossible to have a good show and moderate everything going on in the room at the same time. All of the top performers have a moderator.

The moderator makes sure the room runs smoothly, and they also encourage up sells and encourage people to follow you.

Offline sells are also a big money maker. Not only can you sell your pictures and videos, but other things as well.

One woman offered to add viewers to her snapchat for 500 tokens. Five people took her up on the offer when it was raised by the moderator, making her $125 for simply adding people to snapchat.

Couples On Chaturbate

Some people claim that couples make the most money on chaturbate, but others claim that solo women make the most. Either way, couples are clearly at the top of the list for chaturbate earners.

If you and your partner are both comfortable with it, there are more things you can do as a couple than solo.

Just think of all the options you have when you have sex with each other vs. masturbating by yourself.

You can engage your audience, have a great time making each other cum, and get a good pay day.

Chaturbate Couples

  • More options
  • Role play
  • Be clear on limits
  • Play hard to get

You can role play with each other, which can attract lots of viewers. In most couples shows, the audience is predominantly male.

This means the man on cam acts as a surrogate for the audience, and this may be why couples are so popular. The audience says what they would like to do or have done to them, and the man carries out these acts with the woman.

This gives the men a vicarious sexual thrill that will keep them coming back.

Couples, and all cammers for that matter, should make it clear what they will and will not do in their profile.

That being said, the more you are willing to do, the more money you are likely to make. Teasing is part of the game as well, however.

Especially for couples, the female playing hard to get can be very beneficial for your bottom line.

Here is an example. Viewer: “Do you do anal?” Female: “I don’t know I’ve never done it before” Male: (play the audience) “Do you guys want to see her do anal for the first time?” When you receive plenty of tips as well as enthusiastic yes’s, then the male “talks his partner into it”.

It doesn’t matter if you love anal and do it every night. Playing hard to get for the audience sells.

Just don’t make your loyal viewers feel played by playing hard to get about the thing they just saw you doing on cam last night. Use it sparingly.

Chaturbate Community

Chaturbate makes little distinction between broadcasters and viewers, with many people doing both.

It is an interesting community for anyone interested in watching sex on camera without the saccharine sweetness of some other cam sites.

Chaturbate is an adult live cam site that is quite similar to My Free Cams, but it is less “community-based”.

Most of the site’s shows are performed in free chat, once the host has reached the token amount to begin a performance.

It accepts female and male models, and its process for the sign-up verification is very easy and simple—you only need to send a photo of your ID.

On the part of the hosts, they can choose which members can talk in their rooms when they are broadcasting.

These include everyone, such as non-members, members, those that give tips and those with tokens.

If you are new and are still feeling nervous about using an adult live cam site, Chaturbate is highly recommended.

It is very stress-free where your placement is not based on your hourly cam rate, and existing members are willing to give tips to newcomers.

How to Register

If being a horny freeloader appeals to you, then can enjoy most of the stuff on, aside from the private shows, for absolutely free! Registration is too easy, requiring you just a username, password and a couple other bits away.

Types of Member Accounts

By joining the site, you will become a basic member or a supporter. As the former, you need to create a free account where tokens can be purchased on.

As the latter, you can upgrade your basic account by paying a certain amount per month.

Supporter accounts get 200 tokens gifted upon upgrading, along with many benefits, such as full-screen views, private messaging privileges, options to change the font and no ads.

Navigating the Site

From the moment you load the homepage, you would instantly feel that you found something good.


Basic members can purchase tokens.

Supporters recieve 200 tokens and extra features.

Supporters Get:

  • Full screen views
  • Private messaging
  • Font options
  • No ads

The website is fluid and its loading times are fast. You will not be frustrated to find fit live cam models, opening up their cams and letting you see what they have in store for you.

If you find a favorite girl, you can just choose her name and go on a private show with her.

All the waiting and just seeing their last positions, just like what happens in the case of other similar sites, are long gone with Chaturbate.

Chaturbate Cam Girls

By joining Chaturbate, you can enjoy an array of shows available. First is the “privates”, where you can choose the per-minute rate that ranges from 6 to 90 tokens.

You can also add a minimum token balance request that ranges from 100 to 1000 tokens, which verifies is you have that many tokens before initiating private shows.

However, this does not guarantee that they will all be spent on you. During a private show, you have the option to allow “spy private” option, which means that other members can pay a per-minute rate to spy on the performance.

However, they can’t engage in interaction while it is going on. The per-minute rate ranges from 6 to 30 tokens.

The second type of show is the “group”, where you can choose how many members (2 to 5) are required to initiate the performance, and you can choose the per-minute rate that ranges from 6 to 30 tokens.

The last type is the “free chat”. Many of the Chaturbate hosts and models prefer doing their shows in free chat, where they set a token countdown, and when it is reached, they begin performing as long as they like.

Getting Tokens

Take note that tokens are what you use on Chaturbate to give tips—they definitely hold money value.

So, how can you get them? Actually, there is a couple of ways to do it. First, you can purchase them on Chaturbate by entering any chat room and clicking the bag of money.

Another is being a broadcaster, where you can receive tokens from tips your audience would be giving you.

Recently, the tokens are worth 5 cents each. You can see your token stats right next to your “Share and Earn” links.

So, where can you cash them out as a broadcaster? You can go to your token stats and use the website’s token converter.

Tokens that are transferred on the first half of the month are paid on the 22nd, while those that are transferred on the second half are paid by the 7th.


Chaturbate live cam hosts and models are some of the most attractive around. They are all good looking, hot and ready for action.

In fact, some of them are willing to chat with you, rather than just demand money. As a guest user though, your screen is rather small.

That being said, you should sign up and become a regular member.

The website offers two screen sizes—the small view and full screen (there are not many additional features to the site). You can follow models and send them private messages.

Though the chat window lacks additional finer points that other adult live cam sites might have, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

But if you are someone who pays attention to the smaller things, rather than the bigger picture, then you could found this a little frustrating.

All in all, Chaturbate (though small in its overall size) is still nice and is able to offer around 5,000 live cam models, which is a decent number of girls waiting for adult video chat adventures.


For broadcasters, offers apps that they can use for requesting tips toward their countdowns. The functions included here are “sequence tips”, “tip the number on the board”, “keep it going”, “wheel of fortune”, “tip for goal”, “guess the magic number” and “auto-reset tip goal”.

One function that is very useful is the “peep show”, where members need to tip a minimum of tokens to get a password for the show. When the amount is reached, only members who sent you such amount of tokens will receive a password to watch your show instead of everyone watching

Using the Token Counter

Yes, there is a lot of tipping that is happening on Chaturbate.

To help broadcasters focus more on the show and less on the math, the site offers a new feature that keeps track of all tokens. Once members hit broadcast, they will see an app designed for it.

With the app, members can enter their goal description, which will appear as the subject of the chat room.

Once viewers start to tip, the math will be done automatically. It is fast, time efficient and, best of all, error free!

Using the Countdown Timer

The website makes it straightforward for broadcasters to cash out tokens by adding the “Countdown Timer” function to the “Token Stats” tab.

The feature informs broadcasters exactly how much time they have to cash out before the end of a pay period.

Bonus Token Days

In 2012, Chaturbate added a good privilege for its users in the form of the Bonus Token Days. This is part of their continual growth that comes with age and their intention to give back to their loyal community.

On these specific days, any token package purchased can potentially earn users up to 150 free tokens.

Password Security Suggestions

To prevent your password from being hacked by those with bad intentions in mind, you should observe proper security measures when using Chaturbate.

Password Creation Tips:

  • Avoid using names of your families, friends or pets.
  • Avoid using the same password for multiple important accounts.
  • Choose a password with at least 15 characters, with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special symbol.
  • Don’t use house numbers, postcodes, phone numbers, ID card numbers, birthdates, social security numbers and so on.
  • Don’t use any dictionary word.
  • Don’t store your password on your Web browsers—FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE—since it can be revealed easily.
  • Avoid logging in to important accounts on other people’s computers or when connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Don’t send sensitive details online via FTP or HTTP connections, as messages in these connections can be sniffed with very little effort. Instead, use encrypted connections, such as SFTP and HTTPS, as much as possible.
  • Change your passwords every once in a while.
  • Take note of a few master passwords and store them in a plain text file that you can encrypt with 7-Zip or BitLocker. You can also manage your passwords with password-management software, like iPassword Generator.


Signing up with Chaturbate is free. But aside from this, you would certainly enjoy the website’s extras that other sites might make you pay for.

All in all, they are full screen mode, moderator abilities, private messaging, private shows, group shows, emoticons for use in chat and follow capabilities.

These and other several options await you after signing up. What’s more, you do not even need to enter your email address to sign up!

The Bottom Line

One thing’s for sure—Chaturbate is the adult cam site that is for the masses. If you want to see other people showing off their junk (and show yours too), then this adult live cam site is for you.

Complying with the banner of “adult entertainment”, Chaturbare is all about jerking off while you watch others having sex.

You can see so much of this thing without registering, or even spending one single cent. If all of these things sound too enticing for you, then click on the site’s registry button, and go and have some hot and dirty fun!

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