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Short on change? Most people are these days with credit card , house, insurance and car payments piling up. The last payment you want to see show up is an online dating subscription if you can’t afford it.
Dating doesn’t have to be expensive or cost anything at all. You can find love online with free dating sites and organise a walk in the park. Alternatively you can pay $40+ per month and organise a fine dining evening with expensive champagne.
The reality soon sets in and hopefully your sanity too. You can organise exiting dates with a little creativity without spending your Christmas savings.
Cheap and free online dating does come at a cost but if you are prepared to do a little searching and spend a little time dating you can find a partner. Okcupid is an example of a reasonably professional free dating site that doesn’t charge anything to email users.
Once you have set up a great dating profile and are starting to get responses from your emails you can then suggest meeting at a mutual location.
This means you have found and set up a date for the cost of a cup of coffee/lunch! Which you would do anyway… so YES online dating can be achieved with little to no cost… EXCEPT
It will take some TIME
And time is money to some extent
It will of course take some emotional energy out of you if the first few dates don’t go so well. Remember these free dating sites do not have the same quality of users as the paid sites so you might have to do some filtering and setting up of email restrictions.
Plus you will need to come up with some enjoyable and creative first date ideas if you cannot afford to impress her with gifts and fine dining. Walks in the park and a swim or walk along the beach can be turned into really exiting adventures if you are the sort of guy that can make it happen.
It also comes down to who you select to go on a date with. Sometimes immature girls or high maintenance women are just not interested in doing any exercise especially on the first date which is a shame and a real loss for their sake.
Easily solved though, just filter by “tag” or check their profile description… if it says that they are athletic of into outdoor activities and sports you can be sure they will be game for exiting cheap first dates. A $4-$6 pool admission is another great way to set up a date using online offline transition. These cheap dates are a great way to chat while you check each other’s bodies out.
And who cant spare 5 dollars (0 dollars for the online dating) to check out a hot girl you met online to see if you guys hit it off. What do you do after the steamy spa or steam room experience? Anywhere you choose! Go back to your apartment or set up a date for the next weekend.
Online dating can be cheap but that doesn’t mean you have to be. It doesn’t take much to look good (or at least not look bad) so spend some time on your appropriate dress.
A women doesn’t want to see a guy so dirt poor he cant afford to make himself look good for the first date. All it takes is a clean shirt and jeans… and make sure you shave/trim.
So YES online dating doesn’t have to cost you but be prepared to put up with what FREE brings. Free dating attracts some low

quality spammy users and some daters just looking for weird fetishy stuff.
By spending a little time searching for real women that are serious about hanging out and are actually NORMAL you can keep the change for tomorrow when you check her bikini body out in the pool.

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