Christian Dating Safety Tips

It’s important to understand that when you are using a site like love and seek you have the power! Christian dating sites like love and seek understand that you need to feel comfortable and assured when sharing yourself with others. They are committed to a quality safe online dating experience so give you’re the tools to ensure you feel safe.

Protect your information When logging in from a foreign computer be sure to log off! And don’t save your password during the form field step. You can remain anonymous very easily by using the onsite email feature – it protects your online identity within the site (loveandseek) and lets you choose when you want to expose yourself.


Use a gmail or yahoo account when signing up to an online personals site. Otherwise you might wind up with a ton of cupid matches in your inbox that you don’t want… EG you will have (bigtits69 sent you a message) right next to your business email. Not the kind of distraction your want at work.

Online Offline Transition I have said this often but it deserves another mention – make sure that you actually meet the person online via skype or webcam before meeting them offline.

It’s easy to use fake profile pictures and online personals sites don’t check user identity so (even if it’s unlikely) you could be talking to someone other than Sarah the accountant or dave the cleaner.

When you do end up meeting offline – use a bar or café. Meet up in a public place so that there is an easy out if things get weird. Plus there will be the added security of having other people around you. Make sure you trust the person before going back to their place or inviting anyone back to yours.

Also you can tell a friend of family member what your doing so that if anything goes wrong they know where you are. It’s unlikely that anything will but you can never be to careful. Take your mobile phone with you so that you have a quick method of contacting someone.
Don’t leave drinks or items unattended while on a date with someone you have never met.

It’s easy to think the best of people but other singles may not be as charming as they seem.

This involves spending a bit of time chatting before you do anything wild. Trust your instincts – if their stories don’t add up it’s not worth the risk.

Block And Avoid Users in paid Christian personals sites that don’t give your straight answers or are not prepared to put up photos of themselves are not worth your time. ANYONE with bad English or disjointed grammar are likely to be offshore scammers, even if they are not , it’s not worth the risk. They will talk in circles and avoid meeting up so use the block abusive users features within a site like christian mingle to avoid confrontation.

You should also be able to block certain categories of users form emailing you: In plenty offish .com you can stop singles that are looking for casual encounters from emailing you at all. This cuts down on the email you receive that you would never be interested in in the first place.

Christian dating and personals sites are built so that singles of faith can find other singles that share common values and life paths. It’s a serious site that deserves your respect. If you are only looking for a quick fling you might be better off with a more casual search and email site like cupid or girls date for free.

Christian singles sites have certain terms of service that you agree to before signing up!
EG you cant be married or be a minor – if you find people cheating on their wives or husbands then you should report them. If you find young singles you should let the site owners know. Any offensive or foul content will be deleted and the user reported.

It wouldn’t be a safety dating article without the tips regarding money. NEVER even think about send any money to any of the users online that you meet no matter how trusting and real they seem. You have no reason to be sending money to anyone. Christian dating sites are there so that you can contact like minded people in your area to get to know them. If they live to far away you might have to arrange to meet them but this should not involve money transfers.

Dating scam red flags:

  • Quickly asks to talk or chat on an outside email or messaging service
  • Vanishes mysteriously from the site, then reappears under a different name
  • Talks about “destiny” or “fate”
  • Claims to be recently widowed
  • Asks for your address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts
  • Makes an inordinate amount of grammar and/or spelling errors
  • Claims to be from U.S. but currently travelling, living or working abroad
  • Ever asks you for money
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