Cougars: From Cheating Websites to Hollywood Trends, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Cougars

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From cheating websites to what’s causing the new “cougar” cheating trend, we’re going to cover several interesting topics about cougars.

Cheating Websites Exposed:

It’s the internet’s dirty little secret. Not only has technology made it much easier for people to cheat, now there are a slew of websites dedicated to helping people step out on their partners. Maybe you are interested in using one of these sites, or maybe you are just curious about them. Maybe you suspect your spouse of using one. Whatever your reasons, here is your inside guide into which sites are legitimate, which ones are scams, what goes on, and why people use them.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is probably the most well known hook up site for married people. It works much like a regular dating site, the main difference being a section of the profile that asks about your sexual preferences. Membership on the site is technically free, but you have to buy credits to initiate conversations or video chat. The site also charges a $19 fee if you want to delete your profile, even if someone else created it without your knowledge.

Ashley Madison is embroiled in a scandal  that is surprising, even considering the scandalous nature of the site itself.  Hackers got the data on Ashley Madison and released files full of personal information, although it is unknown how much of the data is accurate. The hackers did discover that many of the “women” on the sites were bots. To keep the men that use the site happy and lead them to believe that there are ample women waiting to have affairs with them, they created bots. Lots of bots that had lots of communication with real men, leading them to believe they were chatting with real women. There are over 70,000 bot accounts, and two thirds of the men on the sight had received emails from bots. About one third of the men on the sight had had conversations with the bots.

Cheating Cougars

This site claims to connect men with married older women who want to cheat on their husbands. You can sign up for the site for free, but you have to have a paid membership ( $29.95 a month) to send messages. When you sign up you are inundated with fake profiles messaging you to get you to purchase a membership.

Meet 2 Cheat

Meet 2 Cheat seems to be the real deal. The advantage this site has over others is that women have complete access to the site for free, which draws more women to the site. Of course men have to pay for access, but many see it as being well worth it to have a discreet affair with a married woman. Meet 2 Cheat also welcomes couples interested in swinging.

Xpress-Cougar Club

This site seems to be the real deal. Although it isn’t specifically a cheaters only site, a vast majority of the cougars on the site are married and looking for an affair. There are between 40,000 and 60,000 members online at any time, which is way more than most of its competitor websites. The site charges $30 a month, but if you join the site and don’t get laid within 100 days then you get your money back. You can pay an extra $10 a month for Gold status, which will put you at the top of the search results, greatly increasing your chances of getting laid.


Cougar Cheating Trend

It seems older women are cheating more often. There is even an AARP article specifically about why women and men 50 and older cheat. According to AARP, older women are cheating, but not because they are unhappy with their relationships. They are cheating because they are bored with their sex lives, or because they feel that they have lost themselves.

More than one in twelve women have had an affair with a man 15 years younger than them. 57% of married men say they have had an affair with an older woman. Are mature women more attractive to younger men? What happens when a grown child finds out his mother is cheating? Are older marriages more accepting of cheating?

The Hollywood Effect

There is an episode of the Golden Girls where they featured something that was considered racy at the time. The three women were going on a cruise, and decided to pick up some sexual protection. OF course to the embarressment to the girls, the cashier had to have a price check on the condoms. Which he announced loud enough everyone in the store could here. The scene is still funny today, only we no longer expect the women to be embarressed by buying condoms.

Middle aged and Senior sexuality is finally catching up with the same standards that younger women enjoy. They are expected to have sexual desires and needs, and are within their rights to seek satisfaction. We now have TV shows like Hot in Cleveland, that are specifically about sexually active older women dating older men. And of course Hollywood stars are Cougars in real life as well, making the trend much more socially acceptable than it used to be. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are one example of this.

Rumor Willis talks about Demi and Ashton’s relationship, and she has a very interesting perspective. Ashton was one of Rumor’s teen crushes, which made things a little awkward when her mom started dating him. When they got married Rumor was 17, Ashton was 27, and Demi was 42. Rumor says that she quickly took down her Ashton posters and found a new crush, and that Ashton was actually a great stepfather.Rumor says that instead of being jealous when her mom got together with Ashton, she was actually impressed her mom could attract such a handsome younger man.

Demi isn’t the only Cougar in town, however. Joan Collins married Percy Gibson, a man 32 years younger than her, in 2002. Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield are 18 years apart in age, and their marriage is still going strong after thirty years.

Men In Uniform

Interestingly, there seems to be a particular affinity between Cougars and men in the military. Especially when it comes to cheating. Older women know what they want, and can provide an almost motherly level of nurturing when she is with a man. Men in the military may be looking for a fling, but also need some sort of nurturing connection to offset the tough life of being in the military. Who better than a married cougar, who is just looking for some sexual satisfaction, to serve our men in uniform? As for the woman, a man in the military is much less likely to jeopardize her own relationship than someone who has the ability to stay around.

Do Cougars Do It Better?

Advantages of Dating a Cougar


Older women are more experienced. This means that they know what they are doing, and know how to please a man. They are usually more confident as well, especially with a younger man. This can make a younger man feel more secure and confident, because he has someone to guide him in all aspects of the relationship. The cougar can also give him advice on other aspects of his life, and if they are cheating, even his primary relationship.

They know what they want

Cougars have lived long enough to know what they want, and know how to communicate this to their lover. They aren’t likely to say they are just looking to have a sexual affair and then realize that they want a romantic relationship. They have enough self awareness to know what they are really want.

They know what a man wants

Their level of experience also means that they know what a man wants, even if they don’t. Younger men may not know themselves well enough to understand exactly what they are looking for, but an experienced cougar will know what they want, and how to give it to them.


Older women also tend to be more stable. Whether they are married and just looking for an affair, or looking for a romantic relationship, they are stable and secure materially. They don’t need a man’s help, and this takes the pressure to provide off of the man.


Older women are also more successful. This can be an advantage for a younger man looking to make the right connections in a particular industry or business. A successful older woman can open a lot of doors for a younger man.

Why Cougars Like Younger Men

Physically Attractive

Younger men are attractive. Many of them work out or do some sort of exercise to stay fit, and women find this attractive. Older men usually aren’t concerned with the way they look physically, and tend to let themselves go.

Sex Drive

Younger men have a high sex drive. Older women’s sex drive actually kicks into overdrive with a younger man, probably as an evolutionary way to help keep the species alive. As a woman ages, her chances of getting pregnant get lower. When she is with a younger man, her body wants every opportunity to procreate with the virile sperm.

Less Baggage

Older men have wives (or ex-wives), children, and other types of baggage. Younger men don’t have the same types of emotional baggage, which can make them more attractive to older women.

Status Symbol

Some older women want a younger man as a sort of status symbol. When they are out in public, people inevitably think “she’s still got it”. It will also make her feel younger and sexier to have a younger man on her arm.


Is Monogamy the Only Way to Go

Hall Pass

The movie Hall Pass brings up a very interesting debate. In the movie two couples decide to give each other a “hall pass” for the weekend, meaning they can do whatever they want, including have an affair. The only rule is that they can’t ask each other about what they did. Some say that this type of relationship can be healthy and last, while others say they are doomed to fail.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle, and comes down to the individual couple. The way it is most likely to work is to have a don’t ask, don’t tell type policy where each spouse has a certain time to do whatever they want, whether it is cheating or taking up a hobby, without having to discuss it or get permission from the other person.

This allows the couple to cheat if they want without feeling guilty or feeling like they are betraying their partner, while at the same time protecting the partner from the pain that knowing someone is cheating can bring. If you have ever suspected your spouse of cheating and then found out that you were right, you know there is a huge difference in thinking and knowing. Many people can be ok with the thought that their partners may cheat, but finding out that they have can have a very hurtful affect. This depends on the couple though.

Just a Swinging

For some couples, they don’t feel betrayed when their partner has sex with someone else because they don’t equate sex with love. When a couple is truly comfortable with the other sleeping with other people, they may become swingers. Swingers openly have sex with other people, there is no nondisclosure agreement involved, Many times swingers will have sex with others as a couple, either a threesome or a foursome.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The bottom line is different people find happiness in different types of relationships. There is no one size fits all, so if it works for you, go for it.





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