Christmas Eve Dating News

Cracked continues to hate on anyone trying to help out: In the post

It hates on david deangelo of doubleyourdating and sex advice in general online…
Orthough it’s a funny post advice for sex online is one of those triumphs of the web…
I mean what is he comparing sex advice to…
The local government clinics run by 50 year old fat women who hand out free condoms? There wasn’t any easily accessible dating or sexual advice apart form the odd newspaper column. All you need to do now is head over to
and get schooled on all sorts of crazy sexual positions: Great!
I think some of the hate stems from the success of the doubleyourdating brand: They generates 20 million+ annually from selling information and seminars for Christ sake – anyone would be envious.
I have to agree with him on the seduction chronicles call – The PUA trend is a little fucked up… I mean picking up women just doesn’t “resonate” with me… Not that I can talk with a domain name called “” which I resent.
According to
Stanley says inertia, convenience, and financial benefit can cause a relationship between 20-somethings to drag on—for four to seven years for more than 50 percent of cohabiting couples, according to one study.
I can defiantly relate to this sort of behaviour occurring: Relationships that run on convenience always end up in the trash because the convenience never lasts. It might be easy for an ok relationship to seem like an amazing one because the man has money or the women only comes round on weekends.
This enables a relationship to continue longer than it should. It’s not that no stress in a relationship is bad but it’s that the couple never actually connect and relate with each other at a deep level.
The brief meetings allow the stressful midweek issues to be dealt with outside the company of your loved one. You never really know someone until you live with them!
So don’t go jumping to conclusions about the longevity of your relationship until you move in with your bf/gf.
Great long term relationships are built on mutual respect and real spiritual connections. Similar goals and aspirations are also crucial. Finding someone that can put up with all your shit can be tough– which is why you need to date a number of women before you find your “soul mate”.
So how do you ensure that women stick around? Perhaps if you satisfy HER 6 Human Needs she will be happy with you… Start checking off the list below and figure out which needs you are able to bring to the relationship.
Say you have a lot of money… you will be able to tick off some of them but if your never at home perhaps her emotional needs will not be met.
If your broke do you think this will increase the anxiety and worry in the relationship?
1. Certainty/Comfort.
2. Variety.
3. Significance.
4. Connection/Love.
5. Growth.
6. Contribution.

French Shoe Dating Site

According to Tech Crunch

Ladieshoesme (sounds like Ladies – hoes-me) is a brand new French dating site, launched officially on December 13th, where ladies pick a man as if he were a pair of shoes…literally.

It’s no secret that women love shoes! But creating a dating site on the topic?
I just think this is taking niche dating way to far – For one men are just not that interested in shoes… So they will have to choose which type of shoe best represents them in their profile…
I mean for most guys (maybe not frenchies) this will be tough.
I would say different shoes suit me for different occasions… When I’m out running or playing sport running shoes suit me best… Heading to a restaurant? Some smart leathers.
I’m not too sure about this dating site idea… What are your thoughts?

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