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Conversation Escalation: Make Small Sexy Talk is a program designed to help men develop a skill in engaging women into interesting conversations. This has been created by a publicist and dating expert Bobby Rio. The whole program consist of an audio file in mp3 format that is equivalent to six CD’s or an approximately 7 hrs of audio material. It’s your personal guide into taking over any conversation and turning them into your favor.

Why Make Small Sexy Talk program will work for you?

There are tons of ebooks, audio books and similar dating guide programs out there, but Bobby Rio has created something different. Conversation Escalation will work on anyone willing to undergo the transformation process because it’s focused on simple, very important communication aspects which will improve your conversation skills and hence your dating life. It’s not simply a dating manual, or a list of pick up lines, or a relationship guide. But it’s everything that you need to learn to accomplish any type of connection with any woman you like.

Make Small Sexy Talk is a revolutionary lifestyle program since it’s designed to teach tactics, how to get into right mindset, useful techniques, and examples useful lines which may come handy at any moment. It does not teach you any of those dubious assumptions on mind reading, hypnosis and even categorizing women.  Again what will be covered in this program are ideas on how you can achieve a single goal which is fixing your conversation skills in order to make more interesting, funny, engaging and non-offensive but sexually suggestive flowing conversations.

Another unique aspect of this attraction program is the ability to address different personalities and styles. Unlike other dating experts they tend to teach their followers to act like someone else or a person wearing their shoes. The problem is there is a good chance that you may not be able to match your personality to hers. But with Make Small Sexy Talk it understands how diversified personalities work. It will not tell you to change your personality but it will teach you how to take advantage of it, so you become a woman magnet without losing your identity or integrity.

With any lifestyle enhancement program, the importance is implementation of what is learnt. Putting every theory into practice is the most important part. This is why this program will work, because in every theory or idea that is presented you will be able to practice them in everyday situations. You are given examples on how to do these. It will also list pitfalls and things to avoid while trying to learn the skills. At the end of the day, you become a guru yourself.


10 Examples of specific skills you’ll learn with Make Small Talk Sexy program …

  • Learn how to use physical escalation to affirm and give deeper meaning to your words. You will learn how to wave your hand when suggesting things or ideas. You will also know the use of positioning your body posture to be welcoming rather than overshadowing her.
  • With proper usage of conversation escalation you will be able to connect your thoughts, words and keep the conversation going. She won’t notice as time flies and she will slowly fall for you,make the first move for that very first kiss.
  • Use an effective way to know where you actually stand with any girl that you are talking to. This way you will know how to position yourself and start the escalation process. This will also help you whether you will have a chance of going into bed with her or not.
  • Make any girl your talking to understand you immediately, by the use of spontaneous  rapport. This will make her subconsciously like you, as she can’t control herself from falling for the man that actually knows her.
  • Six simple steps to drive conversation in any direction you wish. It’s simple to follow and can be used by any man.
  • Three techniques to avoid conversation stoppers. With this technique in mind you will never have to experience that awkward silence anymore.
  • How to get into the correct mindset to gain confidence when talking to women. You know that feeling when you’re out of words whenever you’re in front of a woman. Escape that terror be someone who actually enjoys every conversation with hot girls.
  • Learn to set up statements or questions that will take her reaction without her knowing what you did. This is a nice skill to make a quick profile of every girl you are talking with
  • Learn five things to avoid when talking to specific female personalities. These are the things that irritate women and you should never talk about. Otherwise she will instantly label you as someone she should not be talking to.
  • Learn to display mental dominance and apply three simple steps to show your genuine sense of humor. Within minutes of having a friendly conversation with her, she will be craving for more and will ultimately like to go to bed with you.


Some bonus stuff to complete Bobby Rio’s Conversation escalation program will include:

Free Copy of Conversation Steroids – A new two hour video program that will escalate your level of conversation skill. This will teach you to never stall your conversation with anyone. It will cover techniques on how to deliver your conversation rebuttals with rejections and making sure that it will never happen again.

Free One Month Membership to “Social Training Lab” – This is a weekly training on how to be a social guru and learn to be more sociable and attract more women. It’s a step by step process and every week you will learn new ideas and adopt new skills. At the end of every training lesson you will have to answer some tests to gauge how you are succeeding with the program.

Free 20 Conversation Cheat Cards –Accept it, you can never learn everything at one sitting. Your conversational skills with women will only be enhanced with practice. To help you in your first few days you will have free 20 conversation cheat cards downloadable in a pdf format which you can easily print. This will give you instant information on how to convey conversation that will attract women.


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