Choosing A Casual Sex Partner

Who you should choose as your sexual partner

A sexual partner should not be someone that you adore and want to wrap in cotton wool.
Do not choose that cute little thing that you want to protect.
Your sexual partner should be the one which you feel absolutely magnetically sexually attracted to but can not spend more than a couple of hours in their presence.
You “fuck buddy” should be that women who infuriates you but also drives you mad with lust.
You want your sexual partner to be wild in bed but for all purposes pretty useless out of the sack… why you ask? Well you don’t want to fall in love with this sexual partner…
They are not your friend. There not someone who you call up to cry on their shoulder when things get bad.
You don’t have a movie night in with hugh grant with this girl. You mack this girl in the back of your pick up and drop her off on your way home.
There is a reason why they are called sexual partners and that is because you don’t do much else with them. So the idea sexual partner is one who is pretty darn hard to live with.
That way nothing “gets in the way” of your outrageous sexual experiences… nothing can because your never together right?
She could be some dull waitress with which you have NOTHING in common with apart from both wanting to bang harder than a wedding dick.
When guys are on the lookout for casual dating they often don’t know what they are looking for…
They fall into the trap of looking for the same girl who they are always attracted to. In time they find her and cant help but fall for this women who was initially supposed to be the casual lay.
Say you always go for the young cute and innocent types – these women just get to you – you cant help it but it’s just nature way of getting you hooked.
Your uncontrollably attracted to these certain types of girls and it doesn’t even seem to matter about their personality of current social status.
You should NOT go for these types of women if you are just looking for casual sex or one night stands…
a) you wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings
b) you cant trust yourself to not go back to her if she asks
c) you will wake up 3 years from now pussy whipped to all hell…

Ok scratch that last one but hey… it could happen right, we have seen a good soldier go down in battle and we get him back 3 years later with this mojo ripped in half.
So back to the original point – you want to be choosing a certain type of women if you are looking for no strings attached dating or one night stands.
This is your chance to date outside your comfort zone so make the most of it.
Pretty easy for most guys but some still get it wrong: This is still casual sex so remind your female partner that you don’t intend for it to go all serious. Make restrictions on your time and don’t go sleeping over at her place.
Don’t let her treat you like crap: some women are under the assumption that the sun shines out of their vagina just because they are offering you sex. Just  treat her with the respect that she deserves!
She deserves a lot of respect by the way! But only if she earns it.
If you find that she is screwing you around and not committing to anything it’s pretty likely that she has moved on and is never going to have sex with you like you assumed. She just really likes the attention.
You might find that once you give up and stop texting her she throws you another bone so that you get back on the scent and continue to give her attention again. Stay strong and lay out how things are going to go down.
If she doesn’t like the way you do things then move on… If your using a friendfinder in a big city you will be well aware that there are plenty more salty fish in the sea.

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