Cheating and Infidelity

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Cheating and infidelity is a huge issue in relationships worldwide. It can differ in meaning from one person to the other and between cultures and religions. For instance, does flirting count as cheating? Does watching pornographic material count? Does kissing count? It’s safe to say that it all comes down to trust and if one partner does something without telling the other while also breaking trust barriers it should be considered cheating.

There are a lot of books that will tell you about why men cheat, but have we dug deep enough to know its root cause?

Do women cheat as much as men?


Scientific Basis

Genetics and Hormones

In the animal kingdom, rarely do we see species stick with an individual partner for a long time. Typically, what animals were programmed to do is to procreate in order to ensure the survival of their species. Since humans are a lot more civilized, does this mean that it is a primordial instinct of men to cheat? Despite the moral judgment not to do it, men still end up cheating their partners for another woman.

According to the researche aimed to bring light to this topic, men will always have a shorter vasopressin receptor gene.  Also dubbed as the cheater gene, according to experts this explains why men would eventually look for other partners. People may ask why vasopressin causes cheating when its primary role is to control the body’s water retention. In reality, this hormone can affect several body systems including both cardiac and urinary systems of the body. Manipulation of vasopressin in an animal test subject yielded confirmatory results. According to the test, hormone in large numbers given to the animal test subject resulted in infidelity.

Another factor that has been seen with pairs with marital strife is the absence of the allele 334. This accounted for 16% of marital problems last year alone.

Physiologic Factors

Testosterone becomes the more likely culprit when it comes to cheating husbands and boyfriends. If you will look into the indications of high levels of testosterone, there will always be an anatomic indication. For instance, a man with a bigger penis is at a higher risk to cheat than those that only have an average sized penis. Another thing that you can look into is the longer ring finger compared to the pointer finger among men. This is an indicator of high testosterone levels.

For men with brain injuries, it is more common for them to cheat. For instance, those involved in martial arts or football can be at a higher risk of committing adultery than those who don’t get involve in contact sports. Men with low pre frontal cortex activity or those with a hyper frontal activity have been found to have less control over impulsive actions.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors may affect women more than men. This is why if you will look into the facial symmetry of men, you can identify its genetic value in the eyes of the opposite sex. Symmetrical facial features on be seen more likely as attractive according to research.

Environmental Factors

There are also things that could come from the environment. For instance, people with an adrenaline junkie lifestyle can tend to cheat more because of the thrill of being with another woman. Another prominent factor is the history of the family. If you are living in a family with a history of cheating, then you are most likely to perform the same pattern.

How to Decrease Likelihood of Cheating

Both environmental and physiologic factors can be looked into if you want to solve the likelihood of cheating. Here are some of those tips

  • Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you are drinking alcohol, this can lower the inhibition to do crazy things. Instances where you are with ladies especially when mixed with alcohol could become a very bad situation.

  • Decrease Caffeinated Drinks

If you are drinking caffeinated drinks too much, this can agitate you into doing things that you are not supposed to do. Some may even boost your metabolism thus increasing your sexual desire.

  • Stop Contact Sports

Contact sports can lead to brain injury.

  • Get better sleep

For some people, bad decisions come from stress. Sleep is the body’s most natural means to recuperate and decrease the stress hormone. Despite being simple, you will be surprised how this activity can make you more faithful to your partner.

  • Discuss problems openly

This is why Dr. Phil is getting millions of dollars every year. Since most relationships end up evading the problems, this only aggravates the chances of the man looking for other women. These are instances when the problems don’t go away but instead pile up. You need to realize that every relationship should have an open line of communication between the man and the woman. You have to make sure that you solve your problems and find a middle ground that is really agreeable to both.

Cheating has become prevalent in causing failed marriages. All over the world, there are a lot of people stuck in these situations. This is why people have been wondering of feasible means to stop infidelity. These steps will help you minimize the likelihood of this cheating though there is no 100% guarantee that this problem can be eradicated completely. You have to understand that it is a multifaceted problem.

Also realise that it’s most often NOT “greener on the other side” – even if it is, cheating is not the answer to your marital problems. If or when you decide to leave your partner do so in a gracious and honourable manner. Remember if you cheat you are going to have to live with the shame and knowledge of this lie for the rest of your life. The issue is however that even knowing this people still cheat… it’s like they have no control over their own actions… or do they?



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