Collarspace Review

Collarspace Review

Description: Collarspace claims to be the largest BDSM community on the planet. They have users from all over the world.

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Collarspace is a free dating site for those into kink or bdsm. It makes it easy to express your specific sexual preferences and limits, so you can easily filter profiles to find someone who is just as kinky as you are.

Sign Up

To sign up for Collarspace, you'll select a username and password. You'll also enter your email address and location. Next, you'll enter your gender, orientation, sexuality, age, and ethnicity.

You can also enter your height, weight, and who you are seeking.

Options include:

  • dom/submissive/switch
  • male/female/trans
  • roommates/couples

Poly kinksters are right at home here. You'll be asked whether the profile is for an individual or couple.

If it's for a couple, you'll need to enter the basic information for the other member as well.

You'll also write about yourself and what you are looking for and add a profile photo.


You'll see 12 interest categories and one skill category. These include Adventure, BDSM, Intellect, Spiritual, Sports, and more. Each category will have many interests.

For each interest, you'll select your level of interest. Options range from live for it to hard limit.

You'll also select your level of experience for each interest. It isn't required that you fill out this section, but it can help you connect with members who share your interests.

Member Interactions

You can search for users by choosing profiles. Enter in your preferred search criteria and conduct a search.

Unfortunately, profiles aren't deleted due to inactivity, so you'll likely see profiles that haven't logged on in years.

However, the last login is displayed, so you don't waste your time with people who aren't on the site.

When you find someone that you like, there are several ways you can show interest and connect with them.

You can:

  • add them to your favorites
  • Add them as a friend
  • Send and receive messages
  • Read their journal entries

Messages can be text and/or photos, and you can send instant messages if they are online.

Journals can be audio, video, or text. You can find them on member's profiles, browse journal entries, or write your own.

You can also read and participate in the message boards and text based chatrooms. These are a great way to get to know people who share common interests. 

You can also select your mail preferences. This is a great option for women who can get lots of unwanted messages.

Filter by age, location, those without completed profiles, and dominant or submissive. Mail from members that don't meet your preferences will be sent to your bulk mailbox.


Collarspace is a bit overwhelming. It has some great features. The userbase is friendly and kinky, and accepting of different sexual preferences. 

However, the site itself is very outdated, and you have to browse through ten year old profiles.