Conventional Sex

Often seen as mundane, boring, even unsexy to many individuals, conventional sex refers to the traditional and commonly known methods of sexual activities that are regarded as both acceptable and as part of cultural norms within the society. Contrary to the taboo world of cunilingus, ass to mouth, among other methods, conventional sex is seen as very plain and ordinary to the general public, and oddly enough safer, despite still maintaining the full blown penetration of sexual intercourse.


While conventional sex does in and of itself maintain a neutral status, its description when asked upon many individuals, still contains a distinct specific description to describe its characteristics. One of these is the position in which conventional sex partakes in. The vast majority of Western civilization seems to agree that the most commonly known missionary position would be the common thread among the definitions of conventional sex. While the specific reasons for the conclusion are unknown, it is key to note that the sexual activity strictly stops at this point and does not continue to any other further or more exotic forms of sexual activity such as anal or oral sex, without even going anywhere near the more extreme forms of sexual activity such as BDSM or Bukkake. This is why the term “conventional” truly has a cornerstone place in the phrase.

Alternate Terminology

While conventional sex is indeed discussed among many individuals in modern society, many disguise the rather technical term with synonymous words such as “vanilla” sex and “quick and dirty” sex, referring to the flavor of vanilla being the most basic of flavors available, and citing the missionary position as the quickest way to start and finish sex in a hurry (respectively).

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