Crafting Playful Dominance

So you want to be this energetic cool playful and dominant guy…
But for most of you this just doesn’t happen by itself! You cant leave this up to fate and you cant fake it. True positive energy comes from deep within the soul… you have to be a happy healthy and successful guy to pull playful dominance off.
Every guy can be that energetic giving character – you have to work out what will do it for you.
For me it took the elimination of alcohol and poor routines! I was already very active and in great shape but never ate enough of the right kinds of foods. I am also naturally low energy anyway so I have to watch my daily routines and mindset closely to ensure I keep it where it needs to be.
For you it may be a simple mindset change where you are able to get into some sort of high energy state.
Some guys are really playful and high energy anyway… these are the guys that are confused about the whole seduction scene and wonder why guys need coaching on how to get laid and how to attract women.
Doing what you love and being good at it is the best way I know of injecting confidence playfulness and energy into your personality (which is why it’s attractive in the first place) – successful people are happy because they are doing well… they get so much feedback from the world.
They have no reason to be uptight because they know and trust themselves enough to be able to deal with issues that arise… Therefore there is nothing to be worried and serious about.

Crafting solid daily routines that will get you reaching your goals is perhaps the best thing you can do for your dating life. – PL

If you want to buy into the routine stacking style of seducing women then by all means enter that underground world of manipulation. But any self respecting guy will soon realize the pathetic reality of memorizing lines for every social situation.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be prepared – I’m just saying that you should have enough life experience to be able to talk normally to women anyway and if you dont perhaps there are some deeper issues at play here.
Playful dominance requires elimination of resistance…
You have to be able to let go of your fears – inhibitions – and quirks and just be playful. Learn to make fun of yourself in a respecting manner. If she realises that you dont take yourself to seriously and like to have fun she is more likely to open up to you.
In a post I did awhile back titled – best dating advice stop caring I suggest that most guys that get into dating and are not successful try way to hard. They target the wrong type of women for them and take rejection like it’s death.
If your an intellectual guy with little experience with dating it’s not going to come natural to you – targeting the head cheer leader is the wrong move. Not only will she provide zero stimulating conversation she will also be uninterested.
Selection of a seduction target early on is crucial! Pick a girl that you know you will have some common interests with and craft some playful dominance with her as practice.
By playful dominance I simply mean you are the guy controlling the conversation with your high energy (emotionally not in decibels) and confidence.
Some would argue that with the right “system” and set of lines you can create attraction with any women using playful dominance.
I believe that certain personalities just dont match up. It’s like trying to jam two +ve ends of magnet together. Choose right from the beginning by choosing women in natural day time situations in your niche or interest group.
Rather than being the seedy guy forcing conversation on everyone women he meets at the bar… invite your contacts you have already met during the day to the bar and escalate from there.
Be sure to use playful dominance – you are the guy that is going to be high energy in this interaction. You love life and talking to her makes you smile and beam with sexual energy.
Expressive hand gestures , voice tone inflection and eye contact are some obvious body language techniques you will notice happening NATURALLY because you are in a great state… In contrast to them being embedded in some set where you call on them unnaturally.
If you find yourself feeling down or low energy for whatever reason ACT to change it… It may just be her bringing you down. Perhaps you need some food or water or some fresh air.
Change the location by moving outside for a bit or invite your friend into the conversation and feed off their energy for awhile… You have to learn to be proactive when it comes to energy interactions. This is because they RELY on you being the guy that they feed off and receive positive energy from.
If you go in with low energy and low confidence they will quickly find a guy that is willing to come over top of you/
Crafting playful dominance is important in seduction especially during the first 3 minutes of interaction. You could be an amazing long term partner for this women you have your eyes on but unless you can motivate her and get her aroused early she will move on…

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