Cheating Wife

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cheating wife–> every guys worst nightmare – picturing his loving wife getting nailed by some idiot guy and her actually liking it.
Some dudes are into that sort of thing but it’s against the evolutionary nature for any guy to want to share his prize around with other men.
We protect and love our wifes and as a result get full mating rights. They are not allowed with anyone else and this is kind of what marriage is all about in a way .
So without being a paranoid bellend how do you find out if your wife is cheating on you?
Well you could just ask her – if you think she is a women that never lies you should take her word for it. If you think you can sense some uncertainty in her voice she may be keeping something from you.
You might just be paranoid but a little detective work isn’t a bad thing – you just have to know when enough is enough.
Your over active imagination could actually ruin the relationship – if your wife is faithful but you don’t believe here it’s YOUR lack of trust that will break up the relationship not the fact that she was ever cheating.
To find out if she is having sex behind your back you can go professional and hire a private investigator. This would be you getting very serious but it’s an option. They will find out once and for sure if your wife is telling the truth.

Cheating Wife?

If your wife has become very independent all of a sudden she may no longer feel that she needs you support. She might not be attracted to you anymore and is in search of a more dominant guy. She wont be as needy and will be preoccupied with her own life.
She no longer arranges meeting times or dinners out but more importantly doesn’t care that you haven’t done anything either. She also doesn’t like you paying for her.
She seems distant and rarely touches your if ever… She will never initiate a kiss or sex.
She gives extra attention in the form of eye contact and laughing to other guys.
She is secretive about where she is going and will tie in work duties as a reason for being out late.
She is always tired or too busy to hang out after work

The sad thing is that many men only see what they want to see… Few men see it coming – you have been with each other for years.
She said she loved you after all right?
Doesn’t that mean forever? NOPE!
Apparently love can come and go like the wind! Guess she forgot to include that in her opening letter huh.
You invested and sacrificed for this women and she is banging your best friend…

Well if you have found out for sure what’s going on don’t forget that two can play this game.
If you are tied into a relationship because of kids or other circumstances don’t let her have all the fun.
No strings attached, adult friend finder etc are full of cheating wives.

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