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Cupid dating allows you to sign up and search for singles near you in mere minutes…
They are a simple but effective online dating site. No fancy psychological forms to fill out and tests to take.
Cupid believes that if it gives you the tools you need to search for like minded singles you can do the rest. After all you should know who suits you best – you get to decide who YOU end up dating…
Cupid has a really great interface with many fun interactive features like video and instant message chat… set up your own blog and interact with the community!
The whole set up process is easy and professional… Once you enter your gender location and date of birth (+email) on the front page you will be asked to confirm your email (to proves your real)
Once you confirm you will need to set up your users name and preferences…
You will receive a welcome message in your inbox… But don’t stop there you are not done yet. Cupid dating makes it easy to complete your profile so you get a ton of attention online!
Set up your personal details by clicking on the drop down boxes
Upload pictures and images of yourself so that the rest of the world can put a name to a face!
Next is description details! Your headline and your profile description are places to let the singles in your area know what your looking for.
Next is a quick personality quiz.. You can always skip this if you want to get straight to emailing people…
Rather yourself on love confidence success faithfulness flintiness extrovert health etc
Next is lifestyle settings!
Here is your chance to fill in hobbies and sports games arts music and so on
Next is the scary part for some – you can upload a video if you have a web cam you can record it.
You are now free to search for singles in your area! This is where the fun starts. Cupid have a really professional set up and they make searching through profiles perhaps the easiest out of any dating site.
It’s quick to scan through and find what your looking for but you will have to upgrade your account if you want to contact members.


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