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Our parents and ancestors used to social network around the food stalls and markets… at the beach when the boats came in from the days catch or around the village as they did their daily errands.
How far we have come… we may have  lost the sense of much need closeness with our community but we have gained reach, efficiency and speed. I suggest you make use of it because we have sacrificed that community for an online community.
Now our social networking all happens through a cold metal surface…
How can you make use of the amazing ability you now have to form relationships all over the world?
If your motive is of a sexual nature – it’s possible to visit sites that cater to this. Singles and couples by the millions flock every day to social networking and dating sites in search of love and lust.
It’s most certainly possible to create these sexually motivated relationships online and meetup offline to play out the fantasies discussed in chat sessions.
Creating relationships online is going to be much different than anything you will have done in the past. It’s remarkable how connected you can feel to someone after just one online chat.
Once you have their email you can instant message each other throughout the day and by the time you have their cell phone number they are pretty much on par with your other friends right?
Not quite… You see friendships need to form over time – long distance friendships and penpals are fun but there is something missing (closeness)
You must actually meet up with this person at some stage which is why proximity and location is so important within sex personals.
Integrating your online and offline worlds can be tricky but it’s really as simple as a text message to meetup.
Unfortunately many online daters forget that it’s crucial to make that initial request to meet up in real life at some stage. Otherwise it’s all just a virtual fantasy.
Once you feel like you have enough TRUST which can be gained from sharing your  life and numerous photos, email , facebook account etc…
They become integrated into your friend circle – meeting up seems like an obvious thing to do… However sometimes sex personals related hookups are for one night stands only… what then?
You need to gain their trust enough to meetup but you wouldn’t want to show them much of your life and personal details because you want to remain anonymous.
This can be a tricky juggling act – there are some nasty characters out their looking to scam you out of money or are just plain dangerous.
Which is why you should never send any money to people that you have met online and ALWAYS meet up in a public setting the first time.
You wouldn’t ask your one night stand partner around to your house without first meeting up with them at a bar… Even if you think you can trust them it’s just not worth the risk… If you have video chatted with them and you feel like you can trust them I guess it’s your call in the end. Just keep in mind that the dating sites you found them from are not responsible for anything outside the site itself.
So to create a sexual relationship online and it actually produce the fun sex you want it to you have to spend some time sharing yourself via online video messaging and chat.
Being honest and authentic is the best way to gain trust – share secrets and stories about your life and allow them to do the same. Send pictures of yourself and let them in to your life as far as you feel comfortable.
Don’t expect she will want to meet up with you the first night of contact – keep returning to the site that you met on and reply to her emails…
Ask for her skype or email and create a fun experience through IM chat.
If she has any reason to fear or dislike you she will stop the email correspondence.
Understand that she has options (she get’s a lot of email from guys)
She loves this attention but she is really just looking for an eligible guy that will take care of her.
Creep her out and your out!
Sexual relationships online are created for one reason – the need to satiate emotions of lust and perhaps a little loneliness and lack of connection. The best way to make her feel comfortable with you is actually through vulnerability.

  1. Show a little vulnerability and weakness –  (just a little)
  2. Let her know that your  REAL emotional guy that is new to this like she is… Go on the journey of discovery with her and enjoy the ride.
  3. Let her know that your nervous – it makes you more real and human to her.
  4. Just be yourself and play the numbers game – there will be many women that you don’t get on with or will be outside your age range…
  5. Don’t infatuated with one girl just because she sent you some of her nude shots

Sexual relationships are being developed online every day by those guys that are willing to take a few risks and spend some time getting to know real women in their area looking for love and lust.

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