Cheap Black Date Ideas

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Cheap Black Date Ideas
No money
No Job
Perhaps even no lover
You need black people meet and then some cheap black date ideas that will not only cost nothing but impress. At these stressful times many black singles have little money to throw at expensive dates. With little spare money our relationships suffer because you have got to have lots of cash to have a good time… right?
No necessarily. If you play it right love don’t have to cost a thing.

Stay At Home Dates

Perhaps not a great first date idea but black singles do love a great home cooked meal. Dating at home gives you the chance to chat openly in a relaxed atmosphere, you can choose to eat when you wish – catch a movie after the meal –challenge your date to some wii sports or even play monopoly.
Home dates are a lost art but if don’t right and with the right date that appreciates them can be some of the best nights you can have. You could always organise a group date so that 4 or even 6 of you are together. This will eliminate any potential early date nerves and silences. Extra people at your home date will create a bit of an atmosphere.
You don’t have to stay inside if you don’t have a lot of cash. Picnics and lunches in the park cost little if you have made some home cooked food. A bottle of sparkling wine always makes an occasion out of the picnic. Make sure you choose a warm day. You can always drive up to the top of a hill and check out the city lights from the top.

Active Black Dating

How about getting active on your date?
Scenic bike rides, beaches, swimming, surfing and hiking are great cheap ways to date on a budget.
If you love sports then you can always head down to the local gym or court and teach your date how to play basketball. If that’s not your style there is also baseball football tennis and even darts, table tennis or pool.
Expensive dates usually involve expensive dinners. Black singles love the “soul food” so why not take em down to the local street vendors. Forget KFC, the best fried chicken, spicy wraps, kebabs, hambugers, fries and all manner of ethnic foods are usually in small stalls in the middle of town. There is also usually an art area with trendy shops you can walk around and check out.
By taking your date to a cool new spot you make up for not have the cash to blow on expensive things. They will remember you date the most because it was a fresh new experience. Black dates need not be expensive – you can have a great time on a low budget if not more fun than if you paid a ton to hire out some fancy restaurant.
You just need to get creative and understand that the enjoyment comes from you and your date not the materials that surround you. The fun comes from the conversation and the people you meet not the price tag on your head.
By returning to the real reason why your dating (to get to know them) you realise that money should not be factored into the importance of any date.
Y’all go enjoy yourselves now.

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