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Personally I dont believe in god or any religion as I require evidence for my beliefs but try not to discriminate others.
Christian And Dating
Being Christian and believing in what the bible preaches raises certain dating issues that non believers do not understand.
This means it’s best for you to date other Christians who share similar beliefs. Christian singles can be found at site such as Christian mingle.
Dating tips for Christian men – Being a Christian you will be looking for a Christian women who shares similar hobbies values and beliefs.
You might also be interested in finding a women who has not had sex and will not before marriage.
You may be a Christian who believes strictly what the bible preaches or perhaps you are a bit more laid back and don’t take it so literally. I think direct literal representations of the bible are actually diminishing in popularity.
God intended us to be with other people and share similar values. It’s being single and alone that causes the sadness. Relate with other Christian singles in your area by getting out their and joining churches and functions. God did not intend you to live a life of solitude but he did intend you to relate with others and grow strong together.
Do not put up guards and walls so that other Christians cannot get in. You might be scared of getting hurt again but temptation to withdraw from reality seems natural and easy at first but it will soon turn against you. Keep out of the house and keep interacting with people in the real world. Soon you will find your Christian soul mate you have been waiting for.
Communicate with other Christians in an authentic manner and keep up physical and emotional connection. The Bible did not mean for you to not connect with other people on a deep sexual level. Do not be scared of your desires for the opposite sex.
Go out and fulfil your passions! Do so with the one that you are committed to and genuinely care for.
Have multiple caring relationships with friends. You should have your good Christian marriage but you should also have multiple healthy friendships outside the marriage.
Develop a real friendship with the one you love before getting married. This way your love will survive any bumps in the road. Christianity does not preach lust. This does not mean you cannot lust after your wife it just means that you should develop a strong bond with one person before getting married and sticking with that person through thick and thin.
Mutually rewarding Christian relationships will make your life worth living. Healthy relationships include both sexual ties and emotional and hobby based interests. Hold your companion close to your heart and your life will be rewarding.

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