Dating Dating is a search based online dating site meaning they provide great search features and site usability but no personality testing or matchmaking features.
If you want personal matchmaking then you will have to go to a site such a eHarmony or Chemistry which specializes in that sort of dating. is obviously free to sign up and gives you a chance to get your feet wet. You can view profiles in your area by searching and filtering as you go.
Most of the singles on the site will be british as it is based in the UK however a large US and Australian base is growing within
So when signing up for expect really cool site layout and all the bells and whistles but don’t expect complex personality testing large profile questionnaires.
Do expect a great dating site that is well priced and easy to use.
When searching for singles on using you will want to start flirting with users you fancy…
Basically flirting is when you make someone feel good about themselves using body language and sometimes words. has a number of useful flirting features you can use to try your luck with a member.
Cupid.coms’ dating tips suggest being subtle and playful when flirting on the site.
You can’t exactly use a lingering glance to stoke up the fire at due to the virtual nature of the system however you can use these flirting tips to improve your chances of making it happen. does suggest that you honestly and sincerely let another member know that you find them attractive.
After all… you are at a dating site and how else are they going to know? They are not mind readers so be straightforward about your attraction for a women. suggests that you don’t be to sexually explicit. Women tend to get turned off by silly sexual pick lines or vulgar innuendo. If you want to make your date at comfortable reframe from being overtly sexual early on. suggests you don’t lie and pretend to be 22 year old millionaire banker. If your online to find a women they will find out the truth eventually.
Even if you have been burnt in the past flirt tips suggest you open up and relax. This is not the inquisition.
She is not searching for holes in your armour, simply determining if you are worthy of a first date. Cupid suggests being true to yourself – find someone you get on with rather than faking. want’s to put to bed the lame openers it hears every day.
Because there is no personality or matching features within, your profile description is really all you’ve got to make a great first impression on passer byes.
Obviously be positive recommends to know what you want but at the same time be flexible – you don’t want to exclude to many lovely and perfectly compatible singles because you specified your perfect angel.
Tell your story – don’t be afraid to let the world know what makes you unique. People love reading stories so anything interesting that has happened in your life is a great way to lengthen out the about you field.

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